ANNALYNNE MCCORD & DOMINIC PURCELL Flaunting Their Beach Bodies Down Under

Exclusive... Annalynne McCord & Dominic Purcell Hit The Beach In Sydney

Remember when AnnaLynne McCord and Dominic Purcell split? If the story was true, then the break up didn’t last for long. Here’s AnnaLynne and Dominic enjoying some fun in the sun Down Under. They look happy together to me!

AnnaLynne and Dominic may be on-again and off-again, but they’ve been together for quite a while. Maybe by this time next year we’ll be posting their engagement pictures? Dominic’s been married before; he and his ex-wife have four kids together. AnnaLynne hasn’t been married yet, but she’s only 26. I can see where she’s not in a hurry.  Whether they get married or not, they certainly seem to be happy, and that’s what really matters, right?





Speaking of 90210 stars again, here’s actress Annalynne McCord arriving on the set of the hit television show for a long day of filming in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday afternoon.

If you ask me, Annalynne is one very stunning actress, whether she is dressed up or dressed down. I mean, is there a day that goes by that she doesn’t look head-to-toe glamorous? Hopefully she’ll be able to find work once “90210” ends, as we’d hate to see her left hanging! Take a look at our photo gallery below and tell us, are you an Annalynne fan?


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Annalynne McCord Looks Hot On The ‘90210’ Set

I swear, AnnaLynne McCord is one of the most photogenic actresses in Hollywood. There is not a picture out there that she doesn’t look good in (even when she’s not trying!). The hot television star was spotted filming a few new scenes on the set of “90210” in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

She looks gorgeous in that strapless dress, doesn’t she? Take a look below and let us know what you think.


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‘90210’ Filming

90210 filming

We may be a week away from Christmas (can you BELIEVE it???), but the cast of ‘90210‘ is still hard at work! AnnaLynne McCord, Shenae Grimes, and Jessica Lowndes were all seen shooting new scenes for the show. Shenae is probably really excited to start her vacation. She has an engagement to celebrate.

AnnaLynne and Dominic Purcell seem to have patched things up (at least, they’ve been photographed hanging out together), so they’re probably  going to have a happy holiday break. I don’t know much about Jessica, but hey, who doesn’t like vacation time? With filming running so late into December, I wonder if the ‘90210’ cast has a holiday party? They should!


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AnnaLynne McCord & Jessica Lowndes Film 90210

It seems these girls never stop! 90210 actresses AnnaLynne McCord and Jessica Lowndes were spotted on set yesterday looking lovely as usual. From outfit changes to long hours on set, these two never seem to bemoan their work but rather always look like they are having fun. Both were laughing and joking around with other cast members yesterday between takes.

It’s always fun to get a sneak preview of what’s coming up on your favorite shows. What are your biggest TV addictions?


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90210 Films in West Hollywood

This is one hard-working group of young actors! The cast of 90210 was at it again yesterday on set for much of the day. But no one seems to mind the workload; this is one happy cast. Actresses AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes, and Shenae Grimes filmed a scene together in really cute little dresses, skirts, and heels.

But was it a bit chilly in LA yesterday? The 90-girls pulled a Gossip Girl when they threw on major puffer jackets over their outfits between takes. Hey, whatever works! And on the subject of Gossip Girls and 90210… what’s your favorite of the two? Could you even pick if you had to?



Stars of 90210 Film in Hollywood

All work and no play? We don’t think so! It looks like the stars of 90210 were having a good time on set yesterday, and it wasn’t while filming. Trevor Donovan spent some down time playing with an adorable bulldog as evidenced in these ridiculously cute photos.

A newly darker-haired AnnaLynne McCord palled around with co-star Matt Lanter who apparently was showing her a thing or two about throwing a football. Whether their game of catch was successful or not, it was clear they were having fun! And by the way, who else is lusting after those great lilac jeans? AnnaLynne, I want your wardrobe!