Jessica Simpson Flaunts Toned Legs On Birthday Vacay

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson is staying in shape. She married last summer, but it’s clear she hasn’t eased up on her workouts any. Check out those legs in the picture above. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such toned legs on anyone besides an athlete!

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Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Strikes A Pose

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Shopping At IntermixIt looks like Jessica Simpson might have a budding model on her hands! She posted an adorable picture of her daughter, Maxi. Check it out after the break.

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Jessica Simpson Instagram: Proud Godmother!

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Step Out In Rainy New YorkHave you seen the new Jessica Simpson Instagram pic? She poses with her new goddaughter, Wilder Frances Faison. Wilder’s parents, Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb, welcomed their second child on Friday. Jessica didn’t waste any time going to meet her BFF’s baby!

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Jessica Simpson Instagram Pics Steam Up The Internet

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Step Out In Rainy New YorkRemember the Jessica Simpson Instagram pics that she titled ‘Fifty Shades of Johnson’? They were a play on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ Well, Jessica and husband Eric Johnson aren’t done steaming up the internet with racy pics. They got frisky for Easter :). Check it out after the break.

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Jessica Simpson Billion Dollar Empire To TRIPLE?

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Shopping At IntermixBIG things are coming for this fashionista. Jessica Simpson’s fashion and lifestyle brand has already made an estimated $1 billion (yes, with a “b) in sales. Now that it’s been sold to Sequential Brands Group, Inc., there are even bigger plans to grow sales to $3 billion a year. OMG.

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Jessica Simpson Defends Racy “Fifty Shades” Pics With Eric Johnson (Video)

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Step Out In Rainy New YorkHere are Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson, making their way through the rain in NYC. Bet they were missing sunny LA weather right about then! Jessica’s doing some interviews in the city, though, to promote her clothing line, and she even got asked about her racy “Fifty Shades of Johnson” pics that she posted on Instagram. Remember those? RELATED: Jessica Simpson shares her ‘Fifty Shades of Johnson’ pics for Valentine’s Day.

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Jessica Simpson: Sexy Date Night Look

jessica simpson instagramI’m not sure Jessica Simpson could get an racier than her #FiftyShadesofJohnson pictures on Instagram, but clearly she and husband Eric Johnson are still enjoying, um, good times ;). It looks like Jessica and Eric enjoyed a date night last night, but maybe not: those look like kids’ drawings on the table. RELATED: Jessica Simpson is inspired by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ for Valentine’s Day.

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