Celebrity Birthdays For November 28 … Cha, Cha, Cha!

Happy 50th birthday to comedy host Jon Stewart. Let’s see who else in Hollywood is celebrating today.

  • Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (1984)
  • Actor Adam Hicks (1992)
  • Actress Scarlett Pomers (1988)
  • Actress Karen Gillan (1987)
  • Singer Trey Songz (1984)
  • British model Jacqui Ainsley (1981)
  • Rapper Chamillionaire (1979)
  • Actress Aimee Garcia (1978)
  • Actor Ryan Kwanten (1976)
  • Actress Sunny Mabrey (1975)
  • Rapper Styles P (1974)
  • Black Eyed Pea apl.de.ap (1974)
  • Model Anna Nicole Smith (1967; d. 2007)
  • Director Alfonso Cuaron (1961)
  • Actor Judd Nelson (1959)
  • Actress S. Epatha Merkerson (1952)
  • Actor Ed Harris (1950)
  • Musician Paul Shaffer (1949)
  • Director Joe Dante (1946)
  • Musician Randy Newman (1943)
  • Actress Hope Lange (1933; d. 2003)
  • Record exec Berry Gordy Jr. (1929)
  • Actor James Karen (1923)


Photos by Apega/WENN.com

Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Starring In New GUESS Ads

dannielynn birkhead is the new guess model

Well I don’t know about you but I don’t think I like this very much.  Anna Nicole Smith first made a name for herself when she was the featured model for GUESS, and now it looks like her daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead is ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

The 6 year old is the new star of the GUESS Kids ad campaign which features two different shots of Dannielynn.  I don’t have the rights to the pictures but you can see them here.  She looks super cute, but I think after all that her mother went through and her untimely death that Larry Birkhead would steer Dannielynn in the exact opposite direction!  Especially at such a young age!

Photo by  Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures


Larry Birkhead Visits ‘Good Morning America’ With Daughter Daniellyn

Former photographer-turned-celebrity dad Larry Birkhead was spotted taping a segment for ABC’s Good Morning America with his daughter, Daniellyn in New York City on Thursday morning.

While we really don’t see Daniellyn here too clearly, you can tell that the little girl has grown up so much. In fact, she’s not even little anymore. We’ve seen a few recent pictures of her and there’s no denying that she looks exactly like her mother, Anna Nicole Smith. Talk about good genes because that 6-year-old is going to grow up to be a stunner.


Photos via FameFlynet

Larry Birkhead Auctioning Off Anna Nicole Smith’s Possessions

Larry Birkhead is auctioning off a few of Anna Nicole Smith’s possessions. Items like her Mercedes and old dog bed are available for the taking. What? Not interested in Sugar Pie’s old abode?

So, why now? Larry says it’s not because he is desperate for money, he’s just looking to consolidate and supplement Dannielynn’s annual income.

“It’s like, do I want to hold on to one of Anna’s dresses, or do I want to try to help Dannielynn’s future,” Birkhead, 37, tells Reuters. “We have money. We have more than enough to survive on. [Auction proceeds] would just supplement that.”

insisting he isn’t in desperate need of money. In fact, the photographer told US Weekly that Dannielynn has enough money to live off of for a very long time and “would just supplement that”.

Expect items like:

  • 1992 Mercedes-Benz 300SL roadster
  • Marilyn Monroe-themed furniture
  • A fluffy pink canopied doggy bed
  • Various pieces of artwork and clothes

“You’ll see Anna’s love for the finer things, but you’ll also see the down home girl that would paint pictures and carry little, fun purses.”

Wonder if Bobby Trendy will be trying to get a few of his things back. 😉
Photos by WENN.com

Anna Nicole Smith’s Estate Won’t Be Seeing Any Of J. Howard Marshall’s Millions

A judge ruled today the estate of Anna Nicole Smith will not receive the $300 million dollars it was previously awarded after the death of Anna’s husband J. Howard Marshall.

For those who don’t remember, Anna was married to oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall and when he died, she sued for half of his $1.6 BILLION dollars. She was awarded it, but his children appealed it. This case has been going since 1995!! FIFTEEN years is a crazy long time! I believe that the son who was fighting her the hardest is deceased now?

Well, I’m sure that Larry Birkhead and whoever is in charge of Anna’s estate are relieved to have some closure on the situation, even if it wasn’t a positive outcome.

Photos by INF & WENN

Larry Birkhead Spends Valentine’s Day With Dannielynn

Larry Birkhead celebrated Valentine’s Day with the love of his life – his daughter Dannielynn!! The pair were seen at the farmers market in Los Angeles taking advantage of some of the fun things that were set up for the crowd.

Check out Dannielynn getting her face painted. So sweet. Oh Anna Nicole... it’s so sad to think of all the things she’s missing out on.

Photos by INF

Larry Birkhead And Dannielynn At LAX

I always love to see new pictures of Dannielynn. She is such a gem! Here she is alongside her father Larry Birkhead as they arrive to LAX. If only I was that happy as I waited on line for security. We should all have that disposition! LOL

Who do you think she looks like? Anna Nicole or Larry?

Photos by FAME