Celeb Blind Item
Who Was In A Hurry To Announce Her Split?

Blind Folded ManOh boy. Someone was ready to go on a pre-emptive strike. Here’s the goss:

This former A- list mostly television actress who has also been an A- list singer and a reality star and everything else she can do to make money has also had lots of legal drama in her life. Oh, and some crazy family members. Anyway, she recently called off her engagement. She wanted to get the story out before her boyfriend started talking about her always cheating on him.

My question: WHY bother to get engaged if you’re  going to cheat? It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman: if you aren’t ready to commit, then DON’T. Any guesses who this is?

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celebrity Blind Item
Who Is Considering Her Dating Options?

Blind Folded ManIs some celeb considering dating someone who’s worth a lot of money? Here’s the goss:

This A list reality show host and former super model stays constantly busy. She also doesn’t talk much about her personal life but every one knows she has been dating a guy for quite some time. I guess she is weighing her options because she spent two days without him recently and in the arms of a Russian billionaire she finds very intriguing. It isn’t like she hasn’t dated for money before despite her millions.

What surprised me was the reveal for this one. Check it out. Do you believe it? This celeb is now on the market…

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Which Celebrity Needs To Give Her Relationship Advice Book To Her SO?

Blind Folded ManOh boy. THIS is what would scare me about writing a relationship advice book! Here’s the goss:

This Lady wrote a nice book for women and their committed relationships with men. One problem……. somebody forgot to tell her man! The camera never lies, and it caught him not following the advice in the book. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

OUCH. Any guesses who this unfortunate lady is?

- Item from 2DF “Underground Buzz”

Celeb Blind Item
Who Is Jealous?

Blind Folded ManWhat shocked me about this one was the REVEAL. Here’s the goss:

This A list diva/celebrity/singer would not stop talking trash about this reality star turned B list singer turned B+ list mostly movie actress the other night. The diva feels like the actress/singer is taking all the parts that were once hers and is still ticked about that award the actress got and will tell anyone that she turned down the role.

Any guesses? I wasn’t sure, but my jaw dropped when I saw the reveal. Do you believe it?

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who’s Being A Diva At New York Fashion Week?

Blind Folded ManEven I have a pretty good idea who this is. Here are the deets:

This A list celebrity/rapper bailed on a show today because the designer wouldn’t give the celebrity ten seats just to himself. Or even five. Meanwhile an Oscar nominee at the same show was grateful to be given a seat in the front row and offered to sit anywhere.

Hmm… now WHO would act like that? Anyone? Anyone at all? LOL Share your guess in the comments!

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who’s Regretting A Rumor She Started?

Blind Folded ManThis is an interesting item, especially the REVEAL. Here’s the goss:

This C list mostly movie actress says she does not know how crazy rumors get started about her with a certain A list mostly movie actor and every thing in the tabloids about her is a lie. Uh huh. So how come when you were giving the information and photos to the tabloids it was not a lie but when it gets way bigger than you thought it would then it becomes a lie.

Assuming the reveal is true, we heard a lot of rumors about this couple. Any guesses? Take a look at the reveal.

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

Celeb Blind Item
Who Got Fake Bling?

Blind Folded ManOMG. I don’t know what this celeb should do. Here are the deets:

Which celebrity took her diamond ring in to get it cleaned, and found out that it is FAKE!

She has just got engaged to the “man of her dreams” – who has a lot of family money, but no-one is sure what he actually does!

“She does not know what to do,” a close friend tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “Should she say something or pretend she does not know?”


Can you imagine?

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- Item from Naughty But Nice Rob