Anne Hathaway In Basic Black At ‘The Intern’ UK Premiere

"The Intern" - UK Film PremiereDid you go see Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro’s new movie ‘The Intern’ this past weekend? I definitely plan to see it, but this weekend was just TOO busy for me to get to the theater. It’s definitely on my list, however! Anne and Robert continue to promote the movie: now they’re across the pond.

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How Did Anne Hathaway Prep For ‘The Devil Wears Prada’?

The Cinema Society And Ruffino Host A Screening Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "The Intern"Anne Hathaway may be playing the boss in her new movie, ‘The Intern,’ but she had another famous role playing the assistant in her hit movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’ She shared how she got ready for that role.

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Anne Hathaway Says ‘Good Morning, America’ (Love It Or Hate It?)

Anne Hathaway Says "Good Morning America"Anne Hathaway is making the media rounds to promote her new movie, ‘The Intern’! She dropped by ABC Studios for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America.’ As you can see from the pictures, Anne’s outfit has a bit of a patriotic flair with the white shirt, blue skirt, and a couple of red accents.

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Anne Hathaway Struggled To Get Roles After ‘The Princess Diaries’

Anne Hathaway Steps Out In NYCHere’s Anne Hathaway stepping out in a LBD. She’s a true New Yorker, isn’t she? Love it- LOL. ‘The Intern’ star talked about the aftermath of her breakout role in ‘The Princess Diaries.’ It may have put her on the A-list, but it wasn’t all good.

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Anne Hathaway At ‘The Intern’ Premiere: Love It Or Hate It?

'The Intern' New York PremiereLast night was the New York City premiere of Anne Hathaway’s new movie, ‘The Intern.’ She stars in the movie alongside Robert DeNiro; he’s a 70-year-old intern. Anne is his (obviously much younger) boss. Check out her outfit for the premiere!

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Anne Hathaway Losing Parts To Younger Actresses

Anne Hathaway Out For A Stroll In NYCAgeism in Hollywood: I’m OVER it already. Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway, who’s only 32, says she’s already losing parts to younger actresses. OMG.

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Anne Hathaway Knows How To Accessorize

anne hathawayIs Anne Hathaway trendy or what? She decided to find a new use for her Givenchy bag and shared it with this selfie!

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