Kimye Hit The Slopes!

kim kardashian, kanye west & kourtney kardashian skiing (1)

The Kardashians fooled us! We thought they were going to Aspen. Yet, here they are, skiing in Utah. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Kourtney Kardashian all hit the slopes. They got a couple days of quiet before someone tipped off the paparazzi, at least.

Kim, Kanye and Kourtney look like they’re having a good time out there on the slopes. Scott Disick, Kourtney and Scott’s kids, and Kris Jenner also flew out to Utah with them. Maybe they’re enjoying some hot chocolate in the ski lodge. That’s not a bad way to spend a cozy afternoon, either.

Photos by Patriot Pics/FAMEFLYNET

Gifting North With A SWEET Ride

kanye west gift to nori

Kanye West clearly doesn’t skimp on the holidays! He got Kim Kardashian a hand painted Hermes Birkin bag. Look at what he got his daughter, North West (who’s called Nori). He gave her a mini Lamborghini. It looks just like his, doesn’t he? This kid has a sweet ride before she can even walk- LOL. Kim posted a picture on her Instagram with a fitting caption:

Like father like daughter

Kanye got both of the ladies in his life gifts that he and they would enjoy. Kim’s bag had naked ladies painted on it. Now Nori’s got a car like his. Clearly Kanye’s heart is in the right place; that’s the important thing! Between this mini-car and her couture gifts, Nori had quite a special Christmas.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram

Showing Off Her Xmas Gift From Kanye West (Love It Or Hate It)

kim kardashian xmas gift

Why am I not surprised? When I saw the pictures of Kim Kardashian with the purse with naked ladies on it while out shopping with Kanye West yesterday, I thought it was a Christmas present. For once, my guess was actually right! Kim posted a close-up pic of her new bag on Instagram. She wrote:

#HandPaintedGeorgeCondo #HermesBirkin#OneofOne #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy

Kanye got Kim a hand painted Hermes Birkin bag. I am a bag FANATIC. I make no apologies. I’d LOOOOOOVE a hand painted Hermes Birkin. But if I got one and the painting was naked ladies… well… I must admit, it would dampen my enthusiasm a trifle bit. The painting is something Kanye likely appreciates very much. Well, I guess Kim likes it too, since she’s toting it around and posting a pic of it on Instagram. What do you think: would the fact that it’s a hand painted Birkin bag make up for the fact that the painting happens to be of naked ladies? Do you Love It or Hate It? Sound off in the comments!

Photos by FAMEFLYNET & Kim Kardashian Instagram

Post-Christmas Holiday Shopping

kim kardashian & kanye west shopping (1)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may each be independently wealthy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a good sale! Here’s Kimye leaving a Sporting Goods store yesterday. It looks like they picked up quite a few things. Did you hit the shops yesterday? There were some great deals out there, so I don’t blame Kim and Kanye.

Kim was rocking some interesting accessories, too. Check out her bag. It’s got quite a painting on it. Since she was in a sporting goods store, I’m sure her bag got plenty of double-takes. I wonder if that was one of her Christmas presents?


Sharing Baby North’s Couture Christmas!

kim kardashian shares nori's gifts (1)

We told you before how baby North West was having a couture Christmas. Mama Kim Kardashian shared the pictures on Instagram. Nori had an enviable Christmas haul for her first holiday! Stella McCartney sent Nori some adorable dresses. Charlotte Olympia sent some kitty shoes. Michael Coste and Hermes Paris sent the chicest baby blanket and shoe set I have EVER seen. Giuseppe also sent some seriously stylish footwear.

We already knew Kim and Kanye West would keep their baby outfitted in chic clothes. They’re getting some great help from their fashion friends! Now we just need some pictures of Nori in her presents, right?

Photos Courtesy of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram & FAMEFLYNET

Are The Kardashians Fading?

kim kardashian (1)

The NY Post seems thrilled to pronounce the imminent downfall of the Kardashian clan. The Post is basing this claim on two troubling things: sinking TV ratings for their reality TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ and the fact that magazines with Kardashians on the cover aren’t selling like they used to. A magazine publisher told the Post:

“It’s over. The fatigue factor has really set in. None of the Kardashians, either alone or together, is selling.”

Us Weekly reportedly paid $110,000 to re-touch the cover of Kim flaunting her post-baby body in a bikini. Yet that issue sold fewer than 400,000 copies, when it normally sells about 500,000. In Touch reportedly dropped 70,000 copies from its weekly average when a Kardashian was on the cover, and Life & Style dropped by 50,000 with a Kardashian cover. Oh boy. A publisher blames the Kardashians’ downfall to Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Kanye West.

“I think it’s because Kanye West is so nasty and aggressive. People don’t like him. It’s rubbed off on Kim. It’s rubbed off on the whole family.”

That’s a surprising idea. Say what you will about Kanye, but he’s at least he’s a genuine celebrity. Another PR person had a different explanation for the Kardashian’s fading popularity.

“It’s simple — overkill. The Kardashians are everywhere. They never take a break.”

That sounds about right to me. After a while, it doesn’t matter what a celeb is doing: when we see them all the time, it feels like the same-old, same old. What do you think: will we see the Kardashians fade away in 2014?


Not Exactly Mellow In Yellow

kim kardashian (1)

Kim Kardashian POPPED in this yellow dress with a matching coat. All eyes were on her as she went shopping with her mother, Kris Jenner, and fiance Kanye West. The trio did some shopping at Barney’s New York. Wonder what they got?

Have you seen Kim’s Us Weekly cover? It seems like everyone’s been talking about it. Kim is flaunting her post-baby body in a bikini. She looks amazing. Of course, the claims that it’s heavily photo shopped are all over the place. My thing is: ALL magazine covers are photo shopped. Is it really fair to be critical of hers?