Jessica Alba’s Next Role: Book Author

Jessica Alba is branching out beyond acting: she’s working on a book! It will be a how-to book for creating a non-toxic home.

 “It will be easy and fun and I want it to be really colorful. I’m a crazy foodie. I love doing projects with my kids. Everything in this book will be something meaningful that I’ve incorporated into our lives. I wanted some kind of handbook with all the information I was consuming so I could apply it in a practical way.

“It’s totally crazy but amazing. I’m not extreme. This book is for people who are in the middle but want to create a healthier life, like me.”

The book will be called ‘The Honest Life.’ The challenge of creating non-toxic products and environments is obviously near and dear to Jessica’s heart: it’s the goal of ‘The Honest Company,’ her new business, as well. Good for her! I’m looking forward to reading her suggestions.

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Jessica Alba Arrived At Jessica Simpson’s Baby Shower

I didn’t know Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson were friends! Apparently they are: here’s Jessica Alba arriving at Jessica Simpson’s baby shower. Alba (I’m using last names for this post to avoid confusion- lol) kept her outfit low-key, which makes that bright yellow purse seem all that much brighter!

Between Alba being a mother of two, Nicole Richie being a mother of two, and Ashlee Simpson having a baby of her own, Simpson (as in Jessica) will have no shortage of people to turn to for parenting advice!

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Jessica Alba Takes Haven For A Check Up

Awww how cute is little Haven?!  Jessica Alba took her adorable baby daughter for a check up at the doctors office in LA today.

Jessica has been enjoying her time with Haven lately and seems to be focusing much more on being a full time mom than on her acting career.

We haven’t  seen Jessica in anything since last summer’s Spy Kids 4 although she does has a movie currently filming according to IMDB.  I’m sure her girls keep her busy enough!

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Jessica Alba Gives Haven A Lift

Jessica Alba was spotted spending some quality time with her youngest daughter Haven today as she carried her to a Mommy and Me class in Brentwood.

Jess recently revealed in an interview that she is more the disciplinarian in her house.  I can actually see that – she looks like the type of mom that doesn’t let her girls get away with too much.

I really loved Jessica’s style when she was expecting Haven and I love it even more now.  She always looks so stylish even when wearing basic leggings, flats, a cardi and scarf.  She’s one of my fave celeb mom’s to watch.

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Jessica Alba’s Role Around The House: Disciplinarian

Jessica Alba plays plenty of different roles on-screen, but her off-screen role with her family is probably the most serious: she’s the “bad cop.”

“I’m the disciplinarian. I think it’s because I was kind of a naughty kid myself – I’d push my parents’ buttons and test them to see how much I could get away with. Cash, meanwhile, was always the perfect kid – the straight-A student who was everyone’s sweetheart. It was never in him to be naughty. I think I just know, from me being that other kind of child, how to cut off bad behaviour and redirect it.
“So when Honor tries to do something she shouldn’t, I have to say to Cash, ‘Let her know right from the beginning that she can’t’. I’ll put her in time-out and tell her, ‘Think about the choices you’ve made’.”

Well, some parent has to do it, right? Although Jessica may have to play the role of disciplinarian, she says husband Cash Warren is a wonderful father.

“Cash is a super dad. If I’m with Haven, he’ll make Honor’s lunch or take her to the park. They see movies or draw together – she’ll even watch sports with him.”

Awww… that’s so sweet! Jessica also confided that Honor is adjusting to being a big sister.

“We’d say things like, ‘You know, when the baby comes, babies can’t have lollipops or go on a swing. They can’t play dress-up’. Honor realised she was going to be the cool sister. Now, she’s really into being my helper. When I change Haven’s diaper, I ask her, ‘Can you throw this away for Mommy?’ or ‘Can you get me the wipes?’ She’s really into it. I tell her, ‘Oh, you’re such a good big sister!’ and give her a high five.”

Too cute! I love this family :).

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Jessica Alba Goes Out And About In West Hollywood

Looking gorgeous as always, Jessica Alba stepped out in style on Tuesday afternoon, as she ran a few errands solo in West Hollywood.

The brunette beauty rocked a casually chic ensemble of blue jeans, brown boots and an animal print top, but ultimately topped off her low-key look with a fly-away cardigan, a black tote bag and of course, a stylish pair of shades.

I’m loving this look on Jess, aren’t you?!

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Jessica Alba Makes Grocery Shopping A Family Affair

After enjoying a nice afternoon at the park, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren wrapped up the day with a trip to Whole Foods for some groceries. Cash kept a close eye on Honor while Jessica carried Haven. Looks like they had everything in hand!

I can’t imagine taking two little ones to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon, though. I know a lot of parents have to do it, and somehow they survive, but I make every effort possible to do my grocery shopping during the week, since my job allows for it! I’d think Jessica would to. But who knows: maybe they picked up some great dinners from the hot bar.

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