Honor Warren Enjoys Some Park Time

Oh.My.Goodness. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s little girl Honor is just about the most adorable little girl I have seen! She could give Suri Cruise a run for her money as Hollywood’s mini-fashionista of the moment!

Honor was out enjoying a day at the park with her nanny. I think this is one of the first times I have actually seen her out with a nanny – she’s normally out with her mom.  I am loving her little cowboy boots!

I have to say that it seems ever since Jessica Alba announced her pregnancy Honor looks like she’s grown up. She just seems a bit bigger to me now.  

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The Baby Bump Watch Is On For Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba may have only just announced her pregnancy last week, but you know everyone immediately began looking for a baby bump ;). It looks like Jessica’s doing a good job of hiding it in a loose, flowing top here. (Of course, I LOVE her casual look, but I virtually always do, so that’s nothing new- LOL.)

I don’t blame people for starting the baby bump watch, though. Most celebs tend to wait until their second trimester to announce their pregnancy (like most of us do), so it looks like they start showing practically immediately.

Meanwhile, it looks like Jessica is just enjoying family time with husband Cash Warren and Honor. They were spotted going out to lunch together here.

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Breaking News: Jessica Alba Pregnant With Baby #2!

Jessica Alba announced on her twitter page today that she is pregnant with her second baby! Jessica tweeted;

Tweeples – Wanted to share some exciting news…

Followed by a link to her facebook page with the following post;

It’s been a while since I’ve been on FB & I thought I’d drop by to let you all in on some exciting news>Honor is going to be a Big Sister! Cash and I are thrilled and wanted to share the news directly with you so you didn’t hear about it somewhere else. I appreciated all of the love and support you all gave me during my first pregnancy and will definitely appreciate it again this time around. Have a great day! Jess

Congratulations to Jessica and Cash! Here’s some pics of Jessica at the BAFTA awards on Sunday night. Pregnancy is definitely agreeing with her!

 Photos by WENN

Jessica Alba And Family Have Brunch

Jessica Alba and her family enjoyed brunch in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon. The actress was photographed with Cash Warren and Honor Marie  – who wore a scarf similar to her mother’s over-sized version. LOVE IT!

Honor is always in hats and scarves. Not many kids her age accessorize unless it’s necessary to stay warm. When was the last time you saw a non-celebrity child in a summer scarf?

Did you miss Honor’s birthday party outfit over the weekend? So sweet!

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Jessica Alba’s Parents Renew Their Wedding Vows

Jessica Alba watched her parents renew their wedding vows alongside husband Cash Warren and their two-year-old daughter Honor. How sweet! The renewal ceremony took place in Pomona, California yesterday afternoon. I LOVE this idea.

Cash enjoyed a glass of wine along side his wife during the sentimental moment and Honor looked like she wanted to run around a bit. Kids will be kids! Honor always has the most adorable outfits on. Her mother has great taste.

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Jessica Alba Enjoys Family Time This Thanksgiving Weekend

This is what Thanksgiving is about to most people, isn’t it? A time to hang out with the family. ‘Little Fockers‘ star Jessica Alba appears to be doing just that with husband Cash Warren and daughter Honor Marie.

Jessica Alba told Look Magazine she wants to have more kids with Cash, and who can blame her? Honor is adorable, and Jessica looks the happiest I can remember seeing her :).

You can check out a preview of ‘Little Fockers’ here. Do you think you’ll check this out or are you tired of the ‘Meet the Parents’ franchise?

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Jessica Alba Wants More Kids With Cash Warren

Jessica Alba shared with LOOK magazine that her experience with motherhood has been fantastic and she’d love to give Honor at least one sibling.

“Honor’s so beautiful and I feel so enriched by being part of her life. She’s my main priority now and I want to give her the best life possible. Before she was born I was totally focused on my career, but now with Cash and our daughter I feel that I’m building a wonderful family. I would like to have more children at some point.”

The ‘Little Fockers‘ actress says that having Honor has brought her and Cash closer together and made them realize how important family is.

“We didn’t plan on starting a family so soon but when it happened we realized what a beautiful moment it was. We’re a lot closer. The beauty of marriage and having a family is knowing that you’re sharing everything with someone else and are committed to being part of each other’s lives. Cash and I understand that, and together, with our daughter, we want to have a wonderful life.”

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