JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Nothing But Love For Kanye West

Justin Timberlake Visits The BBC Radio 1 Studios

According to Justin Timberlake, he’s got nothing but love for Kanye West, despite the reported “beef” between the two chart toppers. Yep, so it looks like we can call off the cat fight as Justin basically confirmed that it was all light-hearted fun between him and Kanye during his interview with Jimmy Fallon on Monday evening.

The late night host brought up Justin changing a lyric to his song “Suit and Tie,” which was meant as a jab towards Kanye and their conversation went like this:

JT: Did I change the lyrics? You know, really, everyone, keep calm.

Jimmy: Keep calm and Kanye on.

JT: For the record, I absolutely love Kanye, so there’s that. Were the lyrics changed? I don’t remember.

Hmm… either Justin has a sudden case of selective memory loss or he realized that he doesn’t want to mess with the 7th member of the Kardashian family. LOL. Either way, I’m sure it’s all fun and games… or at least that’s what I think! Keep it civil, boys.


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Celebs Attend the Givenchy A/W 2013/2014 Fashion Show in Paris

So Kim Kardashian was heading to Paris! Kim joined Kanye West in the City of Lights for Paris Fashion Week. Here’s Kimye at the Givenchy Fashion Show. Kim covered her baby bump in black pants, a top, and a blazer.

I can’t even make out Kim’s baby bump here. What do you think of her outfit? I’m a fan. Note how Kim and Kanye are playing off each other: one in black and one in white. They’re a cute couple.



FERGIE Brings Her Baby Bump To See Kanye West

Exclusive... Pregnant Fergie Attends Kanye West Concert

If you thought Fergie was one of those pregnant celebrities that would tone down how she dresses just because she’s pregnant, you were wrong! The singer showed off her rock star maternity styling as she was spotted making her way to the Kanye West concert in Paris tonight.  Fergie wore a black satin top with striped pants, a jacket, tie and hat.

Earlier in the day Fergie arrived in Paris at Charles de Gaulle airport looking just as amazing in bold animal print.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of Fergie as her bump grows!





KIM KARDASHIAN Leather Maternity Wear?

Semi-Exclusive... Pregnant Kim Kardashian Leaving Her Home

Kim Kardashian’s still rocking leather pants even as her baby bump starts growing. She’s not at the stage where she needs maternity clothes yet, so I can see Kim wearing regular clothes still. And it’s not that pregnant women can’t wear leather, per se. I just don’t think this is the most flattering look for Kim. Kanye West surely doesn’t agree with me.

Kanye left with Kim, along with Kris Jenner. You can see their pictures in the gallery below.   Something tells me Kanye would’ve let Kim know if he didn’t like her outfit. And something tells me Kim would change if he disapproved. Just a hunch. What do you think of Kim’s look here?




Kim & Kanye Party In Rio With Will Smith

Celebrities, they really are just like us!  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in Rio for Carnival and were spotted hanging out on the balcony of their high end accomodations.  The couple looked like they weren’t so thrilled that there was a party raging on the balcony over head and I’m not sure if they realized that it was none other than Will Smith who was the ringleader of the party!

Kim and Kanye became just like the rest of us when they discovered that it was indeed Will on the balcony getting the crowd going.  The couple both got their phones and proceeded to snap their own pics and even take some video.  I guess everyone loves Will Smith!



Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Baby Will Wear Fashionable Leather

Exclusive... Kim & Kanye Enjoy A Romantic Dinner In Paris

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West share a love of fashion. Kanye set twitter abuzz when he wore a kilt onstage. Kim’s love of leather is well-documented (it got her flour bombed, remember?). What does that mean for baby Kimye? It means baby Kimye will be dressed. Kim said:

“If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is, and I think he’s going to have things, like, specially made. I don’t think hand-me-downs are going to work. I think it has to be, like, really fun stuff.”

Kourtney Kardashian jokingly chimed in:  “Big chains, leather pants.” You know, Kourtney may have been joking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if baby Kimye was dressed in some pretty unique styles. Surely Kim and Kanye wouldn’t deprive us of the chance to see that, right?



Kanye West Pampers Kim Kardashian In Paris

Kanye West Takes Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shopping in Paris

Must. Be. Nice!  Kim Kardashian has joined her boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West in Paris where he has been attending fashion week and the two decided to do a little high end shopping of their own.

The duo hit up Hermes, Lanvin and Ermanno Scervino stores together before stopping in at Cartier to do some jewellery shopping. Maybe Kanye is looking for that perfect ring for Kim?!

What do you think of Kim’s dress here?  I don’t think I like it – I think it looks a bit too wedding-like and ill-fitting to me. Thoughts?