Cash Warren & His Daughter Honor Spend Some Quality Daddy-Daughter Time

OMG! So. Unbelievably. Adorable!

Although the paparazzi are a nuisance, sometimes they capture moments that are so very precious! These pictures of Cash Warren and his daughter Honor are literally pulling at my heart strings. How gorgeous does she look in that beautiful pink dress?!

Those swings sure look like a lot of fun! I can’t wait until Jessica Alba has her second baby. Her and Cash Warren sure make adorable children ;).


Jessica Alba And Cash Warren Are Lovey-Dovey In Beverly Hills

Jessica Alba is back home after having an adventure in China for the last week or so.

She and Cash Warren were spotted walking arm-in-arm in Beverly Hills this afternoon. These two are always so cuddly with one another in public and even more so since Jessica announced her pregnancy. It’s so sweet.

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Cash Warren Takes His Honor On A Daddy-Daughter Park Play Date

There is something so endearing about a father-daughter outing, especially at this age! These two look like they are having a total blast!

Cash Warren gave his wife Jessica Alba a little break by taking their daughter Honor Marie to the park in Beverly Hills yesterday (April 3). Honor is growing up SO fast, I can’t get over it! Pretty soon she’ll be a big sister when her mama gives birth to her little brother or sister later on this year.

I wonder if Cash & Jessica ended up choosing a school for Honor. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Montessori!

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Jessica Alba And Cash Warren On The Hunt For A School

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were out and about in West Hollywood today as they appeared to be searching for a preschool. They were spotted coming out of the Montessori school with an informational folder.

Honor will be three this summer, so it makes sense that they’re looking now. Then again, with the way the waiting lists are in Hollywood – they could be applying for the baby-to-be already! LOL!

I’m loving Jessica sweet floral print top. It’s very spring-y!

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Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Take Their Daughter To The Playground

Mom-to-be Jessica Alba and Cash Warren took their ADORABLE daughter Honor out to the playground on the Hudson River Saturday afternoon (March 5). Seriously though, how beautiful is this family? These are some of the most heartwarming photos I have seen of them all together. So precious! They all seem like such a down-to-earth, grounded family.

No glimpse yet of Jessica‘s baby bump.

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Honor Warren Enjoys Some Park Time

Oh.My.Goodness. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s little girl Honor is just about the most adorable little girl I have seen! She could give Suri Cruise a run for her money as Hollywood’s mini-fashionista of the moment!

Honor was out enjoying a day at the park with her nanny. I think this is one of the first times I have actually seen her out with a nanny – she’s normally out with her mom.  I am loving her little cowboy boots!

I have to say that it seems ever since Jessica Alba announced her pregnancy Honor looks like she’s grown up. She just seems a bit bigger to me now.  

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The Baby Bump Watch Is On For Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba may have only just announced her pregnancy last week, but you know everyone immediately began looking for a baby bump ;). It looks like Jessica’s doing a good job of hiding it in a loose, flowing top here. (Of course, I LOVE her casual look, but I virtually always do, so that’s nothing new- LOL.)

I don’t blame people for starting the baby bump watch, though. Most celebs tend to wait until their second trimester to announce their pregnancy (like most of us do), so it looks like they start showing practically immediately.

Meanwhile, it looks like Jessica is just enjoying family time with husband Cash Warren and Honor. They were spotted going out to lunch together here.

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