Jennifer Aniston Dishes On New Fragrance And Beauty Routine

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Viewing Party - BJennifer Aniston keeps busy even between movie shoots! So what’s she been up to lately? Developing a new fragrance! It’s called Near Dusk.

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Selena Gomez Dishes On Friendship With Jennifer Aniston

selena gomez and jennifer aniston (1)We’ve heard Selena Gomez talk about her admiration of Jennifer Aniston before. Well, it turns out she got to actually meet her idol, and now they’re friends!

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What’s Jennifer Aniston’s Big Regret?

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Viewing Party - BIt turns out even the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston has some things about her beauty routine that she wishes she had done differently. The Aveeno spokeswoman opened up about what she wished she had done differently when she was younger and her attitude about aging.

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Jennifer Aniston Is Writing A Cookbook!

Jennifer Aniston Out For Dinner In NYCWe’re about to get one step closer to learning some of Jennifer Aniston’s secrets for her amazing body: she’s writing a cookbook! Celebs are getting into the lifestyle business (beauty, clothing, cookbooks) left and right these days ;).

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Jennifer Aniston Takes Over Living Proof Instagram

Jennifer Aniston Looking A Little Worse For Wear In NYCI would LOVE for Jennifer Aniston to join Instagram! Something tells me that’s not in the cards, but she did “take over” Living Proof’s Instagram page for the day yesterday. Did you miss it? Check out what she posted after the break.

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Jennifer Aniston Dishes On Justin Theroux & Why She Still Hates “The Rachel”

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Viewing Party - BRemember “The Rachel” hairstyle that Jennifer Aniston made famous when she starred on ‘Friends,’? Well, Jennifer still does, and she still HATES the style. She dished on that as well as fiance Justin Theroux and male scruff in a recent interview.

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Is Jennifer Aniston Ready To Be A Mean Mom?

Jennifer Aniston Out For Dinner In NYCWord has it Jennifer Aniston is considering a new movie role! She might be teaming up with the director from Horrible Bosses 2 for another film called Mean Moms.

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