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Kate Beckinsale, Len Wiseman
and daughter Lily depart from LAX. Lily’s reading a book about Audrey Hepburn, in case you were wondering. :)

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Photos by Bauer Griffin

Kate Beckinsale & Daughter In Malibu

The gorgeous Kate Beckinsale and her daughter were spotted having fun at the beach in Malibu the other day. What I find amusing is the fact that even though Kate’s at the beach IN the sand she still has on platform shoes. Do any of you wear platforms to the beach or are you strictly flip-flops? I’m a flat shoe kind of girl, myself.

Photos by WENN

Eva Longoria And Kate Beckinsale Having Dinner

Looks like having Victoria Beckham as a friend has brought Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale together as well. The pair, along with Kate’s husband Len Wiseman, were photographed leaving the restaurant Via Veneto over the weekend. Love Kate’s hair.

Longoria and Beckinsale dinner Via Veneto1 Longoria and Beckinsale dinner Via Veneto3 Longoria and Beckinsale dinner Via Veneto4 Longoria and Beckinsale dinner Via Veneto5 Longoria and Beckinsale dinner Via Veneto6

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Kate Beckinsale At The Henri Cartier-Bresson Photography Exhibit

Kate Beckinsale enjoyed an afternoon at the Henri Cartier-Bresson photography exhibit which in the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Los Angeles yesterday. I think Kate is gorgeous and today is no exception. I love her outfit and the best part is she’s not even wearing her normal black, or grey. :)

kate beckinsale at the henri cartier-bresson photography exhibit 1 kate beckinsale at the henri cartier-bresson photography exhibit 2 kate beckinsale at the henri cartier-bresson photography exhibit 3 kate beckinsale at the henri cartier-bresson photography exhibit 4


Victoria Beckham And Kate Beckinsale Watch David Beckham’s Soccer Game

Well, looks like someone made a new friend!I’m pretty sure this is a new thing, but it makes perfect sense to me…both women are super stylish, A-listshopping gurus.It’s only natural that they eventually start bumping into each other at the same stores and parties.Kate Beckinsale, Len Wiseman, and daughter Lily fit right in with the Beckham crowd as they joined Victoria and the group to watch David Beckham play soccer for the Galaxy.By the way, in case you care about sports, my boyfriend and his team played in 100 degree heat and lost 3-2.Poor guy!

Bauer Griffin

Fashion Finds: Kate Beckinsale

Reader Request!! Get Kate Beckinsale’s look for less than $230.

No More Sexy Roles For Kate Beckinsale

She better not be talking about my vampire flicks because I will be VERY upset if she doesn’t continue those empires.:) Kate Beckinsale doesn’t want anymore sex-bomb roles. She said it was fun, but that time is over. I guess she doesn’t need those roles anymore to make a name for herself. Now she can just focus on her craft.

“The sex-bomb thing is totally fun but you want to take the red shoes off sometimes. I’ve been wanting to do something more dramatic. I don’t regret any of my movies but I do have a certain embarrassment about one or two of them.”