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Jennifer Garner was spotted leaving Tavern Restaurant after having lunch with friends yesterday. Are you a fan of her very casual style or would you like to see her spruce it up a little?

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Jay Leno admits Conan O’Brien “got screwed” by NBC. (PopEater)

Gabourey Sidibe will host SNL. (Lainey Gossip)

It looks like Jennifer Garner took her daughters out before or after lunch yesterday, too. (PopSugar)

Janet Jackson says her new film is therapeutic. (Just Jared)

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Here’s Amanda Seyfried at the ‘Dear John’ screening in London. (Moejackson)

Kim Kardashian films a scene in a bikini. (Drunken Stepfather, Site NSFW)

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Jennifer Garner Gives Violet A Lift

Jennifer Garner was spotted picking up Violet from school. The usual :) This time, she gave Violet a piggyback ride out to the car.

Jennifer’s supposed to start shooting her new film, ‘Butter,’ next month in Louisiana. I wonder if Violet and Seraphina will go with her or stay behind in LA with dad Ben Affleck?

Some rumors are that Jim Carrey and Kate Hudson are in talks to star in ‘Butter’ as well (Jim as the womanizing husband to Jennifer’s character and Kate as his girlfriend), but other reports say Jim has already passed while Kate is still considering.

I want to know who was cast as the girl with a talent for butter carving that Jennifer’s character goes up against :)

Does this movie sound interesting to you?

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Take Their Daughters Out

Today we get to see the Garner-Affleck family all together :) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted taking Violet and Seraphina to see Lisa Loeb perform at Violet’s preschool.

In the picture above, I think they’re leaving. In most of the thumbnails below, they’re arriving. It looks like Violet really let loose, getting rid of her sweater and hair barrettes at some point during the show- LOL. And look at the bow in Seraphina’s hair: too cute!

Sounds like a fun family afternoon, doesn’t it? I didn’t know Lisa did performances at preschools, but I bet she enjoys it. No one has the same level of enthusiasm for something as preschool-age kids.

Are you a Lisa Loeb fan?

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Jennifer Garner And Violet Grab An Afternoon Treat

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Affleck were spotted in Santa Monica today. The two headed to a local bakery to pick up a little afternoon treat.

As much as Violet is photographed, you never see her throwing tantrums or seeming to be grumpy. She looks like such a happy-go-lucky girl.

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Jennifer Garner Spends The Afternoon With Violet And Seraphina

Jennifer Garner was spotted out with both of her daughters, Violet and Seraphina, in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon. With two young children, it must be nice to have help, considering all the paparazzi around snapping pictures!

Did you see the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ promo that aired during the Oscars? Take a look:

I’m maybe one of the (five) people who didn’t find the whole Jimmy Kimmel- Ben Affleck bit funny (in response to Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon’s skit, which I also didn’t think was all that funny), but THIS made me laugh :)

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Hot Guys Of The Day: Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club

This is long, but HILARIOUS! I can’t get over how many Hollywood hunks Jimmy managed to round up for this skitMatthew McConaughey, Lenny Kravitz, Tony Romo, Rob Lowe, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Taye Diggs, Josh Hartnett, Sting, Gilles Marini, Patrick Dempsey, Ethan Hawke and more!

You have to watch all the way through – Jennifer Garner even makes a cameo.

We’ll just have to assume that David Beckham was unable to attend this particular meeting, right? ;)

Jennifer Garner Takes Her Girls To The Park

Jennifer Garner and Seraphina were seen picking up Violet from school yesterday afternoon. The family then headed over to a park in Santa Monica for some outdoor fun. I love how sweet these two girls always look.

What a joy it is to watch this family!

Looks like Seraphina is getting ready to walk on her own. She still needed a little help from Jennifer while out playing with her sister, but those feet are eager to run!

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