JESSICA ALBA & CASH WARREN Making A Splash In St. Barts

Semi-Exclusive... Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Hit The Beach In St. Barts

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren got to enjoy some playtime of their own in the water at St. Barts! Here are the couple frolicking in the water. Looks like a fun time. Jessica is rocking her bikini, too. Doesn’t she look amazing?

You would never know Jessica had given birth to two kids. Talk about more motivation to hit the gym- LOL. Now that I think of it, Jessica must work out at home. I don’t recall ever seeing pics of her leaving the gym. Or maybe she goes to one that has an indoor garage or something.



JESSICA ALBA Easter Outing With The In-Laws

Jessica Alba & Family Spend Easter With Cash's Family

Jessica Alba spent her Easter Sunday with her in-laws. Jessica and husband Cash Warren took Honor and Haven to visit Cash’s family for the holiday. The whole family looks very “Easter like” in their white and pastel clothes, don’t they? Talk about picture perfect!

I bet Jessica found an Easter egg hunt for her girls somewhere. If she didn’t find one, then she probably organized one herself. Those are fun to set up.



JESSICA ALBA & CASH WARREN Checking Out Real Estate

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Checking Out Some Property

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were spotted looking at some property. They must be getting into the real estate market! I can understand that: now that Jessica and Cash have two daughters, more space is probably necessary.

Have you heard about how the housing market is the seller’s market, not the buyer’s? Apparently, people who have homes aren’t looking to sell. The prices have dropped too low. For some people, it’s better to just stay put and continue paying the mortgage rather than taking the huge loss on a sale. I’m sure Jessica and Cash will be able to find- or build- what they want, however. Exciting!


Photos by GB818/FAMEFLYNET

JESSICA ALBA Paris With Honor!


So this is where Jessica Alba was headed to! The stylish celebrity and actress was spotted arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport with her daughter Honor in Paris, France on Friday morning.

The adorable mommy and daughter duo grabbed some coffee and hot chocolate before making their way to their hotel together. I’m just loving Jessica’s chic blue jacket in these pics here, too. Check out our photo gallery and tell us, what do you think of Jessica’s travel style? Is it a hit or a miss for you?


Photos via FameFlynet

JESSICA ALBA Hanging Out With The Family

Jessica Alba Enjoys A Day With Her Family in Santa Monica

Jessica Alba enjoyed a low-key family day yesterday. Jessica and Cash Warren took their daughters, Honor and Haven, out and about. Honor looks like she’s in the middle of a growth spurt! Where did that big girl come from? LOL

First Jessica and Cash took the girls to Fred Segal. Then they covered up for a walk on the Santa Monica beach. At this time of year, it’s probably a little chilly. But what kid doesn’t like to play in the sand? Jessica seems to have enjoyed taking pictures. I bet she got some great shots.


Photos by Stoianov/FAMEFLYNET

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren Get Cozy In Cabo

Another Day On The Beach For Jessica Alba And Cash Warren

It looks like Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are totally enjoying their family vacation in Cabo!  The couple got cozy on the beach today as they watched their daughter Honor and a friend, as they took turns going down a beachside water slide.  How fun!

Jess sipped on her drink while affectionately holding on to her husband as they watched Honor.  The actress was a bit more covered up than yesterday, wearing a super cute bathing suit cover up, scarf and hat and sunglasses.  Looks like a fab way to spend the holidays!



Cash Warren Shops At Bristol Farms

So I guess he really is a Hollywood stay-at-home dad, huh? That, or he and his famous wife just love to share their chores and split their time when running errands. Jessica Alba‘s hubby Cash Warren was spotted doing a little grocery shopping for his family at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday afternoon.

Jessica seems to be uber busy these days running her business, The Honest Company, so I can see why Cash would chip in and help her with little things like the grocery shopping and the household chores. Talk about a great husband and dad, right? Take a look at our gallery below and let us know what you think.


Photos via FameFlynet