Holiday Shopping

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Gwen Stefani can’t hide her baby bump anymore, except behind a couple of those big boxes she had after doing some shopping. She’s wearing dark colors, but otherwise Gwen’s tunic is fitted enough to make it clear that she’s looking bigger because of a baby bump. This is certainly better than wondering if she had indulged in too much eggnog, right? Of course, Gwen is staying stylish: love her hat. I also WANT that vest.

Gwen was doing some shopping yesterday, even from her own line, L.A.M.B. It also looks like she was picking up some things for Kingston and Zuma. Yet I saw Zuma in one of the pics: maybe she had a nanny take Zuma off to play while she did some shopping? I wonder if Gwen’s boys still believe in Santa Claus? Christmas is especially fun while kids still believe.


Fierce Maternity Fashion

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Gwen Stefani is taking care of herself during her pregnancy. Here she is going to an acupuncture clinic. I’ve heard it can help with nausea. Gwen hasn’t talked about her pregnancy, even to confirm it (she let her baby bump make the announcement for her), so we haven’t heard if she’s suffering from “morning” sickness or not. Hopefully she isn’t!

Fashion-wise, Gwen’s wearing yet another coat I’d wear even though I’m not pregnant. And check out those boots. They Are SICK. I’m not sure if Gwen’s feet feel pampered, but she’s looking fierce, even with the baby bump.


Keeping Her Baby Bump Chic

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Gwen Stefani kept her baby bump chic during this shopping trip. But LOOK at her baby bump. Gwen has “popped.” She’s still keeping busy, however.

Here Gwen was doing some shopping at Bloomingdales. I would love to have her gift me with an outfit. She has such great taste! LOVE that coat she’s wearing. That orange purse looks great with it. Gwen is SO chic, pregnant or not.


Covering ‘Town & Country’

T&C Jan '14 cover

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale make for a gorgeous couple on the cover of ‘Town & Country,’ don’t they? ‘Town & Country’s‘ January 2014 issue includes a feature about the opening of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. We got pictures from this event right after it occurred: it was pretty much when everyone said, Okay, Gwen’s rocking a baby bump! LOL Many celebs turned out for the opening of this new performing arts center, however, so it was a star-studded event.

Wallis Annenberg, a philanthropist who chairs the Annenberg Foundation, wanted to make it known that LA does have an arts scene. This scene extends beyond LA’s commercial entertainment industry. She told ‘Town & Country:’

“Some people have a hard time believing you can find a Lichtenstein or a Frank Stella in the same zip code that produced ‘90210.’”

I can see that! The grand opening apparently brought together the celebs we saw as well as “society players” who aren’t typically featured in the entertainment news. You can read more about it at ‘Town & Country’s’ website as well as pick up the January 2014 issue to see all the pictures. It hits newsstands on December 10!

Photos by Roxanne Lowit

Festive Family Fun For Thanksgiving

gwen stefani & family (10)

Gwen Stefani knows how to remain chic even when getting festive. Check out that red coat! The color alone is what makes it pop, and it’s more than enough. Doesn’t she look amazing? Gwen easily covered her baby bump here. What do you think of the black and white pockets? I’m not sure I’m sold on that detail.

Gwen and the family were heading to Thanksgiving dinner in these pics. They even brought along their four-legged family member. It looks like their little pooch had to have some surgery, given The Cone it’s wearing. Hopefully their puppy got a little bit of turkey.


Family Day in LA



Pregnant singer Gwen Stefani was rocking her baby bump in style yesterday, donning a denim-on-denim ensemble with a knee-length black coat and moto boots. The starlet was back to her signature red lips and had her bleach blond coif pulled out of her face.

She and husband Gavin Rossdale took their adorable sons Kingston and Zuma to Travel Town before having lunch in LA.


Baby Bumpin’ In Beige

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Gwen Stefani knows how to make even a neutral color like beige look chic. I’m not knocking beige: it’s one of my favorite “staple” colors to match with everything else. It’s just that “rocker mom” Gwen isn’t known for wearing beige- LOL. She looks great, though.

The scarf is a great touch. I want those glasses. I’m loving the accessories here! In these pictures Gwen was heading into the nail salon to treat herself to a manicure. I’m guessing she didn’t bother with a pedicure, given the stiletto boots she was wearing. Who needs a pedicure in the fall, anyway.