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Workout buddies Julianne Hough and Nikki Reed were spotted out for a run in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Julianne posted on Twitter earlier that morning that she was awoken by the earthquake that rocked LA, but she and Nikki didn’t let it keep them down! [Read more...]

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Nikki Reed Julianne Hough

Get Fit Obsessed

Nikki Reed has been spotted frequently leaving the gym for the last couple of weeks, presumably in preparation for an upcoming role and it looks like today she was joined by a friend.

While leaving the gym Nikki was with Julianne Hough, and the two appeared to be having a great time! Both of the ladies were dressed in head to toe black and looked like they were in pretty good spirits. At one point Julianne was laughing so hard that she literally threw her head back.

The ladies parted ways with a hug and a smile – perhaps we’ll see them out and about for a couples night out with Nikki and her husband and Julianne and her new beau?

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Her Boots Are Made For Walkin’

julianne hough  (1)

Check out Julianne Hough with her thigh-high suede boots! The former ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ pro – turned movie star stepped out in some fashionable footwear. Talk about a great way to make jeans, a sweater and scarf chic. So many celebs are expanding beyond just one thing: I really think Julianne should consider fashion. I bet she’d come up with a great line.

I was wondering what Julianne had coming up movie-wise and saw on IMDb that she completed a movie called ‘The Curve.’ It’s about a woman who becomes trapped in her car after a hitchhiker causes her to have an automobile accident. Oh boy. This isn’t quite as claustrophobic as Ryan Reynold’s movie ‘Buried,’ where he was trapped alive in a coffin. That was one of the SCARIEST movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s all psychological: just the thought of being trapped in a coffin is terrifying! I bet ‘The Curve‘ is similar. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a trailer.


Fun In The Sun With Her Gal Pals

Julianne Hough Enjoying A Day In Manhattan Beach With Her Friends

Looks like Julianne Hough enjoyed some fun in the sun with her gal pals! Julianne and some friends hung out at Manhattan Beach yesterday afternoon. Julianne seems to have had a great time. She even made some furry friends.

Did you see her latest movie, ‘Paradise‘? It was Diablo Cody’s directorial debut. I looked it up on IMDb: apparently ‘Paradise’ released last October. I completely missed it. What kind of promotional campaign did they have? I’ll have to see if I can find a video. Goodness! If you saw ‘Paradise,’ then what did you think?


Love It Or Hate It?

julianne hough pixie haircut (1)

I think it’s safe to say Julianne Hough is having a lot of fun with her hair these days! She started out with a bob. In December Julianne added hair extensions for some length. Most people do that when they want to grow their hair out.

However, Julianne decided to go in the opposite direction. Check out her pixie cut! The style is wash ‘n wear and chic to boot. I think Julianne looks great, but I’ve gotta ask…

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Working It Out

julianne hough after a workout (1)


Julianne Hough is starting off 2014 on the right foot. Here she is leaving the gym. Judging from her flushed face, it looks like Julianne had a tough workout. Good for her! If you’re looking for inspiration, here it is.

For those of us sitting in freezing temps, it almost seems obscene to see someone stepping outside dressed like it’s a warm summer day. It’s CRAZY how different the weather can be, isn’t it? Something tells me it’s time to take a trip to the southwest- LOL. Maybe a relocation is in order. This Arctic air is NO JOKE. For those of you living with it, stay warm!