Drew Barrymore Does Holiday Shopping With Olive!

Drew Barrymore & Daughter Olive Shopping At Barneys New YorkHere’s Drew Barrymore enjoying some one-on-one time with her older daughter, Olive. The mother-daughter duo did some holiday shopping at Barney’s! Is there any better way to spend some time on a weekend afternoon? RELATED: Drew Barrymore admits her body isn’t bouncing back after baby.

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Drew Barrymore Body Not Bouncing Back After Baby

Drew Barrymore Gets Her Workout InOne of the things I love the most about Drew Barrymore is her authenticity. The mother-of-two opened up about her post-baby experiences and admits that, unlike many Hollywood actresses, the baby weight isn’t just falling off. RELATED: Drew Barrymore brings baby Frankie to Jessica Alba’s Baby2Baby event.

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Drew Barrymore Takes Her Baby To Jessica Alba’s Baby2Baby Event

drew barrymore instagramHere’s Drew Barrymore with baby Frankie at Jessica Alba’s Baby2Baby event for The Honest Company. Frankie’s gotten SO big. It seems like she was just born! RELATED: Drew Barrymore gets busted after yoga.

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Drew Barrymore Busted After Yoga

Exclusive... Drew Barrymore Gets Busted After Yoga!Oops! Drew Barrymore finished what was probably a nice yoga class, strolled out of the facility, and then jay-walked. Unfortunately, a police officer was outside at that moment. RELATED: Drew Barrymore goes from blonde to brunette.

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Drew Barrymore Goes From Blonde To Brunette: Love It Or Hate It?

drew barrymore (1)It looks like Drew Barrymore decided to switch things up with her hair! She went from blonde to brunette. I’m guessing it’s for a movie role. The pics here of Drew as a brunette were taken while she was on set filming ‘Miss You Already.’ RELATED: Drew Barrymore is a commuter beauty.

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In Case You Missed It: Best Pics & Stories From The Week

Kristin Davis & Daughter Gemma Leaving A Ballet Class

Former ‘Sex and the City’ star Kristin Davis and her daughter Gemma leave ballet class. Here are the best stories from the week.


Drew Barrymore Drew’s Half-Sister, Jessica, Found Dead

Drew Barrymore At 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'The Barrymores are still dealing with tragedy. Drew Barrymore’s half-sister, Jessica, was found dead in her car at about 6 am Tuesday in National City, California, which is just north of San Diege. Jessica’s body was found by a woman whose driveway was blocked by Jessica’s car.

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