Jason Trawick To Stay Involved With Britney Spears’ Sons

jason trawick still involved with britney spears' sons

It sounds like this split really IS friendly! Jason Trawick may have ended his engagement to Britney Spears, but not only will the two stay on friendly terms, Jason also plans to stay involved in the lives of Britney’s sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. A source said:

“Jason adores [Britney's] kids; he loves them. He was like their ‘other dad,’ so he’s not just going to walk away from their lives. He’ll be involved as much as makes sense.”

The boys are said to managing the break-up okay. Their father, Kevin Federline, has helped keep things stable. The source said:

“[the boys] are doing great and [their father] Kevin [Federline] is actually a huge help and is a wonderful person in their lives.”

So it sounds like the rumors that one reason for Britney’s and Jason’s split was because she wanted kids and he didn’t isn’t necessarily true.

“Jason is genuinely open to kids of his own. There were so many issues in their relationship that Jason really wanted those worked out before they could ever move forward with a wedding or more kids together. There were some major challenges and hurdles and constant work that needed to be done. … It just wasn’t working and things weren’t going to change, so it was time to let go.”

Jason, who used to be Britney’s agent before they started dating and quit his job to be with her after they got engaged, is said to only be leaving with the money he earned from ‘X Factor.’

“Jason devoted a few years of his life to be Britney’s main caretaker, and a year to being her legal co-conservator, but is walking away from the relationship with nothing but the money he earned from ‘The X Factor’ and that is totally OK by him. He made it clear to [her dad] Jamie Spears and Britney that he wasn’t a charity case and didn’t want or need any of her money.”

Good for him!



Is Britney Spears About To Go BIG In Las Vegas?

britney spears negotiating to be a las vegas headliner

Many people flock to Las Vegas hoping to strike it rich in a casino. Britney Spears might actually succeed, but it won’t be at the casino tables. Instead, Britney is poised to become the new big act in Vegas! TMZ reports that three hotels are bidding on the former ‘X Factor’ judge to become their new headliner.

Britney was in serious negotiations with one of the Caesars properties to perform several nights a week on a regular basis, as well as make regular appearances at several clubs and pool events.  Well, we just found out … since we posted our story two other properties — at least one not associated with Caesars — have thrown their hat in the ring.

…sources connected with the negotiations tell us … Britney could get $100 mil a year and maybe more.  That’s what Celine Dion made and Britney could be an even bigger draw.

$100 million. A YEAR. And we were wondering why Britney would ask ‘X Factor’ for a $3 million raise! With the type of money Britney stands to make in Vegas, I’m sure her attitude is “‘X Factor’- what?”


Photos by Nikki Nelson/WENN

Is Britney Headed To Las Vegas?

Britney Spears recently left her high paying gig at The X-Factor, but if rumours turn out to be true the pop superstar won’t be unemployed for long.  Rumour has it that Britney is in talks to star in her own show in Las Vegas that will definitely bring her quite the payday.

Britney is rumoured to be in talks to perform 80 shows a year at a salary of $1 million per show.  That’s a lot of money!  I’m not going to lie – I don’t really see Britney as the type who could pull off 80 shows in Vegas.  But if she does I am definitely going to see it!



Britney Spears Not Involved In Decision To End Engagement

britney spears not involved in decision to end engagement

Sources are saying Britney Spears wasn’t directly involved in the decision to end the engagement. Instead, it was her father, Jamie Spears, and Jason Trawick who made the decision.

“It really wasn’t Britney’s decision to announce the split last week, it was Jamie who made the call. Jason wanted out, and in the fragile state that Britney is in, it’s not like he could have a rational conversation with her about it, so it was really between him and Jamie.

“They decided how the relationship needed to end and how to go about the technicalities, such as removing Jason from the conservatorship, when he would move out and how to announce the split. Britney was left out of everything and really didn’t even know what was going on.”

Jason and Jamie reportedly explained the situation to Britney, but she’s said to still be trying to deal with the knowledge that their relationship is over.

“Jason and Jamie wanted to make sure that Britney didn’t lose it, so they had to water things down for her a bit. But she knows that the engagement is off and that Jason has been removed from the conservatorship.”

This is similar to the story that came out yesterday, saying Jason had become worn down over dealing with Britney’s mental health issues. Personally, I believe it. It’s sad.



Britney Spears Steps Out For The First Time As A Single Lady

Just a few days after announcing her split from former fiance Jason Trawick and quitting her high paying judging gig on The X-Factor, Britney Spears stepped out in LA to get her caffeine fix of the day at a local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and she looked great!

The singer wore a hoodie with the word ‘LOVE’ written across the front, yoga pants and Ugg boots as she picked up a couple of iced drinks before heading to her car.   I’m sad that Britney won’t be back on The X-Factor next season but hopefully that means she’ll be busy making new music instead!



Did Britney Spear’s Mental State Scare Off Jason Trawick?

britney spears & jason trawick split over her mental issues?

Were you surprised when Britney Spears and Jason Trawick announced they were splitting? I’m sure there’s a lot of speculation going on about what went wrong between Britney and Jason. An insider admits Britney’s mental state was what ultimately doomed the relationship. Britney’s illness reportedly wore Jason down, according to an insider.

“It has really been in motion awhile. Jason has been very stressed and concerned for Britney and what she might do if he left. He is worried about her and really loved her, but it started to take a real toll on him. The burden of taking care instead of a partnerships where she also takes care.”

I admit, I’ve been wondering about this. On one hand, Britney seems to be doing great. Yet the fact that she’s still under conservatorship suggests she’s still struggling A LOT behind the scenes. Ultimately, what kind of a relationship can you have when one spouse has to be the other’s conservator? If this is the case, it’s sad. But this story doesn’t surprise me.



Did Britney Spears Quit ‘X Factor’ Because She Didn’t Get $3 Million Raise?

britney spears quit x factor over $3 million pay raise

Well, this may explain some things. Britney Spears seemed to enjoy her time as a judge on ‘X Factor.’ If you recall, Britney was paid $15 million for that ONE season. Apparently, Britney’s people requested a $3 million raise for her to return for a second season. A source told Radar Online:

“When producers asked if she wanted to return for the third season of ‘The X Factor’, Britney’s reps said she would only come back if she was offered $18 million.

“But after much deliberation, they just felt that Britney wasn’t worth that much because she wasn’t bringing enough to the table. Her performance as a judge was scrutinzed, and she didn’t really add anything to the show. They felt she didn’t warrant a $3 million pay hike. When she originally signed up for $15 million last season, it was stressed that was as far as the network could go financially for her.”

Well, with $15 million in the bank, Britney clearly isn’t hurting for money. I bet no one on either side is terribly upset.