Jennifer Garner’s Back On The Baby Bump Watch

‘Valentine’s Day’ star Jennifer Garner was spotted taking daughters Violet and Seraphina out with a nanny and her mother, Pat Garner. She dropped in a Starbucks to get some drinks before they headed out for the day.

Some people (read: paparazzi photographers- lol) think Jennifer could be pregnant with her third child based on these photos. Jennifer’s talked about how husband Ben Affleck wants a third child because he wants a boy. Do you think you see the first hint of a baby bump? I’m not convinced, but what do you think?

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Jennifer Garner Takes Violet To Build-A-Bear

Jennifer Garner picked up her daughter Violet Affleck from school in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon and surprised her little one with a trip to their local mall. The celebrity mom took her eldest daughter to ‘Build-A-Bear’ and helped Violet pick out a new stuffed animal. I just love the entire process! Have you been? I recently took my children and they had a blast.

Violet opted for the flower bunny. So sweet. :)

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Jennifer Garner And Violet Go For A Walk On Memorial Day

Jennifer Garner and Violet went for an early morning walk together on Memorial Day outside of their Brentwood home. The young blonde was carrying a personalized box and was still in her pajamas.

After a few minutes, the pair sat down and read a note that Violet was carrying. After they finished, Jen and Violet continued on their stroll. How sweet!

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Jennifer Garner Shops At The Farmer’s Market With Her Girls

Jennifer Garner was checking out organic granola and carrots as she spent the morning shopping at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market this weekend. Her two daughters were in tow – literally – hanging out in a red wagon that the actress pulled along from booth to booth.

I’m loving Violet’s braid! {see thumbnails below} Wonder if Jen did that herself? I am HORRIBLE at making braids with my daughter’s head.

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Hugh Jackman And His Family Motor Around NYC

‘X-Men’ star Hugh Jackman was spotted riding a motorcycle with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, and his daughter, Ava. It looks like Hugh’s even got a pet (maybe a cat?) in a carrier strapped around his chest :)

This looks like a fun way to get around the city, doesn’t it? Especially since kids can get tired walking for blocks and blocks.

According to IMDb, Hugh is in the movie ‘Butter’ starring Jennifer Garner, which reportedly is filming in Louisiana. He must be on a break from shooting and decided to get back to the city for some family time. LOVE this guy (in a purely platonic way, of course :)

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Jennifer Garner And Violet Get Pampered

After picking Violet up from school yesterday, Jennifer Garner took her out for some pampering. She was spotted taking Violet to get a pedicure. Looks like fun!

In addition to the movie ‘Cheaters,’ Jennifer’s movie ‘Butter’ is also heating up. ‘Twilight’ star Ashley Greene, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, and Olivia Wilde have all signed on to be in the movie.

I guess Jennifer has to squeeze in as much mother-daughter time as she can before she goes back to work!

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Jennifer Garner Gearing Up For Next Movie

Jennifer Garner is set to start filming her new movie “Cheaters” within the next few weeks.

She’ll be co-starring with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James in the comedy, which starts shooting in Chicago in spring. Since IMDB says “spring”, I’m guessing she’ll be heading there very soon to start filming.

A man discovers that his best friend’s wife is having an affair. |

No other information is available on the site as of right now.

Jennifer was spotted dropping Violet off at school this morning. It’s been a while since the paps have caught her on a school run.

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