Celeb Blind Item
Who’s Hiding A Painkiller Addiction Rather Than A Pregnancy?

Blind Folded ManOh boy. I’m going to be thinking on this one ALL day. Here are the deets:

He recently had to pause on work obligations citing health reasons. But this superstar didn’t seem all that sick. That’s because the health reasons were related to his wife. She’s been keeping a surprisingly low profile the last few months. Which is unusual because, well, the wife is rather pap-friendly. The immediate speculation was pregnancy and bump-hiding. But there was no bump when she showed up at a major event so it definitely wasn’t pregnancy.

Apparently there’s a painkiller addiction going on. And that’s the reason he couldn’t make it that time. She had an episode and it was serious enough that he had to bail on work and help her out. Not a side of him we see very often – you know, putting her before him. Something she must have enjoyed, though probably for the wrong reasons. Still, she seems to be getting off on his attention. And that’s worrying for those around her too. She’s addicted to the pills and also addicted to his care.

So who is “pap friendly” who’s disappeared recently? Hmmm…

- Item from Lainey Gossip

Celeb Blind Item
Who’s Losing The Battle With Drugs & Alcohol?

Blind Folded ManHopefully this celeb is able to get some help! Here’s the goss:

It’s hard to stay up. Every time he’s gone up, he’s always come back down. It was thought that that was only because he was young. And now, with children and a devoted wife, he was supposed to be able to hold it together. So far, sure, but just barely.

There were signs before Christmas but during the holidays, he injured his back on a ski trip. This was not widely disclosed and kept out of the press. Painkillers were prescribed. The big movie was pushed back. Cocktails were consumed in combination at events. No one remembers he actually went to rehab several years ago. Still, so far, he’s functioning. And things are great with his wife. She really tries to take care of him but she’s not always with him. When he’s out on his own, it gets messy. There have been times lately where he’s been so drunk, he’s the dude passed out on the couch when everyone else has gone home. Either that or he’s the dude who’s all over the tall, attractive model type at the Oscar party that his wife decided to skip. Oh yeah, that happened. It keeps happening. They were talking nose to nose. He gave her the full charm. A “later on” was definitely implied, while everyone around him just shrugged. Because it’s not the first time and it’s not the last time and it’s the secret they’re all expected to keep. Not because he doesn’t love the mother of his children, because he does, he really, really does. But between the pills and the alcohol, he’s losing control of that side of himself that’s been held in check for too long.

Oh boy. We don’t need more Hollywood deaths (or any deaths) due to drugs and alcohol. Any guesses?

- Item from Lainey Gossip

Celeb Blind Item
Who Can’t Get Along?

Blind Folded ManThis is unfortunate. I’m guessing this is related to two winners from last Sunday’s Academy Awards.

These two Winners should be on top of the world. But, they don’t seem to be able to get along with each other. You both just made history.

If this is true, talk about a way to spoil a great time! Any guesses? I’ve heard a few rumors…

- Item from 2DF “Underground Buzz”

Celeb Blind Item
Who Is Risking Her Health For An Endorsement?

Blind Folded ManThis is crazy and sad. Here’s the goss:

This B list reality star from an A list network reality show has been hospitalized twice while taking a product but continues to keep taking it because they pay her a lot of money to endorse it and she needs the money.

Goodness. Things are desperate if you’re risking your HEALTH. This girl needs to find another source of income. If you don’t have your health, then you don’t have much of anything. Any guesses as to who this is? I’m wracking my brain…

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who Took Dieting To The Extreme?

Blind Folded ManYou know your diet has gone TOO FAR when this happens. Here’s the goss:

This former A list reality star who is still an A list celebrity with A+list name recognition despite not doing much of anything except hitting red carpets since her last show was canceled passed out in the gift shop of a hotel during an event this weekend after asking the gift shop if they sold cigarettes. Because the gift shop is so small people had to step over her to exit so hotel personnel could help her. She was able to get up on her own. Apparently she had not eaten in a few days to make sure she could fit into her dress.

Any guesses? Honestly, I’m pretty clueless with this one.

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who Has A Cheating Partner?

Blind Folded ManWHY is it that people in Hollywood have such a hard time being faithful? Here’s the goss:

This C list mostly television actor was all over a woman most definitely not his A+ list mostly television actress girlfriend who has a history of guys cheating on her so they can get out of being in a relationship with her. This time though it is not just a break up that is involved.

Any guesses? Check out the reveal. I SO hope this isn’t true!

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who Can Only Spare Three Weeks For Rehab?

Blind Folded ManIt sounds like someone needs to get her priorities straight. Here’s the goss:

As soon as filming wraps on her latest project this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is going to rehab but just for three weeks. Her people are hoping to not even mention she is gone but have an entire vacation scenario planned down to stories and selfies that have already been taken. They have told one studio they need to push back the start date of a new movie she is set to shoot but the three week interval is all that could be found.

If she needs rehab, she probably needs more than three weeks. Think long term! Any guesses who this could be? It sounds like a busy film actress…

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights