Jessica Alba Excited To Meet Jessica Simpson’s New Baby

Who knew Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson were BFFs? Jessica A. did attend Jessica S.’s baby shower, and that was my first hint. Jessica A. says she can’t wait to meet Jessica S.’s baby girl when she arrives.

“[Jessica’s] so sweet! [Her sister] Ashlee and I had already had babies. [Now,] we [can] talk shop about all the baby stuff and the different stuff we’ve learned … I can’t wait to see [Jessica’s] baby!”

With Jessica A. already having two daughters, I’m sure she’ll have plenty of tips for the new mom! But while Jessica A. is happy for her friend, she isn’t looking to expand her own family anytime soon.

“I’m happy with my two girls … down the road in five or 10 years, who knows, but for right now, I’m good.”

Five to 10 years down the road- that’s nearly two different families! Cash Warren may really want to try for a baby boy, though, so we’ll have to wait and see ;).

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Jessica Alba Plans To Spend Her Birthday At The White House

Jessica Alba sure picked a memorable way to ring in her 31st birthday this year! The mommy-of-two recently dished that she and her hubby will celebrate at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 28.

“”I’m going to be in [Washington] D.C on my birthday. I’m going to go for the White House Correspondents dinner,” said Jessica. “They don’t know that they’re throwing me a big dinner birthday party but they are, secretly.”

Although the actress will surely party in style on the big night, the question is, will she be showing off or covering up her new ink?

“My godmother saw it and she was like, ‘Is that a new tattoo?’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s just for this movie,'” said Jess to E! Online. “Right now, it’s not for me, to get a sleeve or get a big tattoo on my arm. But if someone is into it, fine. I have zero judgments on it.”

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Jessica Alba Gets Ready To Rock At The Office

My first thought when I saw Jessica Alba heading into her office with her Bose sound system was that she must like to listen to music while she works. But then I realized she may also have to do things like watch video footage or something.

Regardless, she’ll get great sound quality with Bose. I personally can’t tell the difference (as long as I can hear what’s playing I’m happy) but every male I know swears by Bose products ;). And, of course, Jessica rocks the casual chic look, as always. Love those skinny jeans and that top!

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Jessica Alba Enjoys A Family Lunch

Jessica Alba had a busy Easter! I don’t know if it was before or after the Easter party that Jessica took Honor and Haven to, but she managed an outfit change before heading out for an Easter lunch. Cash Warren was there to help with Haven. Love how Honor’s wearing a scarf, just like her mom often does in one of the thumbnails below!

So they did spend some time together on Easter as a family! Maybe Jessica was taking the girls to a morning Easter Egg Hunt? It may not have been the White House Easter Egg Roll 2012, but I’m sure it was still fun :).

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Jessica Alba Takes Her Girls To An Easter Party

As usual, Jessica Alba knows how to dress for the occasion! Jessica wore a pretty floral dress and had both of her daughters, Honor and Haven, in floral dresses of their own for the Easter party the three of them attended.

I bet Honor had a great time on that slide! Wonder where Cash Warren was? Maybe he just avoided the cameras really well ;).

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Jessica Alba Picks Up Honor From Dance Class

Jessica Alba had her hands full when she picked up Honor from dance class. Haven’s carrier looks really big, doesn’t it? Not at all conducive to carrying around! It’s a good thing Jessica had someone to help with Honor.

I wonder if Honor is in the same class with Violet Affleck and Heidi Klum’s daughter, Leni?

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Jessica Alba Has A Girls’ Night Out

Jessica Alba had a girls’ night out last night, but it wasn’t with her little girls, Honor and Haven: it was with some of her adult friends. They had dinner at Matsuhisa. It’s good to see Jessica enjoying some adult time!

Between working and finding time to spend with your husband and look after kids, time with friends can be hard to come by, but it’s always fun when you pull it off :).

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