Jenny McCarthy Shares Hide And Seek Picture Of Evan On Twitter

How cute!! Jenny McCarthy is a sharer. Can we all say that with confidence? Twitter has become one of her favorite outlets of expression and tonight’s picture of Evan is just TOO cute.

The actress said she was unable to find her son in the house – perhaps a little game of hide and seek? Well, guess where he was hiding?!  In a bookshelf. LOL!

It actually took me a minute to find him.

Jenny McCarthy must feel good being able to grab a quiet night at home with her family. She’s been SO BUSY lately promoting “Love, Lust & Faking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance”. I just LOVE that title!

Recently the comedian admitted that she would do Playboy if the magazine gave $2 million to charity. They never followed up on her offer which is so surprising! Either way, expect to see more of Jenny McCarthy because she’s signed on to reprise her role as Courtney on Charlie Sheen’s ‘Two and a Half Men‘.

10 Celebrity Couples Who Split And Blew Our Mind

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker filing for divorce is mind numbing. I mean… what? They were always holding hands, laughing and giving interviews about how much they loved one another. Where is this coming from?

Here at INO, we started to think about the many shocking celebrity divorces and separations that came as a shock. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker divorcing is on that list for sure. We’ll start them at number 10 just to get the ball rolling.

9. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey called it quits after several years of dating. The two comedians – who started seeing one another in 2006 – just seemed PERFECT for one another. However things moved along rather quickly and both parties are now on the market.

8. Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky lived a very quiet life – one that was kept out of the public’s eye. You assume no news is good news, but after 9 years of marriage the pair decided to separate.

7. Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels – WHAT? What went wrong here?! Melissa has a special place in so many of our hearts so when we heard that she was separating from Tammy, we just couldn’t believe the news.

6. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman share a child together and publicly flaunted their love for one another. When the bomb dropped that these two were splitting, most believed that it was just some tricky PR to boost attention for Christina’s upcoming movie, ‘Burlesque’. We shall see what happens over the next few months.

Click on the continue reading link below to see the top 5 celebrity divorces that rocked our world.

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Jenny McCarthy Is Up For Doing Playboy

Jenny McCarthy says she would have absolutely no problem whatsoever taking her clothes off for Playboy, IF they donated $2 million dollars to charity. As most of you already know, her son has autism, and Jenny is very involved in raising awareness and money for the cause.

She said,

“I would for $2 million towards autism. Yeah, I might do something like that again. But I feel as though the puppies have gone south and left and run! I have to, like, scoop them up.”

I wonder if Hef has got wind of this quote yet? I bet he’ll be all over it.

And what do you think? When a celebrity normal does Playboy it seems to lower people’s opinions of them. But if a celeb does it for a good cause, does that change things for you and make you look at the whole scenario a little differently?

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Jenny McCarthy’s Former Flame Lived In A Shed

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jenny McCarthy shared some insight on a man from her past, proving that she doesn’t have a particular type. She dished about an older man she dated when she was in her 20′s who was a bit hairy and lived…in a shed.

It was one of those shacks that you buy at Wal-Mart that you stick your lawn mower in. It was a shed. He had like 15 blankets…that he called a futon”

“I was thinking ‘This would make a great husband and a great dad, because I’m as good as he’s gonna get’

On her decision to dump him:

I was laying there thinking ‘Wait a minute, I’m kind of hot!’ What am I doing?!”

Even though the experience with that particular man wasn’t a good one, she says she has nothing against the “type” so long as they’re good guys:

I would date chubby, hairy guys…if they’re nice! I’m open to all men. I can still love someone with a small penis. [But] he was such a jerk!

Jenny’s story of “shed guy” is included in her new book Love, Lust and Faking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies and True Romance. Have you had a chance to read it yet? Apparently I need to pick this one up!

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Meet Jenny McCarthy’s New Boyfriend

Jenny McCarthy has a new man and he’s a pirate. Well, sort of. At least he plays one in Sirens of TI, a nightly pirate show held at Las Vegas Treasure Island hotel.

Ex-fitness model Jason Toohey and Jenny have used social media to tell the world that they are dating.

In June, Jason changed his status on Facebook to ˜In a Relationship”, and has now changed his profile picture to one showing him and Jenny together.

The couple have also flirted on twitter, with Jenny replying to a message from Jason by saying: Mr. Facebook decides to finally tweet. Welcome to the tweeters Mr. Toohey. Hope you and your abs can keep up with the pace.

Good for her! Can’t wait to see more of these two together.

Jenny McCarthy Enjoys Being Single

Jenny McCarthy hosted the 4th annual Midsummer Night’s Dream at Palms Pool & Bungalows inside The Palms Hotel Casino in Las Vegas this weekend. At the event, she shared that she’s been enjoying the last five months as a single woman and talked about her toned and fit body:

On being single:

“I’m enjoying it tremendously!”

Jenny was scantily dressed in a barely-there outfit. She said that she’s enjoying showing off her body while she still can:

“Look at me in this outfit,” “Would I not be hitting this? Come on.” “I have one more year to pull off an outfit like this, so I better hit it while it’s hot.”

Jenny and her son Evan are currently living in Vegas while their L.A. house is being remodeled. She says they are very happy in Vegas:

“I really love it,” “I was never really a fan of Los Angeles. Coming out [to Las Vegas] believe it or not, I feel more peaceful.”

Peaceful is not a word I would imagine someone using to describe Vegas. Most of us just think crazy flashing lights, noisy casinos, etc.

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Jenny McCarthy And AnnaLynne McCord Paint The Town

Jenny McCarthy and ’90210′ star AnnaLynne McCord looked like they were enjoying themselves this afternoon as they painted a mural as part of ‘The Pepsi Refresh Project’ in Santa Ana, California. The painting of the mural was a part of the 2010 MLB All-Star game held at El Salvador Community Center.

The mural they are painting was created by artist Roberto Del Hoyo stands almost 10 feet high by 86 feet wide, “will take 500 hours to complete and will leave a lasting legacy in the community”.

I can’t believe AnnaLynne wore all black to paint a mural! I would be covered in paint splatters. She must have a lot of faith in her painting skills.

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