JENNA DEWAN Walking Her Dogs In London


Yes, I know, at this point it seems like a day just doesn’t go by without yet another Jenna Dewan baby bump photo gallery! The pregnant actress was spotted once again taking her dogs out for a walk while she was out and about in London, England on Friday afternoon.

Any day now, Jenna! In the meantime, we’ll continue being on bump watch!


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JENNA DEWAN No Baby Yet For The Actress!

Pregnant Jenna Dewan Walks Her Dogs In London

I bet it was an exciting Mother’s Day for actress and soon to be mom Jenna Dewan.  While she wasn’t technically a mom I bet she was getting pretty excited for next year.  Jenna, who is in London while her husband films his new movie, has set some tongues wagging that she’s going to be having her baby any time, thanks to some frequent hospital trips. But it looks like Jenna and husband Channing Tatum are just making sure everything is ready to go when Jenna does go into labour.

Jenna was spotted out in London this morning walking her two dogs and looking super adorable in her yoga pants and cute warm up jacket.  Jenna is totally one of those pregnant women that you’d love to hate but you can’t because she’s just so cute, right?  I mean, she looks so amazing!  You can definitely tell she’s been taking care of herself throughout this pregnancy.



JENNA DEWAN Headed To The Gym!

FFN_Dewan_Jenna2_FLYNETUK_051013_51093283-BorderMakerIt looks like this celebrity mama-to-be is keeping those curves in check until the very last minute! Hollywood actress Jenna Dewan was spotted taking her bump to the gym for an early morning workout while she was in London, England on Friday afternoon.

Jenna is carrying her pregnancy so well for the first time around, isn’t she? She looks so good! Check out our photos below and tell us, do you have any guesses as to when her due date is?


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JENNA DEWAN Keeps Her Baby Bump Simple & Chic

Pregnant Jenna Dewan Leaves Her London Home

Jenna Dewan (now known as Jenna Dewan-Tatum) isn’t letting style slide as she nears the end of her pregnancy! She was looking chic when she stepped out of her London apartment. I’m assuming Jenna is near the end of her pregnancy because she and husband Channing Tatum were seen touring a local London hospital. However, now that I think about it, that can be done when you still have a month or so to go.

I guess we’ll see! Jenna’s baby bump is pretty big, but in some of these pictures (from the front), you can barely see it. From the side the baby bump is very visible (and so cute)! Are you a fan of Jenna’s maternity style?


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JENNA DEWAN Bumpin’ Around London


Yes people, she is still pregnant! I know all too well about how that last month can be annoying when people are surprised to see you still pregnant and keep on asking, “How come you haven’t had your baby yet?” LOL. Hopefully Jenna Dewan isn’t getting bombarded with too many of those questions.

The pregnant actress was spotted looking very cute and very pregnant while taking her dogs out for a walk in London, England on Wednesday afternoon. Does anyone want to take any guesses as to when she might be ready to pop??


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CHANNING TATUM Hiking With Jenna

FFN_Tatum_Dewan_FLYNETUK_042913_51082187-BorderMakerThese two are absolutely adorable together. Actor Channing Tatum was spotted going for a hike with his heavily pregnant wife Jenna Tatum in London, England on Monday afternoon.

The couple, expecting their first baby together due this summer, held hands as they walked their dogs together in a park. Jenna looked casual and comfortable while wearing an adorable Rachel Pally striped dress over leggings, paired with a military-esque jacket. Talk about chic maternity style. Check it out below!


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JENNA DEWAN Keeping Healthy In London


So it looks like she didn’t give birth just yet! Pregnant celebrity mama-to-be Jenna Dewan was spotted picking up a healthy fruit juice while she was running a few errands in London, England on Friday afternoon.

I’m guessing that Jenna might be giving birth any day now, as it does seem like she’s been pregnant forever! But I have to say, she does have the cutest and most relaxed maternity style I’ve seen in the celebrity world lately. Check it below!


Photos via FameFlynet