Anna Friel Switches It Up With Black & White

anna friel leaves work

Here I am talking about how Anna Friel is not afraid of color when it comes to her wardrobe, and she leaves work dressed like this! I think the most eye-catching thing about Anna is that she likes to switch it up- LOL. Here she is in head-to-toe black and white.

Anna kept it interesting, however, with the patterned shirt and pants as well as faux feathers on the jacket. The actress was photographed leaving the Vaudeville Theater after another performance of ‘Uncle Vanya.’ You have to give it to Anna: the woman is a workhorse. She gets roles in production after production and practically lives before live audiences. Go Anna (with you eclectic wardrobe)!


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Anna Friel Leaves The Vaudeville Theatre

anna friel leaves the vaudeville theatre

Anna Friel looks like she got startled by the paparazzi as she left the Vaudeville Theatre in London. Those flashbulbs are blinding, I imagine! Anna’s currently performing in ‘Uncle Vanya.’ Last time we saw her, Anna was dressed in bright colors.

This time, she opted for more muted colors. The sweater looks cute with a fox on the front. Anna enjoys a more off-beat style. It’s refreshing to see; not all actresses have to dress like they’re being photographed for a magazine!


Photos by Jaworski/WENN

Anna Friel Makes A Colorful Exit

anna friel makes a colorful exit

Anna Friel made a colorful exit as she left the theater. She’s performing in the play ‘Uncle Vanya‘ at the Vaudeville Theater. Anna’s certainly not afraid of color! I like the dress and those bright blue boots. Personally, I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear this color combination, but she looks great.

Anna seems to prefer the theater. I wonder if she’ll come back to TV? I loved her on ‘Pushing Daisies.’ It was such a fun, quirky show. She may not be interested in a more traditional show, however.


Photos by Will Alexander/WENN

Anna Friel Wants A Child With Rhys Ifans

Things must be serious with Anna Friel and Rhys Ifans! Anna has a daughter, six-year-old Gracie, from her relationship with David Thewlis, and now she wants to expand her family with Rhys after nine months of dating.

“I really want more children. Gracie is my little mate as well as my daughter. And she’s so caring and loving. I always tell her, ‘You’re my angel from heaven.’ I’m big on manners so she can’t have anything without saying please or thank you. I love being a mommy and I’m a good one.”

However, Anna is unsure if she’ll be able to get pregnant again. She was surprised she got pregnant with Gracie.

“It was a total surprise, doctors had said it would be difficult to get pregnant because I had endometriosis. Well, it wasn’t. One time we were a bit naughty and then I became pregnant. Whether that will happen as easily again, I don’t know. Things could be different now I’m older.”

However, Anna feels her relationship with Rhys is serious enough to consider expanding her family.

“Of course I do [still think about forever]. With Rhys, certainly, things are very, very serious. But because we’ve been through so much, it’s not been that frivolous ‘woo-hoo’ type of love. We’ve had to be really adult about things.

“Rhys has never been in a position where he’s had to take on somebody else’s child. That isn’t for everybody.”

Well, hopefully things will work out for Anna!

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Anna Friel And Partner David Thewlis Break Up

After 9 years together, Anna Friel  and ‘Harry Potter’ star David Thewlis have called it quits. Of course they did – it’s still 2010 which is the year of the break up.

A source close to the couple – who have a five-year-old daughter Gracie together – said:

“Things have not been great for a long time and they have tried to keep this quiet to protect everyone.

“It certainly did not help that Anna and David have been forced to live apart for so long, but there are other issues at hand that have made them realize the relationship was over.”

‘Pushing Daisies’ star Anna Friel and David Thewlis still care for one another and are keeping things civil for the sake of their daughter, Grace. A source told ‘The Daily Mail’:

“They do care about each other very much, and the most important thing now is that they both continue to be the best parents they can be for Gracie. “They will have to see each other over Christmas at some point, but hopefully it will not be too painful.”

So sorry to hear this. Are you surprised by all these divorce stories?

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Anna Friel Is Not Slowing Down

I just don’t get it. How does Anna Friel put on a full Broadway performance and then walk out looking flawless?! This woman has got skills. Either that or a good team behind her! Lol.

In related news, Anna has three movies coming out in 2010. Three movies!! This girl is not going to slow down. Here are some pictures of Anna leaving her show. On her way out she stopped to greet some fans and friends. I think it’s great when actors and actresses stop to thank their audience!

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