Ben Affleck Buys Jennifer Garner’s Christmas Presents At CVS

I really hope Ben Affleck was joking around when he confided his problem shopping for wife Jennifer Garner to Ellen DeGeneres! He said Christmas shopping isn’t really his thing.

“My wife is so capable and because I’m less so, she does a lot of that work, and I kind of root her on,” he says on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday (check your local listings). “I’m encouraging.”

When it comes to shopping, The Town star, 38, says, “It takes her as much energy and effort to buy like the 20 gifts we’re going to buy other people, as it does to buy her gift. I spend the whole time, fretting about that and being nervous and hoping she likes that. And then I end up at like CVS on the 24th being like, ‘Maybe she’d like a little Godzilla that goes around.'”

I think men’s problem with gift buying is the whole “performance pressure” aspect of it, which is what Ben’s describing above. (But I still think he comes up with FAR better gifts than a Godzilla figurine from CVS 😉 And if I’m wrong, we may not be seeing so many cheerful family pictures in January- LOL).

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Celebrity Mom Pictures: Tori Spelling And Jennifer Garner

Tori Spelling was at The Grove in L.A. today to film a segment for a talk show. She tweeted:

@JL_Jeff_Lewis & I will B at The Grove LA frm 12to3 today. Come chat w/us about The Holidays! Survival tips, gifts, etc… For R talk show!

Jennifer Garner was spotted with her youngest daughter Seraphina this afternoon. The mother-daughter duo were doing a little shopping at Target in Los Angeles.

Did you hit up Target on Black Friday? I still can’t believe they were open at FOUR a.m.! It gets earlier every year, I swear!

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Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Spend Some Time With Their Girls

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck took their daughters, Violet and Seraphina, out to lunch yesterday afternoon. Then Jennifer took the girls with her for some mother-daughter time.

Did you know Ben is an Oscar contender for his work in ‘The Town’? I wonder if he’ll be manage to get a nomination for directing or acting or both? Ben’s career has had quite a few ups and downs, so this must be shaping up to be an enjoyable holiday season for him and his family :).

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Celebrities Doing Good: Kristin Davis, Minnie Driver, Joy Bryant Jennifer Garner

Kristin Davis, Minnie Driver, Joy Bryant and Jennifer Garner all put on their do-gooding hats yesterday evening and attended event to help make the world a better place. Love when celebs do what they can for good causes.

Jennifer is pictured speaking to The Senate Health, Education, Labor And Pensions Committee. I’m not sure what she’s advocating for, only that she looks very serious doing so.

And Kristin was off hosting at party for Oxfam, which Minnie and Joy attended. I’m also amazed when these kinds of events don’t have a bigger turn out. I mean, were more celebrities not invited to the party or do they just not have the time to raise money for the problem of world hunger.

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Morning Links With Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner was spotted treating herself to sushi. Yum! (FAME)

Check out what my cyber friends are writing about:

Celebrity Sightings: Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, And Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner was photographed running some errands in Beverly Hills this afternoon. I’m loving her look here!

Victoria Beckham and Tana Ramsey headed out for dinner together in London tonight. What do you think of her dress? I think she looks fab, as always!

Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving her sober living facility where she’s currently living. The home is part of the Betty Ford Clinic. I wonder how much freedom she has while living there?

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Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Spend One-On-One Time With Their Girls

Looks like Ben Affleck is back in town! If you click through the pictures below, you can see pictures of him picking up Violet from school. She looks like she’s in a good mood- excited to show her father something on that paper she’s holding.

Maybe the bad temper we saw her in was because she missed Ben? Violet could be a Daddy’s Girl :).

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner was spotted with Seraphina looking at the horses (you can see that below in the thumbnails). This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Jennifer take Seraphina to look at horses: Seraphina must like them. (I don’t remember seeing Jennifer take Violet to look at horses.)

I’m sure Jennifer is relieved to have Ben back at home to help out with the girls!

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