Jessica Alba Goes For A Stroll With A Friend

Jessica Alba is doing some serious traveling: her she is in New York City to do some promotion for her new business venture, The Honest Company, which features organic products.  She was spotted today going for a stroll with a friend.

I’m pretty much always a fan of Jessica’s outfits, and this is no exception. What’s catching my eye is that bright yellow scarf. Such a simple way to brighten up her whole look. Love it!

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Jessica Alba Steps Out In Style

After checking out the fab fashions during Paris Fashion Week, it looks like Jessica Alba was finally getting back into the SoCal swing-of-things yesterday afternoon. The photogs spotted the brunette beauty leaving her LA offices, all the while looking stylishly chic.

Sporting a floral top with a high-waisted leather skirt, Jessica topped off her elegant ensemble with a black boyfriend blazer and a matching pair of sky-high Louboutins.

I’m LOVING this outfit on Jessica, it’s an easy day-to-night look that anybody could rock!

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Jessica Alba Hits The Shops In Paris

Looks like Jessica Alba is feeling better! She’s in Paris and knows how to make good use of her time in Paris: go shopping! She truly is a celeb after my own heart- LOL.

Can you imagine not only being able to attend the fashion shows at Paris Fashion Week, but also being able to do some shopping? I may not have the resources for it, but it’s nice to dream {sigh}.

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Jessica Alba Takes A Call

It looks like Jessica Alba is feeling better post-Oscars. The actress was seen arriving at her hotel in Paris on March 1, and was welcomed by both her fans and the photogs.

Although I’m sure Jess would’ve stopped to pose for a few pics with her admirers, it seemed that she was a bit pre-occupied at the moment with a phone call. Hmm, I wonder if it was her family just calling to check in.

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Jessica Alba Graces Cover Of LA Confidential And Opens Up About

Here’s your preview of Los Angeles Confidential magazine’s March issue with Jessica Alba as the cover star! The brunette beauty opens up about her latest creation of the eco-friendly e-commerce website and her latest voice work in the film, Escape From Planet Earth.

Alba discussing why she started the eco-family-friendly product website “It stems from being a mom,” she says. “When I (was pregnant for the first time) and started shopping in stores and online, it was horrific seeing all these toxic chemicals (in baby products), which can contribute to everything from cancer to autism. I have the time and the means to shop around and find the best products, but most people don’t. I wanted to come up with one brand people could trust. You can have baby items that are cute and eco-friendly, with delivery right to your door.”

When I said I wanted to make safer, nontoxic products, people were like, ‘What does that mean? And why and how will it be different from anything else out there?’ They thought I was nuts for wanting to launch with more than 20 products, but I know what it takes to put together a household, and I know how many products you actually go through as a parent. When we surveyed other parents, they had the same thoughts I did, so I wasn’t totally crazy— thank God.”

Alba reveals how she balances having a career and being mom and how parenthood has changed her: “It’s not perfect,” she says. “I’m constantly feeling I should be spending more time at home,” she says. “I installed a kids’ corner in the office, and the baby is really easy right now. But every day is evolving and changing. If I’m not going to be home all day, I know I’ll be home at night”….”I love everything about being a parent. I didn’t even know it was possible to have this much love and joy and happiness in my life. It’s overflowing, unconditional and selfless. I never experienced that type of thing before I had kids. It’s been the most profound experience I’ve had as a person and as a woman,” says Alba.

“I feel like I’ve finally come into my own and become the person I always should have been, or that I always wanted to be. I feel more grounded, free and comfortable in my own skin than I ever have. The paradigm just shifted completely to my family.”

Alba talking about fashion and how her style has changed through the years: “I’ve been doing this since I was 12, going to fittings and all that. So I know what works on my silhouette,” says Alba.” Fashion is part of the job. There’s a fantasy element. IT’s fun to go out and see what everybody’s wearing. Some things really work, and some don’t. And then there are some people, like Kate Moss, who can wear anything.”….”Now it’s just what I’m feeling that day,” she says.

“I have changed a lot. I didn’t use to wear a lot of color. I guess I’ve been more adventurous with my style and clothes choices since I’ve become a mother. It doesn’t feel as heavy or as big a deal. Before, I was incredibly bashful and shy. When I was younger, I was really uncomfortable in dresses and high heels or anything like that. Over the years, I’ve embraced a more feminine side.”

Alba also dishes on her love for social media in the article. “Prior to social media, you had to rely on a third party to get a message across. If a rumor was printed, there was only so much you could do about it. Now you can control certain things, and you can really connect with people. It’s nice to have that outlet and counterbalance.” What’s more, she adds, “For the company, it’s great. Moms feel connected; parents can share their experiences and have their voices heard. We listen to the feedback. It’s so important.”

Jessica Alba Skips Oscars Due To Illness

If you’re looking for pics of Jessica Alba rocking the red carpet at last night’s Academy Awards, then stop. The actress wasn’t there. She couldn’t attend because she was sick, according to her tweet.

bailed out of #oscar festivities 2nite due to this terrible illness… matzah ball soup FB twitter n tv -we got a date!

It seems like everyone is coming down with colds right now, even in Hollywood! Jessica did watch on TV, though, with tweets like:

I love Melissa McCarthy so much! she looks gorgeous! I am obsessed with Jessica Chastain. she seems so NICE. and normal! and articulate. all good things -Maya Rudolph looks regal! beautiful! Meryl Streep is everything… Hubs holding my hair while I Nettiepot – that’s love.

That is love- LOL. Hopefully Jessica feels better soon!

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Jessica Alba & Honor Out & About

Jessica Alba has her own “mini-me” in daughter Honor! They aren’t dressed alike, but Honor’s outfit is very much like something her mom Jessica would wear, down to the scarf- LOL.

The mother-daughter duo had lunch at Cafe M. I bet Honor enjoyed the one-on-one time with her mom!

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