Burlesque Stars Cher And Christina Aguilera Interview Each Other (Video)

I have to say, I haven’t heard the greatest thing about Christina Aguilera’s and Cher’s new movie, ‘Burlesque,’ but I’m still SO curious!

Are you looking forward to it?

Christina Aguilera Is Pregnant: This Morning’s AMA Rumor

Rumor has it that Christina Aguilera is pregnant with her second child. This comes at a bad time for the singer considering she is in the process of divorcing Jordan Bratman.

While performing on stage at the 2010 American Music Awards, Christina Aguilera showed off a baby bump, at least that’s what most media outlets are claiming. Take a look at the picture and let me know what you think!

Do you think that Christina Aguilera is pregnant? Wonder if it will interfere with her ‘Burlesque’ press tour schedule?

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Christina Aguilera Bonded With Her Co-Stars On Set Of ‘Burlesque’

Christina Aguilera says that while filming ‘Burlesque‘, Cher gave her relationship advice. She revealed that Cher gave her plenty of advice on a range of topics, including love.

Christina shared:

“We were bonding almost in a maternal way on camera but behind the scenes we were like old, chatty girlfriends that could not stop talking. They actually had to drag us to set a few times because we were late just talking, talking about love and relationships in life on a personal level. So, it was a girlfriend moment and a mother-daughter moment on screen.

“One thing that she said that was really, really funny that’s her own quote is ‘You know, honey, husbands come and go but I’m still Cher at the end of the day’.”

The singer also bonded with co-star (and ‘Twilight’ vamp) Cam Gigandet, with whom she had to film love scenes. Christina said:

“There can be awkward moments with that. But me and Cam have a very funny, playful, teasing sort of relationship with each other that we can kind of have a laugh about it and get lost in the moment. Plus, it’s very unsexy when there’s a zillion people looking at you.”

You know what I just realized? We haven’t heard from the other stars of the movie – like Kristen Bell. Maybe she’s filming another movie, though?

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Christina Aguilera Has New Respect For Single Mothers

As far as celebrity divorces go, I have to say that Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman splitting was one of the most shocking for me. Everything seemed so perfect from the outside. Just goes to show that we truly have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

And now Christina is getting a taste of life as a single mother. I mean, I’m sure her life as a single mom isn’t the same as most women’s experience on their own. She must have help. But Christina is trying to stay as much of a hands on parent as possible to her son Max.

“My focus first and foremost is my son Max. More power to single moms and those out there doing it.”

“At the end of the day, he’s the love of my life. I adore him and he’s such a character and he’s so happy and that’s what’s most important.”

She added,

“It’s hard just even being a working mom and trying to balance and juggle everything on your plate.

“But I like to be the first thing [my son Max] wakes up to in the morning and the last thing he goes to bed at night seeing, and singing him his lullabies before bed. It means the world to me to be able to do that.”

“I grew up in a very chaotic household when I was younger so I want to make sure to instill in him a lot of love.”

Christina has been very open about the domestic abuse in her life as a child. I’m sure she’s doing everything in her power to make sure that Max’s childhood is as non-traumatic as possible.

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Christina Aguilera Works So Max Can Fulfill His Own Goals And Dreams

Christina Aguilera says she’s determined not to be weighed down by regrets following her split from husband Jordan Bratman. She wants to focus on Max and his happiness.

She said:

“I’m looking forward to the next chapter. I’m a smart girl. There are decisions that I make for reasons, and the most important thing is that my son is happy and he always will be. He’s surrounded by love.”

She is planning to channel her energy and experiences of the split for a new album:

“Now, I’m in a place where I’m very much in an introspective state of mind, have a lot to say, and have grown leaps and bounds. I’m a changed woman. So, I’m very much ready to make a new record. “Nothing is ever a setback. If anything, it just motivates you for what’s next.”

On being a role model for Max:

“It’s important for me to continue to work, so that he (Max) can have an example of a strong woman in his life, and one that has her own passion, so that he can then have his own goals and dreams.”

I don’t remember seeing these shots of Christina with her mom and brother from her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, so I had to share them.

Christina Aguilera, Cher, And Other Celebrities Attend Premiere Of ‘Burlesque’

The Los Angeles premiere of “Burlesque” was a star-studded event last night! Christina Aguilera, Cher, and their fellow cast mates hit the red carpet to celebrate their new movie.

Among the cast and celebrities: Cam Gigandet, Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, Khloe Kardashian and her two youngest sisters, Kristin Cavallari, Debi Mazar, James Marsden, Chaz Bono, and AnnaLynne McCord.

Christina looks great in green, but I wonder how many times her dress got stepped on last night?

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Christina Aguilera Celebrates Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star With Nicole Richie

Fun! Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera were photographed with a group of girlfriends at Boa Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. The singer just received her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame this morning – so Christina definitely has something to celebrate!

You forget that Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera are friends, but these two got close after both women had children. Talk about an awesome play date!

What do you think about the dress Christina wore to the Walk of Fame ceremony? A bit much? Or just right for such an occasion?

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