Christina Aguilera, Cher, And Other Celebrities Attend Premiere Of ‘Burlesque’

The Los Angeles premiere of “Burlesque” was a star-studded event last night! Christina Aguilera, Cher, and their fellow cast mates hit the red carpet to celebrate their new movie.

Among the cast and celebrities: Cam Gigandet, Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, Khloe Kardashian and her two youngest sisters, Kristin Cavallari, Debi Mazar, James Marsden, Chaz Bono, and AnnaLynne McCord.

Christina looks great in green, but I wonder how many times her dress got stepped on last night?

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Christina Aguilera Celebrates Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star With Nicole Richie

Fun! Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera were photographed with a group of girlfriends at Boa Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. The singer just received her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame this morning – so Christina definitely has something to celebrate!

You forget that Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera are friends, but these two got close after both women had children. Talk about an awesome play date!

What do you think about the dress Christina wore to the Walk of Fame ceremony? A bit much? Or just right for such an occasion?

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Christina Aguilera Honored With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Christina Aguilera was honored in Los Angeles today with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The singer turned up in a gorgeous white Dior dress with animal print Christian Louboutin shoes.

Do you think it’s premature for Christina to be receiving a star? I know she’s been in the business since she was very young, but it just seems so early for this. Maybe I just equate the honor with someone who has worked for several decades in Hollywood. What do you think?

Any which way – Congratulations to her on such an amazing honor! :)

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Christina Aguilera Told Cher She Would Drink Her Bath Water

This is actually pretty funny. When Christina Aguilera was auditioning for her role in ‘Burlesque‘ she felt she sounded like a “fan stalker” during the interviewing process. Clint Culpepper, President of Screen Gems, convinced Cher that Christina was right for the part by saying:

‘You don’t understand – Christina loves you. She needs you to be in this movie with her, because she is such a huge fan… She would drink your bath water.’

I guess that sealed the deal for Cher.

On the first day of work Christina wanted a way to break the ice and made fun of the situation.

When I went to the soundstage with my son on my hip and my flats on, I was so insecure. I was like, ‘Hi, Cher. I’m the one that wants to drink your bath water. That’s me – the obsessed fan stalker!’ We had a good laugh about it.”

Christina told ‘Access Hollywood’ that while she’s having some personal issues, she is still enjoying life and finding balance.

“Some moments are harder than others. I’m under a lot of stuff right now as far as my work, and balancing everything as a mom. My son couldn’t be happier. “Max is growing up with so much love around him and I’m definitely always going to keep it that way. “I’m looking forward to the movie coming out, and this entire next chapter in my whole life — I really couldn’t be more excited.”

Wonder if Christina will want to continue to find work in the movie industry after ‘Burlesque’ releases? How do you think it will do in the theatre?

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Fact Or Fiction: Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Getting Married

Hmmm. Not sure whether I’m buying this one or not. Supposedly Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are set to tie the knot next month. But the source isn’t even a “friend,” it’s just a person who happened to overhear Nicole talking.

“I heard Nicole Richie talking excitedly to Christina Aguilera about her upcoming wedding. She said, ’29 days to go!’”

Christina is currently “practically living,” at Nicole and Joel’s house and the source is saying that Christina may be performing at the event for her friends.

Nicole and Joel will allegedly be throwing a “decoy” wedding beforehand to get the paparazzi off their trail.

Do you believe it or not?

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Fact Or Fiction: Does Christina Aguilera Have A New Boyfriend?

It’s only been a few weeks since Christina Aguilera announced her split from husband Jordan Bratman, but rumor has it that she already has a new boyfriend!

PEOPLE is reporting that the singer has been seeing Matthew D. Rutler, a set assistant from her new movie ‘Burlesque’. A source told the mag;

“It’s not serious yet, but it’s something she is exploring and finding comfort in,” the friend says. “It’s new and she’s taking it day by day. She and Jordan were having problems for a long time. What kept them together is their love for their son. She met [Matthew] on set and, during a difficult time, leaned on as a friend. After she and Jordan separated, the friendship turned romantic.”

 Well that didn’t take any time at all! I think if she and Bratman had been having troubles for a while it’s only natural that she would rebound with someone else, but I would think that she would try to keep it a little more low key. She was spotted out with Rutler on a double date with Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden.

What do you think – only natural that she would be dating, or is this moving things along a little quickly?

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Christina Aguilera Is Stronger Than Ever

Christina Aguilera is a strong woman, no question about that. I don’t think anyone who read the lyrics on her song, Fighter, and heard her sing those words with such power, would ever doubt that.

When asked about getting through her divorce with Jordan Bratman, she said,

“I am one of those who is driven by people who tried to push me down, rather than being overcome by it. Even my past with my father and the abuse that went on, I developed a fighter outlook.”

And she also talked about sexuality.

“Sexuality is such a freedom. Sexuality is where I feel a lot of times I get to express my voice. Throughout the ages, women are always shamed for it or labelled for it and so it makes me feel empowered to give it a voice and to stand up for it and to be strong about it.”

I love Christina’s music, whether it’s driven by sexuality or anger or her past…she’s one of my favorites!

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