Ciara Responds To Future’s Concerns About Russell Wilson Being Around Their Son

ciara and her sonCiara split from her baby’s father, Future, just after Future Jr. was born. Now she’s dating NFL player Russell Wilson, and Future hasn’t held back about the fact that he doesn’t think a mother should let another man (meaning Russell) be around their son. Ciara responded to his concerns.

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How Did Ciara Drop 60 LBS In 4 Months?

2015 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Sports AwardsCiara admitted that she indulged during her pregnancy, and after giving birth, to Future Jr. She gained 60 lbs altogether. I think a lot of mothers can relate! Being a celebrity, she was under pressure to drop the pregnancy and post-pregnancy pounds fast. She lost 60 lbs in 4 months. OMG. She shared her strategies.

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Ciara Is Staying Celibate Until Russell Wilson Puts A Ring On It!

ciara and russell wilsonIt sounds like Ciara and Russell Wilson are on the same page regarding their decision not to have sex! She said she has no intention of sleeping with him until he puts a ring on it :).

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Ciara And Russell Wilson Color Coordinate For 2015 ESPY Awards: Love It Or Hate It?

ciara and russell wilsonA lot of people have been talking about Ciara and Russell Wilson, especially once he acknowledged in an interview with a pastor that they were abstaining from having sex at this point in their relationship. They look like they’re going strong: here they are on the red carpet at the 2015 ESPY Awards from last night. Check them out: they’re color coordinated!

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Ciara And Russell Williams Are Dating But Are Celibate

ciara and russell williamsNow this is something you don’t hear very often these days: Ciara and Russell Williams are dating but are in a celibate relationship. Russell confirmed they were dating in an interview with Pastor Miles Peterson but said they were abstaining from sexual relations for religious reasons.

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Ciara Teaches Her Baby Boy How To Walk

ciara and her sonCiara is appreciating the milestones with her little one, Future Jr. It’s great to see that she’s able to appreciate these moments, given her abrupt split from Future’s father, Future Sr, not long after she gave birth. Check out the cute video of Ciara walking and holding hands with her little guy.

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Ciara Releases New Video For ‘I Bet’ (Hot New Video)

ciara i bet videoClearly Ciara’s song ‘I Bet’ means a lot to her! She released a video of herself singing the song, and now she has a new, more traditional video for it. Take a look after the break. RELATED: Is Ciara emotional new song about her split from Future?

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