Celebrity Blind Item Who Gave A Show Backstage?

Blind Folded ManTalk about REALLY wanting attention! Here’s the goss:

This A+ list singer/celebrity finished a show this past week and was backstage and left her door wide open and seemed oblivious to the people walking down the hall past her door while she was fully topless in plain view of crew and fans and people. She plans everything so maybe this is a new her. Very unlike the old her.

Hmmm… I have an idea. I refuse to believe it, though! How about you? Do you have any guesses?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item Which Celeb Is Seriously Fake?

Blind Folded ManIt sounds like this celeb needs to learn some people skills! Here’s the goss:

This A list celebrity/singer refused to pose for photos or talk to fans. She refused to talk to the press. She refused to do anything but have a blank stare. She spoke to no one but her rep. One of the models providing all this Fashion week dirt tried to talk to the celebrity and was ignored. This woman has no friends at all. She is probably the coldest, most fake celebrity I know.

Hmmm… I need to start looking at pics of who has attended Fashion Week. Any guesses?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item Who’s Hiding A Major Heroin Addiction?

Blind Folded ManThis sounds scary, especially in light of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s shocking death. Here’s the goss:

Which A-list star has a major heroin problem, and is so concerned that the police will catch him buying the drug following Hoffman’s death that he has rented a studio apartment under a fake name to meet his dealer.

The married actor with children, has kept his dark secret under wraps for years. But now the signs are becoming obvious. Everyone turned a blind eye because he earns millions of dollars and is famous, but now things have changed. Hoffman’s death has changed everything!

He has a new film opening in the next few weeks!

This guy’s addiction must be serious if Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death didn’t even phase him. Hopefully someone will get him some help. Any guesses?

– Item from Naughty But Nice Rob

Celeb Blind Item Who Asked To Have The SUPER BOWL Delayed Because She Was Running Late?

Blind Folded ManThis falls under the “OMG” category. Here’s the goss:

Which A-list star with a very large ego called her publicist and asked if the SUPER BOWL could be delayed until she arrived at the stadium?

She is running late and assumed they would wait for her! I MEAN

This is not the first time this singer has done this….she once delayed a Broadway show and several fashion shows at the tents in NYC!

Can you guess what the NFL response was???? NO, NO, NO, NO

CLUE: Last time she was at a SUPER BOWL she was a nightmare!

Can you IMAGINE? One of the biggest sporting events of the year is supposed to be delayed for an audience member? Any guesses who would even think to make this request?

– Item from Naughty But Nice Rob

Celeb Blind Item: Who Almost Didn’t Get Hired Over Backstage Drama?

Blind Folded ManIt sounds like  this actress was lucky to get a job after what happened behind the scenes! Here are the deets:

This B- list actress finally got a movie role again. It was a pretty big hit in the past few months. Even though she had been in the original, it was touch and go if she would get to be in this installment because she caused so much drama in the last installment because she slept with two married co-stars.

I have one question: why is SHE being blamed for the drama? What about the guys she slept with? Well, I’m glad she got to be in the movie again. Any guesses as to who this is?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item: Who Nearly Had A REAL Candid Pic Snapped Of Him?

Blind Folded ManTalk about going OVER the line! Here’s the goss:

“I was with a client one in the mens room,” says A-list publicist Ken Sunshine. “We are going our thing at the urinal. We are tipped than in the stall was a paparazzi taking photo’s of us. Thats the level of depravity we are talking about and its crazy.”

GUESS WHO! – Hint, he is a BIG BOY…some might call him a Wolf! Wink

This one feels TOO obvious. Something tells me the “Wolf!” might actually be to throw us off a little. Any guesses?

– Item from Naughty But Nice Rob

Celeb Blind Item An Interesting Grammys “Threesome”

Blind Folded ManI can’t even IMAGINE how awkward this must’ve been. Here’s the goss:

The Grammy red carpet will be packed with A-list stars tonight, many of whom are bringing their girlfriends or boyfriends, however, one star plans to bring both!

Not nominated for an award this year, this celebrity has long been having an affair with his assistant behind his ladies back. But this is the first time all three will be at the same award show together.

The wife is said to know what is going on, and has chosen to turn a blind eye – that is until she has a few drinks! Bartenders watch out!

Now I’m going to spend the rest of the day trying to guess WHO this is! Do you have any ideas?

– Item from Naughty But Nice Rob