Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, & Baby Honor At Toast

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and their baby Honor were photographed leaving Toast restaurant in Los Angeles yesterday morning. Check out Jessica’s gorgeous leather baby bag! Love it.

I’m also curious what you think about celebrities eating out at these well known cafe’s and restaurants. Do they get free meals in return for allowing the establishment to tip off the press? Or do you think they go there because they know they will get press? Or none of the above?

Photos by Bauer Griffin

Fashion Finds: Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba Leaving Coach

Jessica Alba was spotted hopping into her hybrid SUV yesterday afternoon after spending a few hours with her acting coach in LA.Can you believe she JUST had a baby? Hollywood moms always manage to get into crazy shape within 2 months. I can’t imagine the work it takes…

Jessica’s recent muzzle ad has been getting a ton of buzz on the Internet. Today a new mock video has surfaced which also including Hayden Panettiere. Check it out below:

Photos by Bauer Griffin

Jessica Alba’s Muzzle Ad For Declare Yourself Releases

Let’s talk edgy marketing. What do you think about Jessica Alba’s newest ad showing the actress donning a pin-heavy Hannibal Lector-style mask for Declare Yourself. The muzzle is supposed to give you a physical representation of what you look like when you don’t vote.

Marc Morgenstern, executive director of Declare Yourself says the campaign is working.

"We recognize that to break through the media clutter and get young people to take action, we need to be edgy. "Jessica has had a huge impact on our campaign already, translating already to literally tens of thousands of additional voters."

What’s your take? Do you like it because the ad is getting people to stop and talk about voting? Or is the image too scary to be considered mainstream?

If you missed the first campaign showing Jes in bondage, click here.

Jessica Alba Takes Honor Marie To The Supermarket

Biting her nails and waiting for her receipt, Jessica Alba carried her most precious cargo at a local supermarket in Los Angeles. Honor Marie has enough hair to put a clip in already. Babies can go either way with hair right? My children practically come out in ponytails, but I have SO many friends who still had bald girls at 9 months of age.

Photos by INF

Jessica Alba Shopping In West Hollywood

Sweater and a scarf… must have been FREEZING in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Today, the weather channel predicts 86 degrees, so hopefully Jessica Alba will get the memo before she heads out to run errands.

Here she is sans Honor (and her new smile that I’ve grown accustomed to) getting a little much needed retail therapy.

Photos by WENN

Jessica Alba’s New Bondage Billboard Ad

What do you think about Jessica Alba’s new advertisementcampaign urging citizens to vote? It makes quite a statement doesn’t it? Jessica posed wrapped in bondage for

Another version of this ad that is featured on billboards across the nation reads,

"If you don’t register and vote, you are muzzling yourself."

In the billboard ad, Jessica is photographed wearing a muzzle.