JESSICA ALBA Introducing Her Girls To Black Friday Shopping

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Jessica Alba is getting her girls started young! She and Cash Warren hit the shops with Honor and Haven in tow for some Black Friday shopping yesterday. Jessica even braved the rain for the deals: she’s dedicated! This just goes to show, everyone likes a good deal..

Did you dare step into a store yesterday for Black Friday? I did for the FIRST time in my life. Seriously. And you know what? It wasn’t bad. See, my thinking was that the very, um, fanatical shoppers would be out on Thanksgiving and at the midnight sales. By the time I went to the mall, which was around noon, it had thinned out a bit, but there were still some great sales since doorstoppers were still in effect. I just couldn’t bring myself to hit the stores on Thanksgiving: I felt too badly for the people forced to work on a holiday! How about you: have you been shopping or avoiding the stores like the plague?

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JESSICA ALBA Lunch With The Family In Beverly Hills

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Seriously, does Jessica Alba have the best looking family in the celebrity world or what? The actress was spotted along with her husband Cash Warren and their two children going out for lunch in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday afternoon.

And if it weren’t enough that everyone looks so happy and gorgeous, but they were so stylish too! It takes work to have everyone look this good before leaving the house, LOL. Trust me, I’ve tried so many times! Take a look at our photo gallery and let us know your thoughts.

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JESSICA ALBA Attends Birthday Party with her Family

Jessica Alba At Friends Birthday Party



The Warren-Alba clan is out and about again, and boy are the a cute pack! Jessica Alba, husband Cash Warren, and their adorable little girls Honor and Haven were looking casual yet fashionable at a birthday party in West Hollywood Sunday afternoon.

The mom of two donned trend-right floral skinny jeans, an oversize tee and cute black flats, looking like the epitome of Mom Chic. Hands-on dad Cash held the girls’ hands and carried little Haven when she got sleepy. The whole crew appeared to have a great time and were smiling and enjoying the sunny weather.

Jessica and Cash have been seen out and about a lot lately, proving that Hollywood parents can still give their kids a normal, social, fun existence… they seem to be a very well-adjusted, normal group. Just more fashion-forward than the average family, we suppose!

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JESSICA ALBA & Cash Warren Hit The Shops With Haven

Jessica Alba & Family Shopping At Barneys New York



Jessica Alba and Cash Warren spent Saturday afternoon shopping with their younger daughter, Haven. I don’t know where Honor was: perhaps on a playdate? I’m sure Haven enjoyed the time with her parents. It looks like Jessica and Cash were getting her wardrobe together: they took her to Barneys New York.

Does Barneys New York even sell kids clothes? If they don’t, then I guess Haven got to play fashion critic for her parents- LOL. Check out Jessica’s large orange bag. Brandy was carrying an orange tote around London, too. Is orange replacing red as a popular tote color? I’ll have to check out the stores.


JESSICA ALBA: Hanging Out At The Farmer’s Market With The Family

Jessica Alba Takes the Family to Farmer's Market




Jessica Alba and Haven’s New York City vacay is over. Here’s Jessica out with the entire family. Jessica and husband Cash Warren took Honor and Haven to the Farmer’s Market in Venice to hang out. This looks like one crowded Farmer’s Market!

Honor looked a little leery about the crowds. Or maybe she was just a little more clingy to her mom than normal because Jessica had been out of town for the past few days. Luckily, it looks like Honor became more at ease as they had lunch. I’m trying to make the most of farmer’s markets now that it’s September. Unlike sunny California, where they can thrive year-round, the ones near me will be closing down for the winter soon.

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JESSICA ALBA Hitting The Beach With The Family For Labor Day Weekend

Jessica Alba Spends Labor Day Weekend In Malibu With Her Family

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren know how to spend the last “official” weekend of the summer. They hit the Santa Monica beach! Here’s Jessica, Cash, and their daughters Honor and Haven. The beach looks pretty crowded: clearly they weren’t the only ones with that idea.

I know Jessica has complained of having a muffin top. She may need to visit the optometrist. I don’t see even the HINT of one here. She’s rocking that bikini! And Cash is looking hawt in his swim trunks, too. This is one of the best-looking families in Hollywood.



JESSICA ALBA Lunch Date With Cash Warren

Exclusive... Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Have A Lunch Date

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were able to enjoy some couple time yesterday afternoon. They had lunch at the M Cafe. Things got pretty romantic without the kids: Jessica and Cash were even seen sharing an embrace (check out the gallery)!

Hey, once you have little ones running around at home, you have to grab the moment when it comes- LOL. Any married couple with kids will tell you this. Jessica and Cash definitely seem to have what it takes to go the distance. That’s no small feat in Hollywood. Good for them!


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