Bad News For Kate Gosselin – TLC Show’s Ratings Are WAY DOWN

Oh boy! This goes to show you that the mass majority of people are more interested in watching people crash and burn than observing the day-to-day normalcy that is life.

When Kate and Jon Gosselin announced their divorce last year, their reality show pulled in 10 MILLION VIEWERS. Last Sunday, the show (which focused around the family getting a chicken coup) was watched by 2.2 million – and that’s 33% down from the first episode which drew 3.4 million the week before.

Talk about a decline!

TLC is hoping that Kate’s fanbase will recover. After all, she has TWO reality shows with them. Is she worth the money and effort these days now that she is no longer with Jon? Time will tell.
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Kate Gosselin Targeted In Another Child Labor Law Investigation

Oh, this is not good news for Kate Gosselin’s most popular show of the moment, ‘Kate Plus 8.’ A Pennsylvania lawmaker is questioning the legality of the sextuplets’ work permits to film for the TLC show.

Rep. Thomas Murt argues state law permits children under the age of 7 to work in movies, but not on television.

This would make 35-year-old Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah — who turned 6 in May — ineligible for filming.

On Tuesday, Murt sent a series of letters to the state attorney general and labor secretary which questioned the legality of the work permits.

The twins, Cara and Maddy, are nine, so they would not be affected by this.

Apparently, state labor officials found that TLC should have obtained work permits for the kids for ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8′ (they didn’t), but no fines were imposed as punishment.

What a mess.

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Kate Gosselin Hits NYC With The Kids

Oy vey! I feel frazzled just looking at these pictures -lol.

Reality tv mom Kate Gosselin was spotted leaving her hotel in New York City with all eight of her kids. Guess they’re going to do some sight-seeing.

I wonder if they’re filming for a ‘Kate Plus 8′ episode? I remember watching the ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8′ episode where they flew to Utah (or was it Hawaii?) and faced MAJOR delays. It got so bad, Kate herself broke down crying along with the kids.

It must be easier now that they’re older, but I can’t imagine doing anything with all eight kids is that easy. Are you watching the ‘Kate Plus 8′ specials?

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Rumor: Kate Gosselin To Compete On ‘The Apprentice’

Kate Gosselin and her children spent the afternoon exploring Chinatown in New York City on Wednesday. The group stopped by a toy store and a fine teashop while the TLC film crew got busy collecting footage for her Kate’s new reality show, ‘Kate Plus 8.’

That evening the reality mom attended a Lady Gaga concert and was photographed meeting up with Donald Trump and his wife. The trio hung out, took several photos and sparked the rumor that Kate will join next season’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.

What do you think? Is there another reason these three met up in such a public place? Was it a coincidence? Or has Kate just landed herself another job?

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Kate Gosselin And Clan Shoot A Scene For Reality Show

Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids were followed closely by a TLC film crew as they boarded a train departing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania earlier this afternoon. Here’s a question for all of you:

What do you think about parents who dress their children in the same clothing? Answer it in two parts. Twins and Non-Twins

I know a MILLION people who dress their children in the same exact clothing (regardless of the age difference) and I was curious to hear what the consensus is.

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Kate Gosselin Goes Tanning In Reading

I guess this is one ‘Dancing with the Stars’ habit that Kate Gosselin can’t break! Even with the 10% tax recently added, the reality star decided to hit up the tanning booths to work on her color a few days after the 4th of July.

I know a ton of people who are officially turned off from tanning due to the government increase. What do you think? Are you still tanning despite the tax? Or is 10% not really that big a deal?

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Kate Gosselin Shoots Down Rumors On ‘The View’

Kate Gosselin was a guest-host on ‘The View’ this morning. The reality mom took the opportunity to address a long line of rumors that have been floating around.

She says of the Botox claims:

“Botox, absolutely not,” she said on Friday when asked what worked she’s had done. “Boobs, no. Tummy tuck, yes. We all know that… I have to say for the record nothing on me is airbrushed.”

She also brushes off the rumor about looking for love on television:

“I’m not the next ‘Bachelorette.'”

Her rep also shot down the rumor about the possible holiday album.

“Absolutely not,” the rep told Access. “She does love the movie ‘The Sound of Music,’ but I guess the fact that she likes a movie is enough for people to make up absurd rumors like this one. What’s next week’s rumor – that she wants to be a Bond girl because she likes James Bond movies?”

It’s great that she has a public forum to address the crazy things that are printed about her.

Kate was photographed out for her morning run yesterday. She is in amazing shape.

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