Heidi Klum Keeps Busy For Fashion Week

Heidi Klum may not be modeling for Victoria’s Secret anymore, but that doesn’t mean she just ignores New York’s Fashion Week, especially since she still has her show ‘Project Runway.’ Heidi, along with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, took ‘Project Runway’ to Fashion Week. I’m a fan of Heidi’s outfit, and I’m loving Nina’s!

Then Heidi had some fun at the Trick or Treat for Unison booth at Fashion Week. Heidi is known for her love of Halloween, so I can see where that booth would’ve been right up her alley :).

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Heidi Klum Had Fun With Accessories At QVC’s Fashion Night Out Event

Heidi Klum is back from her summer holiday: she played host for QVC’s Fashion Night Out event last night. As you can see from the pictures (there are some close-ups in the thumbnails), she had A LOT of fun piling on the accessories!

I’m a fan of her sparkling dress, too. Accessories (and lots of them) are big this fall. I have enough trouble with the outfits: now I have to worry about accessories? Goodness! Are you a fan of this new trend?

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Heidi Klum And Seal Continue Their Summer Holiday

Heidi Klum and Seal have been enjoying a little rest and relaxation with their four children in Sardinia.  They were spotted on the beach again today chilling out together and playing in the water.

I wonder if it’s hard for Heidi to shift into “relax” mode since she’s always on the go with her millions of work projects.  Do you have trouble unwinding on vacation?

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Heidi Klum Rocks A Bikini

Project Runway‘ host Heidi Klum kept her bikini top on here, but it looks like she still had plenty of fun with her kids on the beach! Heidi, Seal and their kids are enjoying some fun in the sun in Sardinia.

I’m loving Heidi’s pink-and-white-checked bikini. She looks FAB! Talk about motivation to look like that after having four kids. Heidi could still model for Victoria’s Secret if she wanted to. Running really pays off for her.

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‘Good Morning America’ Guests David Beckham, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors & Nina Garcia

I never get a chance to watch the morning shows anymore, but it looks like ‘Good Morning America’ had quite a line-up this morning! David Beckham is looking hawt in his suit: becoming a father for the fourth time clearly suits him. YUM.

The ‘Project Runway’ people showed up: host Heidi Klum and judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia visited GMA. Have you been watching ‘Project Runway’ since it switched to Lifetime? I love the show, but I’m still not used to not finding it on Bravo.

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Heidi Klum Goes For A Summer Run

The heat is near (or is) breaking records right now, but I guess the show must go on, so Heidi Klum pushed on with her Summer Run (with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong in the blue cap). Heidi isn’t letting the heat get her down! Who knew she was so into exercise?

I can’t IMAGINE running outside in this muggy heat, but I guess if you have plenty of water and are in good health, it should be okay. And the benefits of being in good shape are great, of course. So who’s ready to go out for a run?

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Heidi Klum Gets Her Workout In Before Hitting The Streets

Heidi Klum was spotted returning to her hotel after her workout. Then the paparazzi spotted her leaving a little later. So that’s how she still looks so fabulous!

It’s so strange to see Heidi without any of her kids, but it’s good to see that she makes time for herself. With four kids and working (hosting ‘Project Runway’ among other things), Heidi needs to take some personal time.

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