Did Gisele Threaten Tom Brady With Divorce?

'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute GalaAre Tom Brady’s Deflagate woes impacting his marriage? There have been rumors all summer that Tom and Gisele are experiencing a tough patch in their relationship: they reportedly celebrated their birthdays apart. Now word has it that Gisele has threatened to divorce Tom and even consulted with a divorce lawyer.

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Gisele Bundchen Retirement: What retirement? (NSFW)

"Retired" Gisele Bundchen Lands In BostonThe Gisele Bundchen retirement story had the internet abuzz: the supermodel walked her last catwalk a couple of weeks ago. Well, Gisele was clear: she’s only retiring from runway modeling. Vogue Brazil is celebrating her 20-year career. The cover alone shows she’s not ready to quit all forms of modeling just yet. Check out the cover after the break. Warning: She’s completely nude, so this may not be the best post to read while at work or with little ones peering over your shoulder ;).

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Gisele Bundchen Explains Retirement From The Runway

Gisele Bundchen Is Retiring From The Runway! **FILE PHOTOS**This week will be the end of an ERA in runway modeling. Gisele Bundchen will do her last runway show before retiring from the catwalk at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. She still looks fabulous: why quit modeling on the runway?

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Gisele Calling It Quits For The Catwalk

'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute GalaIt’s the end of an ERA. Gisele Bundchen, who’s been the highest paid supermodel for a few years now, is retiring from the runway this spring. She announced that her last runway show will be April 20, during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, and it’ll be the Colcci show, a Brazilian brand she’s worked with for years. RELATED: Gisele shares the best #TBT wedding pic!

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Gisele Shares Best #TBT Pic! Wedding Photo

Chanel Dinner - Giesele Bundchen

I think it’s safe to say Gisele won the #TBT picture contest (I’m kidding- I know there’s no contest) yesterday. She posted a wedding picture from her ceremony with Tom Brady. The two kept their wedding uber-private, so this is actually our first good look at her dress! RELATED: Gisele is the top earning model on Forbes’s list.

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Gisele Is The Top Earning Model On Forbes’s List

forbes top earning models (1)Here’s another one of Forbes’s famous top earning list! This time it’s Forbes’s Top Earning Models. Supermodel Gisele reigned supreme, topping the list with an estimated $47 million in earnings. That’s $17 million more than her husband, NFL quarterback Tom Brady, reportedly made last year! Take a look after the break to see the highest paid supermodels. RELATED: Gisele shaved her head for Balenciaga.

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Gisele’s Birthday Kiss For Tom Brady

gisele bundchen tom brady instagramAwww… it looks like Gisele and Tom Brady were apart on his birthday. Gisele didn’t forget, though. She posted this pic on her Instagram to mark her husband’s special day. RELATED: What do you think of Gisele’s new hairstyle?

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