Jenny McCarthy Designs A New Shoe For Charity

Jenny McCarthy teamed up with ShoeDazzle to create a fun pump that she calls “Fearless”, with profits being donated to Generation Rescue. Generation Rescue is an organization dedicated to recovery for children with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the child’s quality of life for all families in need.

Jenny shared:

“We all need to be fearless in our lives – whether it’s standing up for a meaningful cause or just being bold in our fashion choices. I really enjoyed partnering with ShoeDazzle to create this fun, ‘Fearless’ pump, and I think its ‘Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity’ is a very creative way to raise funds for charity.”

In addition to donating the profits from the sale of the shoe to Generation Rescue, ShoeDazzle will also donate $5 for each new client that joins ShoeDazzle using the special code “JENNY,” between April 1 and May 10th.

You can check out her sassy shoe design in the gallery below – it’s so VERY Jenny, isn’t it?

Photos by Wenn & ShoeDazzle

Jenny McCarthy’s Son Evan Had Seizure This Weekend

Yikes! SO scary! Poor Evan, son of Jenny McCarthy, had to be hospitalized this weekend after he suffered from a seizure. He looks so sweet, from the pictures and things she tweets about him. Fortunately he’s ok, but Jenny tweeted about the scare,

“Ugh. Evan had a seizure. We r in the ER. He’s doing better. Just laying next to him. Could use prayers again right about now. (sic)”

She took comfort in the words of her followers,

“Up all night. Evan still battling 103.5 fever. Thanks for well wishes. they were nice to read at 3 am. Kept me company. Xxoo. (sic)”

And Jenny even shared a funny story from the whole ordeal!

“Thank u for Evan concerns. He still has 103 fever. He told the ER doc, it’s only candida, and stay away from my uvula.’(sic)”

Best wishes for this little family. Even though Evan still has a fever, it sounds like he’s getting better slowly but surely.

Photos by Fame.

Jenny McCarthy Has An Interesting Way Of Staying In Shape

Jennifer McCarthy might be 38, but she’s still a role model for anyone who’s looking to get in shape. The woman has a banging body! No crazy diet programs for this one. She attributes her figure to an interesting way of keeping fit…

“I didn’t have to work out before 35 but now I have to so it’s treadmill, bikram yoga, watching what I eat and of course great sex. Lots of great sex!”

They have to be some pretty vigorous romps in the hay in order to keep Jenny looking like that :) I’m sure her new boyfriend is happy to read this quote!

Photos by Fame.

Jenny McCarthy Met New Boyfriend On Blind Date

Jenny McCarthy met her new boyfriend on a blind date. The 38-year-old beauty – who recently admitted she is DONE dating celebrities- decided to try looking outside of the LA scene.

“I decided to import this time because I wasn’t doing a very good job with LA guys. These LA dudes had more make up in their purse than me. They’d literally pull out their knapsack of concealers and I’m like, ‘It’s time to look outside of LA.’ I found a boy. I went on some blind dates. He was my fifth blind date.”

The process was interesting to say the least. Jenny told Ellen DeGeneres:

“The first blind dates were these really bizarre dudes that were like, ‘Do you know Sharon Stone?’ And I’m sitting on a date going, ‘Well, I know of her. I’ve seen her in movies.’ ‘Well, you think you can get an autograph?’ I’m like, ‘Oh my god.’ ”

Thankfully, new boyfriend sports agent Paul Krepelka is a great catch. The only problem is the actress can’t understand his Boston accent.

“My sister was the one who turned me on to Paul who’s a sports agent and lives in Boston. His accent is so strong – it’s like ‘Good Will Hunting’ strong – that I really can’t understand anything he says to me. He could’ve proposed to me and I could’ve said yes by now and I have no idea. And I’m really happy.”

LOL! Nice to hear Jenny’s happy.

Jenny McCarthy Has A New Beau?

It seems Jenny McCarthy may NOT be looking for a New Year’s Eve date after all. Rumor has it that Jenny is quietly seeing a “regular” guy – Paul Krepelka, an entertainment-sports attorney. A source tells People:

“They’ve been on a couple dates,” a source tells PEOPLE of the blossoming – and currently casual – relationship.

I hope she finds Mr. Right – it sounds like she’s very ready for another long-term relationship.

Photos by WENN

Jenny McCarthy Is Single And Looking!

Jenny McCarthy is single and ready to mingle! And she’s not afraid to let everyone know what kind of man she’s looking for either! The actress/host has already made it known that she’s not looking to date any more actors, and now she’s told Extra that one of the main things she is looking for in a man is that he’s got a job!

“I feel like someone’s out there but I just want to work on me first a little bit more.”

“I’m definitely what I call on the market. And wanting to attract somebody who is the best reflection of who I am now. I feel much more grown up, I feel much more grounded.

“I like tall men with dark hair, employed would be a good one. Someone who makes me laugh, someone who can communicate, someone who is open and has a big heart, who loves their family, loves their mom. That’s really important to me.”

Read more about whether Jenny wants more babies or not after the jump! [Read more...]

Jenny McCarthy Is Done Dating Celebrities

Non celebrity men everywhere just cheered! Jenny McCarthy, who broke up with longtime love Jim Carrey, told Ryan Seacrest on his morning show that she’s done dating celebrities!

“I can’t do any celebrities,”

“I need normal folks. I’m officially done [with Hollywood guys]. It was on my bucket list. Maybe I can check that one off my list.”

Well I hope Jim doesn’t take that the wrong way! She also said that she hopes that all single non-celebrity men head on down to Times Square this New Years because that’s where she’ll be;

“All those single men – I hope go to Times Square,”

“I’m going to be looking for someone to make out with at midnight.”

I think I just heard single men everywhere firming up what they plan to do on New Year’s Eve!

Photos by FAME