Is She Ready To Have Her Baby?


Could today be the day for Jenna Dewan? That’s what we think! The celebrity mama-to-be was spotted leaving a clinic as she was making her way to Portland Hospital in London, England on Thursday afternoon.

Jenna stated that she is planning on giving birth in London, as her husband Channing Tatum is recently on location in the British capital to film his latest movie. Also, I am SO loving Jenna’s black maternity maxi dress in these pics. Here’s hoping it’s going to be smooth labor and delivery for Jenna! Fingers crossed!


Photos via FameFlynet

Jenna Returns To The Ultrasound Clinic

Jenna Dewan Visits An Ultrasound Clinic

Jenna Dewan-Tatum keeps up with her prenatal care in London. I’m loving that jacket (frames her baby bump perfectly, doesn’t it?) and the hat. Here Jenna’s going back to the ultrasound clinic. This is her second visit in a week. Hopefully everything’s okay!

I noticed Jenna’s going solo to the appointment. They’re in London because Channing Tatum is filming the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending.’ He’s probably working on set. I’m sure Jenna will get some pictures to take home so she can show Channing. Maybe they’ll even give her some video. Those are fun to watch.


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

Bumpin’ Around London


It looks like someone is getting very close to their due date here! Actress Jenna Dewan was spotted bumping around while doing a little shopping in London, England on Wednesday afternoon.

Jenna mentioned during the Oscars this year that she plans on giving birth in London as her husband Channing Tatum is currently on location in the British capital for a new movie he’s working on. So I guess it’s a safe guess that Jenna can be giving birth any week now!


Photos via FameFlynet

The Actress Comes To Kim Kardashian’s Defense

Pregnant Jenna Dewan Visits Her Doctor

I’ve just been involved in a very long conversation with some friends about how the media has been commenting on Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy weight gain and the one thing we all agree on is that Kim looks great and no one should be concerned about how much, or little, any woman gains while pregnant.  And for the record, while I’m not a fan of Kim’s maternity style,  I do think she still makes a beautiful pregnant woman!

Jenna Dewan is another pregnant celebrity who thinks Kim looks great too and took to her twitter account to defend the reality star;

Lets all be kind to every woman out there who is expecting…it shouldn’t be about how much weight someone has gained,their fashion’s a beautiful amazing moment in time and not about vanity!

I couldn’t agree more!  What do you think about the constant attention surrounding Kim’s pregnancy weight gain?




Bumpin’ Around Town!


It looks like she is getting bigger by the day! Expectant celebrity mama-to-be Jenna Dewan was spotted heading to her doctor’s office for an appointment while in Brentwood, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

Jenna recently mentioned that she plans on giving birth in London, as hubby Channing Tatum will be filming his latest movie there, so I guess it’s safe to say that they still have plenty of time before their due date. Still, Jenna is rocking that bump loud and proud and we love it! Talk about a yummy mummy.


Photos via FameFlynet

The Actress’s Baby Bump Is Growing!

Pregnant Jenna Dewan Out And About In Los Angeles

Someone’s baby bump is coming along quite nicely!  Jenna Dewan Tatum showed off her chic and casual maternity style as she was spotted enjoying the day out and about in LA this afternoon.   I love Jenna’s black leggings and black cardigan paired with a blue shirt for a pop of colour

Jenna’s baby bump is definitely coming along!  I’m not sure when she’s due but I would say she’s about 6 months along now, don’t you think?



Jenna Juices Up

Pregnant Jenna Dewan Grabs A Smoothie At Earth Bar

Jenna Dewan-Tatum stocked up at the Earth Bar! She got a couple of juices and some other things. Jenna had a handful with two juices. Looks like she picked up one for husband Channing Tatum or a friend, too.

I like Jenna’s dress here. She is doing a great job dressing her baby bump. I’m a fan of her maternity style! What do you think of her look?