Jessica Alba Picks Up Honor From Dance Class

Jessica Alba had her hands full when she picked up Honor from dance class. Haven’s carrier looks really big, doesn’t it? Not at all conducive to carrying around! It’s a good thing Jessica had someone to help with Honor.

I wonder if Honor is in the same class with Violet Affleck and Heidi Klum’s daughter, Leni?

Photos by VM/FameFlynet

Jessica Alba Has A Girls’ Night Out

Jessica Alba had a girls’ night out last night, but it wasn’t with her little girls, Honor and Haven: it was with some of her adult friends. They had dinner at Matsuhisa. It’s good to see Jessica enjoying some adult time!

Between working and finding time to spend with your husband and look after kids, time with friends can be hard to come by, but it’s always fun when you pull it off :).

Photos by FameFlynet

Jessica Alba Takes Honor Grocery Shopping

Jessica Alba did her grocery shopping with Haven in tow yesterday at Whole Foods. The paparazzi were really pursuing her yesterday to photograph her in the store. She even needed a security escort out!

Jessica picked up a lot of healthy foods. I wonder if she only uses organic fruits and vegetables? I’m guessing she does, with her interest in things being natural and organic. I feel better eating organic foods, but it really runs up your grocery bill! Do you eat organic foods? Only organic or do you “mix and match”?

Photos by TrickyD/FameFlynet

Jessica Alba And Honor Stop By Coffee Bean

It sure looks like Jessica Alba and Honor had an enjoyable girl’s day out. On April 3, the mommy-daughter duo stopped by Coffee Bean in Beverly Hills, where they took their iced drinks and snacks to-go.

Hmm, I wonder where else Jessica and Honor went yesterday? Perhaps they met up with doting dad Cash Warren and baby Haven at a local SoCal park. They have been spending a lot of time there after all!

Photos by RIV/FameFlynet

Does Jessica Alba Have New Ink?

Whoa, did Jessica Alba get a new tattoo?  The actress was spotted at the park in LA today and she had quite a large tattoo on her upper arm.

No telling if the large rose tattoo is permanent or not.  Jessica never really struck me as the upper arm tattoo kind of person, but it is quite pretty.

What do you think of this rose tattoo – real or fake?

Photos by RIV/FameFlynet Pictures

Jessica Alba Arrives At LAX

Hmm, I wonder where in the world Jessica Alba jetted off to this time? On March 25, the celebrity mom got ready to catch a flight out of LAX by herself.

Bundled up in a leather coat with a moss green vest and black leggings, Jess not only braved the rain on Sunday, but did so in style.

With new projects on the horizon, in addition to raising her two little girls, if anyone has their hands full these days, it’s definitely Ms. Alba!

Photos by BJJ/FameFlynet

Jessica Alba Stops By The Studio

Jessica Alba may have just been running out to the studio, but she looked as good as always in her peach-colored leggings and her snakeskin boots.

Then again, I’m a fan of Jessica’s style whether she’s casual or dressed up. The work she’s doing with The Honest Company is great, but if Jessica chose to start a fashion line, I’d definitely check it out!

Photos by FameFlynet