Justin Timberlake’s Humor Pushed Jessica Alba Along With Labor

Boy! Isn’t that quite the compliment! Jessica Alba says she laughed so hard watching Justin Timberlake in The Love Guru (yes, she happens to be in that film too) that it practically split her side opened thus kick starting her labor.

"I felt something go. I had been very careful of my movements and
seating, but it was impossible to sit still when he (Timberlake) was on
screen.I wouldn’t go as far as saying my water broke, but it did feel as if I
was actually splitting my sides. I felt completely drained afterwards."

"He’s a
natural actor, with a great sense of humour."

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Jessica Alba Shopping In Beverly Hills

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were photographed doing a little shopping in Beverly Hills over this holiday weekend. Jessica wore a comfortable Juicy dress and sunglasses looking as fab as ever. When did she have little Honor? My goodness how young bodies bounce back. :)

Photos by INF

I Dream Of Jeannie Coming To The Big Screen

How VERY exciting!! I used to LOVE I Dream of Jeannie growing up! The script is currently getting fine tuned and casting is in beginning stages. Guess who is rumored to play Jeannie? Jessica Alba! Does that make sense? Call me batty… but I think Jessica Simp… oh I can’t bring myself to say it. Who would you want to play the lead role in this upcoming movie?

Update: OOOH! I change my mind! After reading Kat P’s comment below, I would love to see Amy Adams take on this role!! Good call. :)

Jessica Alba’s Brother Talks About Honor

Jessica Alba’s brother Josh is so excited about having a new niece! He’s already been to go see her, but he won’t say whether Honor looks like her mommy or her daddy.

"I’m ecstatic! I have seen her, and she is very beautiful."

When asked about parental resemblance, he said,

"I can never tell with newborns. There are not really any features. I can’t tell yet."

He also added that Jessica "is doing great," and Cash Warren "is one of the happiest men alive right now."

Just a little off topic, but since Tori Spelling and Jessica had their babies so close together, let’s talk about the names they chose. Which do you like best? Honor Marie or Stella Doreen?

Jessica Alba Talks Baby With Fit Pregnancy

Honor is only a few days only and we already know so many things about what she can expect in her new life. Jessica Alba sat down with Fit Pregnancy and talked baby. Here are some things we’ve learned: her stroller of choice is Orbitz, her favorite items are from Petit Bateau and she thinks she’s the perfect age for mommyhood.

On introducing the baby to all her different cultures:

“My grandmother has traditions I will definitely be exposing my kid to. We will be able to expose our kid to so many different things.”

On what kind of mother she will be:

“I don’t want to be my child’s friend; I want to be a mom. But I do want my child to come to me when they have problems and need to talk, so it’s going to be about treading that line.”

On being a young mother:

“I think I’m the perfect age-young enough to be a young mom but old enough to be prepared and totally ready for it. My parents were 19 when they had me, and that is different from being 27. And I’ve lived many different lives, so I’m excited and happy to be a mom right now.”

Jessica’s Baby Faves
Baby items:

“I love Petit Bateau, they have some really nice baby clothes but my favorite clothing item for the baby is vintage clothing. I went to France to a vintage flea market and they had little outfits that the baby goes home in, made out of this cotton from the late 1800s and it was so beautiful! I am going to have my stylist put little buttons on it because they used to use safety pins back then but it feels so special because it’s not made anymore so it’s very special.”


“Orbitz is my favorite. It’s a hybrid stroller that looks like half an egg. You can use it as a car seat and a stroller so you never have to take the baby out of it. Then when the baby gets bigger you can put a toddler size in so it’s really practical. It’s also eco-friendly so that’s another nice thing. I’ve been trying to get a lot of eco-friendly stuff. A lot of companies surprisingly do low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint on the baby furniture these days and natural dyes too, which is great. I think the only thing that hasn’t been figured out eco-friendly is the playsets and activity centers, because those don’t look very organic!”

Jessica Alba Welcomes A Baby Girl!

Those blue shower invitations were to throw us off! And it worked! hahahaha Jessica Alba welcomed a baby girl over the weekend.

Honor Marie Warren
was born June 7 in Los Angeles, her rep, Brad Cafarelli, confirms. This is the couple’s first child.

She talked about naming her child Honor a few months ago and it looks like it stuck. Honor Marie – it has a nice ring to it. Congrats to the happy couple.