Celeb Blind Item
Who Gets Involved In Things She Shouldn’t? (Revealed)

Blind Folded ManHmmm… we all know the people who get themselves involved in things they shouldn’t. It’s no different among celebs! Here’s the goss:

This A list mostly movie actress has volunteered herself as peace maker between this A+ list celebrity couple and this female B- list celebrity/singer who used to sleep with the male half of the celebrity couple. Our B lister wants some things or is going to start spilling secrets. For some reason the actress decided she could handle the whole thing. I think the actress might be interested in the B lister. It wouldn’t shock me. It also doesn’t shock me that she gets involved in things she shouldn’t.

Any guesses? I was CLUELESS when I first saw this last September. The reveal definitely caught my eye!

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Which Co-Stars Barely Speak Off-Camera?

Blind Folded ManSomething tells me this isn’t too uncommon on sets. It must make going to work that much harder, though! Here’s the goss:

This former B+ list mostly television actress who was in the network hit that was great for a year and then crashed and burned spends most of her days on the phone with her boyfriend and the rest of it trying to throw her B list mostly television actress co-star under the bus. The former B+ list actress wants to be the star. She hates the supporting tag in front of her name and thinks “the old b**ch” should be the supporting one and that people only watch the show for the former B+ list actress. The two actresses only speak to each other while filming.

I had guessed this one even before the reveal. Take a guess and then check out who it’s supposed to be. Do you believe it? Sadly, I have to admit I wouldn’t be surprised.

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Which Celeb Mom Has Lots Of Nannies?

Blind Folded ManThis celeb blind item makes me sad. Being a new mom can be overwhelming, though. Here’s the goss:

This former A list mostly television actress who is not working right now spent some time in public with her baby. Except for the delivery it is about the only one on time she has spent with her baby. She started with two nannies and now has four. For one child.

Four nannies for one baby for a mother who isn’t working. I have a guess who this could be, but I really hope I’m wrong! Do you have any guesses?

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who Is Scaring Off Boyfriends With Relationship Exercises? (Reveal)

Blind Folded ManWe may have had this item, but we didn’t have the reveal ;). This celeb sounds like she’s been reading too many self-help books! Here’s the goss:

And she wonders why all of her boyfriends run from her. Each night, this A list mostly television actress with A+ list name recognition makes her boyfriend work through a relationship exercise. Every night. After he finishes it, she goes over it with him. Every night. The few nights she has dared leave him to go out, she calls him to discuss it with him on the phone.

Any guesses? Take a stab at it, and then check out the reveal. If this is true (it’s dated for September 2013), then things worked out with the latest guy!

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who Probably Shouldn’t Try Role Playing In Public?

Blind Folded ManThis blind is, um, interesting. Here are the deets:

“She (A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy award winner/nominee) once put on a wig and wanted to roleplay. She dressed as she imagined a hooker would dress and then wanted me to pick her up at the bar in the hotel where we were staying. I went down to the bar and everyone was staring at her because it was obvious who she was and people were laughing and taking photos. I felt bad for her, but she didn’t know they were laughing at her, so when I tried to call the whole thing off she started screaming at me in the bar and slapped my face and said she was getting another room. When I tried to go to find out what room she was in later, I found out she had not checked into a room. Later I found out she wanted an excuse to leave the hotel because she was cheating on me with a couple of other guys and promised them she would see them that night. I guess she went from one to the next and I didn’t see her for two days.” This will be revealed.

Any guesses? I don’t think I EVER would have guessed, but give it a try. Then check out the reveal.

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who Needs To Seal The Deal With Potential MIL?

Blind Folded ManIt sounds like this celeb had better turn on the charm! Here’s the goss:

Which young engaged star better start winning over her mother-in-law, if she has any chance of walking down the aisle?

After a romantic engagement, the couple has returned home to a mother of the groom who has not yet given her approval…and if mommy doesn’t say, yes, neither will the future bride!

“Like a lot of moms, her son is her Prince. And she isn’t ready yet to let him go,” a close friend tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB

Hopefully it’ll work out. If the guy is going to let his mom decide who he marries, though, then she may be dodging a bullet. Any guesses?

- Item from Naughty But Nice Rob

Celeb Blind Item
Is Another Hollywood Split Coming?

Blind Folded ManWHY can’t Hollywood stars remember that you’re supposed to break up with someone BEFORE hooking up with someone else? Here’s the goss:

This almost A list mostly movie actor who is A++ is one very big department blew off his girlfriend Saturday night because he finally managed to convince his recent co-star to hook up with him. he tried during filming and during the press tour but now during awards season she finally gave in. The thing is it might actually last because he has been trying a long long time.

I’m already feeling badly for the girlfriend. Any guesses who these celebs are?

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights