Talk About TMI!!

"We have an amazing sex life. We have such sexual chemistry. If we had been on this show last year, we’d probably be doing it in the green room right now.

Hopefully, the kid doesn’t change it.

— Pete Wentz

Oops! Ashley Simpson… I Mean Ashlee Simpson On Ok! Cover

Having a typo within the magazine is one thing. But on the front cover? What intern was responsible for this one? Oh boy! How many people are getting fired over this Ok! Magazine blunder.

Wonder what Ashley Ashlee Simpson thinks? Or if she cares at all!


One Unique Baby Celeb Name Explained: Bronx Mowgli Wentz

The life of a celebrity’s baby.Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s and Pete Wentz’s baby is five days old, and he is already in the middle of a controversy regarding his name, Bronx Mowgli Wentz.As I noted when the baby’s name was announced, the middle name is related to a Disney character.

Pete did some damage control in a phone interview with E!’s Ryan Seacrest this morning.

"I feel weird-people have all these ideas of what it means now.I think it’s kind of cool to leave the narrative the way it is.People are stoked or pissed or whatever…I don’t think anybody knows the real story of why or how."

Then Pete proceeds to give a little bit of an explanation.

"We came up with the idea Bronx, we’d been throwing it back and forth a
while ago," he says. As for the origin of the middle name? "The Jungle Book is something me and Ashlee bonded over. It’s really cool."

"Cool" is one word to describe this name.I wonder if Bronx’s classmates will agree? And if, by chance, Bronx’s peers don’t agree, I hope Pete and Ashlee have a more complete narrative for their son!

Ashlee Simpson Has A Boy – Names Him Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Ok, I’ve accepted it.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world last night. Bronx was7 lbs., 11 oz., and 20 1/2 inches long.

"Ashlee, Pete and baby Bronx are all healthy and happy, and thank everyone for their well wishes!"

Well, I have to ask… what do you think about Bronx Mowgli? Mowgli is a character’s name from The Jungle Book if it sounds familiar to you.

Ashlee Simpson In Labor?

Pete Wentz was scheduled to appear on Larry King Live and then canceled the show due to "breaking news and scheduling conflicts". Does that translate to Ashlee Simpson’s water just broke?

Here is what the Fall Out Boy wrote on his blog.

due to breaking news and scheduling conflicts i will not be appearing on larry king live tonight, though i am a big fan of the show and look forward to appearing on it in the future. i also look forward to the chance to continue supporting civil rights and speaking out against the passing of proposition 8 and others like it (im looking at you arizona and florida) whenever and wherever i can.

The timing makes sense. Ashlee’s been pregnant for AGES. What do you think? Was that secret celebrity code for "I’m having a baby?"

I mean, in all honesty, he didn’t have to write anything on his blog. We would have never know he had plans to be on Larry King Live unless he pointed it out. And for those fans that did know, they wouldn’t have made a big deal about the cancellation. Does he want us to know she is in labor and so he used "breaking news" as his code words? I’m losing my mind.

Photos by Bauer Griffin


Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Don’t Have Name Picked Out

This makes total sense to me.I know some people have names picked out for their children since before they are even pregnant but Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are choosing to wait to meet their little one before they choose a a name for him or her.Pete says,

"I want to meet them first. My brother was almost a Duncan,
and he’s Andrew now. I think it might have ruined his life more if he
was a Duncan."

The name just needs to work whether the baby grows up to be a "a rock star or a senator."

As for how Ashlee is doing right now,

She’s "excited, she’s anxious…I think she wants it to be over. She just
wants to not be pregnant any more. She wants to have it because it’s,
like, a struggle to go up and down the stairs…going out in public’s

"She’s hot all the time," added Wentz. "She’s like ‘I wish I was in
Canada right now.’ Our room temperature is set to, like, 34 degrees.
It’s insane!"

Pete added that he’s "permanently on call," and that the birth could be "happen at any point now."

Let’s take guesses.Is this baby going to end up with a true celebrity name…like Zuma or Apple?Or do you think Pete and Ashlee will choose something more traditional?


Pete Wentz Gushes About Ashlee Simpson

I really think of these two as one of the more stable couples in Hollywood.They’ve been together for a long time and they might be young, but they’re in love and making it work!Pete Wentz recently did an interview and he gushed over Ashlee Simpson and how much he loves her.

It’s funny
how things can change.
My wife has brought a balance to my life that I could
never have described to anyone.She’s the giant beam that I walk across and holds me up. But she’s also
my safety net in case I fall. Being married has changed my life more than I
could have imagined.

That’s so sweet!I can see why Ashlee is crazy about him.

Pete also talked about being ready to be a dad.

Yeah. I’m as ready as I can be. I’ve spoken to other dads, read the books and
taken the classes with Ashlee. I’m as ready as I can be.

I’m on standby at all times to go racing back if I need to. The band don’t
have a plan in case she goes into labour. All I know is that I’m going to be
in that labour room.

And on style:

Well, as I said before, the eye-liner has now gone. I do like to trim my
armpit hair though. I like to be streamline when I’m going through airports.
I couldn’t shave my head though. In my passport photo I look like I am
carrying a bomb.


I’m looking forward to the birth of their little one!Of course, I can’t wait to see pictures and find out the name…I live for this stuff. :)

Photos by Bauer Griffin.