Jennifer Garner And Violet Grab An Afternoon Treat

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Affleck were spotted in Santa Monica today. The two headed to a local bakery to pick up a little afternoon treat.

As much as Violet is photographed, you never see her throwing tantrums or seeming to be grumpy. She looks like such a happy-go-lucky girl.

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Jennifer Garner Spends The Afternoon With Violet And Seraphina

Jennifer Garner was spotted out with both of her daughters, Violet and Seraphina, in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon. With two young children, it must be nice to have help, considering all the paparazzi around snapping pictures!

Did you see the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ promo that aired during the Oscars? Take a look:

I’m maybe one of the (five) people who didn’t find the whole Jimmy Kimmel- Ben Affleck bit funny (in response to Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon’s skit, which I also didn’t think was all that funny), but THIS made me laugh :)

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Hot Guys Of The Day: Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club

This is long, but HILARIOUS! I can’t get over how many Hollywood hunks Jimmy managed to round up for this skitMatthew McConaughey, Lenny Kravitz, Tony Romo, Rob Lowe, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Taye Diggs, Josh Hartnett, Sting, Gilles Marini, Patrick Dempsey, Ethan Hawke and more!

You have to watch all the way through – Jennifer Garner even makes a cameo.

We’ll just have to assume that David Beckham was unable to attend this particular meeting, right? ;)

Jennifer Garner Takes Her Girls To The Park

Jennifer Garner and Seraphina were seen picking up Violet from school yesterday afternoon. The family then headed over to a park in Santa Monica for some outdoor fun. I love how sweet these two girls always look.

What a joy it is to watch this family!

Looks like Seraphina is getting ready to walk on her own. She still needed a little help from Jennifer while out playing with her sister, but those feet are eager to run!

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Jennifer Garner To Star In A Female Version Of ‘The Hangover’?

Here’s Jennifer Garner doing the school run, dropping Violet off. She seems like such a down-to-earth Mom, which is why what MTV is reporting seems so… odd.

According to MTV, Jennifer is set to star with Anna Faris in ‘The Bachelorette Party,’ which is supposed to be a female version of ‘The Hangover.’

A high-school teacher recently left at the altar must now send off her uptight cousin with a huge bachelorette bash. The cousin is marrying the teachers best male friend. During a drunken bachelorette party, the uptight cousin betrays her fiance with a drunken indiscretion, leaving the teacher to decide where her loyalties lie.

It’s unclear if Jennifer would play the teacher and Anna the cousin or vice versa.

I know they’re actresses, which means they play characters, not themselves, but I just can’t see Jennifer doing something like ‘The Hangover.’ I can see Anna in a movie like that but not Jennifer.

I think it’s the comparison to ‘The Hangover’ that’s throwing me off. What do you think?

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Jennifer Garner Takes Her Daughters To The Toy Store

Jennifer Garner was seen out with both of her daughters, Seraphina and Violet, shopping at the Puzzle Zoo toy store in Los Angeles earlier today. I love that Violet is helping her mommy by hanging onto that iPhone. :)

Moms: When your children used pacifiers, did you limit it to bedtime only? Or did you allow them to take it with them while you ran errands?

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Jennifer Garner’s Relationship Advice To Jessica Biel

If this story is true, then Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel really did become good friends while shooting ‘Valentine’s Day’ together. According to OK! magazine, Jennifer offered relationship advice when Jessica confided she was having a hard time getting Justin Timberlake to commit.

“Jen advised her to back off and stop being so clingy,” a source tells OK! “She even came up with a ‘relationship cheat sheet,’ including ways Jessica could spice things up and play hard to get at the same time,” the source says of Jen’s advice to Jessica.

“Jen told Jess to calm things down, and remind Justin what attracted her to him in the first place.”

Here’s what Jennifer’s alleged cheat sheet included:

* Play hard to get by being less available.
* Limit phone calls when they’re apart.
* Stop quizzing him about other women.
* Give each other sexy massages.
* Play nice with his guy friends and his family.

The source told OK! that it seems to be working.

“Jessica and Justin are in a much better place,” says the source.

Well, whether or not this is true, what do you think of the advice?

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