Breaking News: KIM KARDASHIAN & KANYE WEST Engaged!

kim kardashian & kanye west engaged (9)



Kim Kardashian had quite a birthday on Monday! Kanye West popped the question. He did it in style, too, according to E! News. Kanye reportedly rented out the AT&T Park stadium in San Francisco. And it wasn’t just the two of them: Kanye is said to have proposed in front of Kim’s family and friends.

E! News reports they’ll have all the details tonight in exclusive stories. Since that’s the network that airs the Kardashian reality TV shows, such as ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ I’m guessing they’ll also have the first pics of the engagement ring. After the bling Kris Humphries gave to Kim, I can’t WAIT to see what Kanye came up with. Congratulations!


Supporting Kanye West On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video)

Kim Kardashian & Daughter North Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'



Did you hear about Kanye West’s twitter “feud” (I guess really a rant since Jimmy Kimmel kept a pretty cool head about it) with the late night talk-show host? Kanye was upset about a skit on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ when Jimmy had little kids re-enact an interview or something Kanye gave. Well, Kanye decided to make nice with Jimmy by appearing on his show last night. Kim Kardashian came along to support Kanye, and even brought baby North.

Here are Kim and Nori (as she’s called) arriving at the studios. Maybe they let Jimmy meet Nori backstage? I’m kind of surprised they would bring a baby to the studio, but I guess babies can really ease the tension when adults are angry. Afterwards Kim, Kanye and Nori all left together. You can see pictures of them leaving the studio in the gallery. Below is a clip from Kanye’s appearance on ‘Live with Jimmy Kimmel.’ You can watch Kanye’s entire interview on the show’s website: it’s divided into about five or six clips.

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Set To Appear On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”





It has been confirmed that Kanye West is set to make a guest appearance tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live. West and Kimmel became involved in a heated Twitter spat a few weeks ago after the Kimmel show did a piece where a youngster re-enacted a radio interview which the rapper gave to BBC radio. West responded with a tirade against the chat show host. West later deleted his comments from his Twitter account.

Last night on the show Kimmel said “Kanye and I had a disagreement a couple of weeks ago – and it got a little bit out of hand. Tomorrow night, we will sit down and discuss it like normal people do – on television. Haha! Are you going to be tuning in tonight?

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Kimye Compromising On “Sharing” North With The World

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Out For Dinner In Paris



Who didn’t see this coming? Expect to see more of baby North West! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are coming to a “compromise” about “sharing” baby Nori with the world, according to Radar Online. A source explained:

“Kanye never wants anything public to be out there about his daughter. He wants to keep her all to himself and her family, he doesn’t think anyone else deserves to see her, but things are slowly changing.

“Kim is the one that wants to share every single thing Nori does with the whole world. She loves when people gush over her daughter and talk about how cute she is. It’s a huge sense of accomplishment for her and she doesn’t want to give that up.”

Is this really a surprise? The source added:

“Kim is ok with just sharing pictures for now, but she is really anxious for people to see her interacting with her daughter. She loves Nori and knows the whole world will too, she just has to convince Kanye that nothing bad will happen if she’s in the public eye more often. Kim can be really persistent. She isn’t backing down but she’s happy to do whatever Kanye wants for now.”

By 2015 (at the latest), we’re going to be seeing North on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ Mark my words!


Braving LAX To Return Home

Exclusive... Kanye West Arrives On A Flight At LAX



Here’s Kanye West arriving at LAX after returning from his trip to Paris. Baby mama Kim Kardashian arrived home a few days earlier (notice her adorable pic of baby North came out while Kanye was away?). It’s surprising to see Kanye arrive at LAX. He’s reportedly been warned to steer clear of that airport to avoid any further scuffles with the paparazzi.

Maybe Kanye’s decided he just needs to learn to control his temper a little better? If I were him, I wouldn’t be all that worried. Shawn Holley is defending him in his criminal case. If she could keep Lindsay Lohan out of jail after all she did, Shawn should be able to keep Kanye from doing any time, convicted or not.


Shops at Hermes in Paris


A light-locked Kim Kardashian was effortlessly gorgeous this morning as she went on a little shopping spree in Paris, France. The mom of baby North (with boyfriend Kanye West)took a little me-time in the City of Lights, where she and West jetted sans baby for Paris Fashion Week.

The star wore head-to-toe nude with a chic wool coat, fitted minidress and bubble-detailed heels. She is looking amazing post-baby and no one would guess by looking at her that she just had little North only a few months ago. Kim topped off her all-nude ensemble with a pop of dark in the form of large sunglasses. Her very blond-dipped, ombre hair is our current favorite accessory to all Kim’s fall looks.

As Kim strolled the streets of Paris, she couldn’t resist stopping into famed French design house Hermes for some goodies. And she left with plenty of orange shopping bags… we’re guessing at least one of them contained a new statement purse for the season.


Love It Or Hate It

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Arrivals At Givenchy



Kim Kardashian reportedly had a hard time saying good-bye to baby North for her trip to Paris with Kanye West (which any mother can understand!), but she’s making the most of her time abroad! Here are Kim and Kanye leaving after the Givenchy Fashion Show. The couple are enjoying Paris Fashion Week.

Both stuck with basic black: they’re color-coordinated! What do you think of Kim’s dress? I like the dress: I just don’t think it flatters her, from ruffle around the waist to the high slit. You need to be about 5’10” to carry off this LBD well! Although I give Kim full credit: her post-baby body is looking FAB. This dress doesn’t do it justice. I’ve gotta ask…

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