Katherine Heigl Shares Pics Of Her Little Night Owl

katherine heigl instagramIt looks like Katherine Heigl’s got a little night owl on her hands with her younger daughter, Adelaide. The ‘State of Affairs’ star posted these adorable pics on Instagram. RELATED: Katherine Heigl explains how being a working mother made her angry.

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Stars On The Set Of 'North Of Hell'

Katherine Heigl is back at work! Mama’s gotta earn a living, after all. Here she is on the set of her new movie, ‘North of Hell.’ Josh Kelley stopped by for an on-set visit, which must’ve been nice. It looks like he left Naleigh and Adelaide this time. Katherine’s co-stars, Jordana Brewster, Jim Belushi, AJ Buckley, and Patrick Wilson, were also hard at work.  Here’s what ‘North of Hell‘ is about:

A seductive and scheming new hire causes dangerous problems for a businessman who is married to a bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive woman.

Hmmm…  based on the wardrobes, I’m guessing Patrick is the businessman. Do you think Katherine or Jordana is the “scheming new hire”? I’m guessing Katherine simply because that character seems to be the star, and she has top billing. How’s that for logic?


Photos by Katryna/FAMEFLYNET

Katherine Heigl Thought Another Adoption Would Take “Years”

katherine heigl thought adoption would take years

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas, especially when you consider their newest family member, baby Adalaide. Although Katherine and Josh initiated the process to adopt another baby, it wasn’t something Katherine expected to actually occur so soon. Katherine explained:

“This was fascinating because we started the adoption process again and we thought we were going to adopt internationally. It’s a pretty long process. It can take years. And then we started exploring because we had heard that Korea had gotten very hard to adopt from, and China had a very, very long waiting list and I was like … any day now.

“And so we started exploring the idea of domestic adoption – just exploring – and then my lawyer called and said, ‘There’s a birth mother and she’s due in four weeks and she’s all yours if you want her.’ “

Turns out they wanted her! Katherine said her husband, Josh, was especially surprised.

“He thought it was going to be a few years, and that we were going to end up with more of like a nine month old or 10 month old, and he looked at me and said, ‘You’re telling me in a month we’re going to have a newborn?’ And I said, ‘Yes. It’s perfect timing, don’t you think? Look we’re both here, we’re not working. This is great. We can spend time with her.’ And it has been beautifully serendipitous and graceful, because we’ve gotten to spend all this wonderful time with her.”

Things do have a way of working out!



Birthday Girl Katherine Heigl

katherine heigl at her birthday lunch

Katherine Heigl celebrated a birthday! She was treated to a low-key lunch by her husband, Josh Kelley, and her mother, Nancy. When Katherine adopted Naleigh, she talked about how Naleigh’s birthday was one day before hers. I’m guessing Naleigh got to enjoy the big birthday bash!

Katherine looks like she was satisfied with her low-key lunch. When you get older, you don’t need much. Time with the people you love is more than enough. A thoughtful paparazzo even gave Katherine a flower on her way out. Happy Birthday!



Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley Take Adelaide Out

katherine heigl & josh kelley with baby adelaide

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley spent some time out yesterday with their younger daughter, baby Adelaide. I think this is my first time seeing Adelaide. She’s adorable! Katherine admitted soon after the adoption that she found this baby more challenging simply because it was her first time caring for a newborn. It looks like she and Josh have adjusted well.

There was no sign of Naleigh. Maybe she was on a playdate? Katherine is one of the bigger actresses in Hollywood at the moment, but she still seems to enjoy a very down-to-earth family life.



Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley At Whole Foods

katherine heigl & josh kelley shop at whole foods

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley had a low-key Saturday afternoon. They stopped by their local Whole Foods to stock up on some groceries. Naleigh and Adelaide must have been at home with a sitter. It’s one of the little-known truths about parenting: sometimes a trip to the grocery store becomes fun because it gets you a few moments of QUIET – lol.

Katherine and Josh seem like one of the most down-to-earth couples in Hollywood. It’s kind of weird because there are definitely stories out there that suggest Katherine can be a bit of a diva, between what happened with ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ I think she’s just very honest about her opinions. Sometimes it’s impolitic to be so honest, but it can also be refreshing, don’t you think?



Katherine Heigl & Josh Enjoy A Movie Date Night

Here’s Katherline Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley doing something my husband and I should be doing much more often: going out on a movie date night! The Hollywood couple and celebrity parents were spotted heading to a movie theater at the Arclight in Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday evening.

Tell us, what was the last movie that you saw? My hubby and I saw “Argo” about a week ago and loved it! And this weekend I’ll be taking my daughter to see “Wreck It Ralph.” Hopefully it’s going to be good because it looks like a fun one!


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