Hailey Glassman Calls TLC “The Lying Channel”

Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend, claims she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, but she’s giving interviews. Pretty explosive interviews. She calls TLC "the lying channel."

they’re telling something, but the truth is always in that fuzzy area.
You can’t touch it, but only the people contracted can see it, but no
one can say it."

She added that the network didn’t allow Jon and Kate "to come out and say their marriage was done a year ago."

She said she can speak freely on the situation because "no network owns what I can and cannot say."

I have so many questions, like: is she saying this at Jon’s urging (since TLC apparently owns what he can and cannot say)?

And how does Jon plan to continue renting that bachelor pad, taking trips to St. Tropez, or support himself and his children if the show is cancelled? I can understand him wanting to just end his marriage privately, but I wonder if Jon’s considered all that he’s gotten (and continues to get) because of ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8.’

Yet, I can see where this is the danger in allowing your personal life to become a reality TV show. A company wants to control your life. Ugh.

What do you think about Hailey’s comments?

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Kate Gosselin Takes Her Boys To The Dentist

It’s hard enough to have to deal with one child in the dentist’s chair. Imagine having to tend to 3? Yikes!

Kate Gosselin was seen taking her boys to get their teeth cleaned in Reading, Pennsylvania yesterday afternoon. I guess she splits her kids into groups when it comes to doctor visits. 8 at once could be an entire afternoon and early evening sitting just waiting at the doctor’s office.Talk about chaos just waiting to happen.

Are you still interested in the show now that the family is divorcing? Or did it lose some of its magic?

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Jon Gosselin Talks About Cops Breaking Up Kate Gosselin Fight

“She tried to come home yesterday, and I wouldn’t let her in the gate, and I guess she called the police,” Jon tells Splash News. “The police came and said it was a civil matter. An officer pulled me aside and I said, ‘This has never happened before and I’m just trying to spend time with my kids and she’s [Kate] gonna have to leave.'”

He continued, “It was a miscommunication. Kate said she was coming home, and I said, ‘Well, it’s my time to spend with the kids.’ I don’t come home when she’s with the kids, and vice versa – and that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Jon Gosselin talking to TMZ about the cops coming to his house to break up domestic dispute


Jon Gosselin To Thow A Pool Party At MGM Grand’s Wet Republic

Jon Gosselin has turned over a new leaf. The reality star is dating, traveling and now hosting parties in Vegas. It’s a far cry from his simpler life back in Pennsylvania, but MGM’s Wet Republic is paying up hard cash to have Jon fly in and throw a pool party at their establishment.

Book your tickets! The shindig is set for August 29th. Wonder which of his girlfriends he is going to bring? Oh wait – I forgot – there’s only Haylie Glassman. Kate 2.0 was just a friend….

In other Gosselin news, Kate Gosselin spent last night in a Days Inn after having a terrible argument with her soon to be ex.

The mom of 8 allegedly had a meltdown at the Gosselin household over an unapproved baby-sitter. Police were called and Jon and Kate allegedly argued at the fence, as Kate was locked out. The paps followed her to the hotel. YIKES!!!

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Morning Links

Both of the Gosselins are on parent duty: Kate was spotted at the house with the kids while Jon was spotted taking Leah (one of the sextuplets) to the doctor.

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Kate Gosselin Doesn’t Close The Door On A Reconciliation

Kate Gosselin was on the ‘Live With Regis and Kelly,’ this week, and while the interview was supposed to be a bit more lighthearted, Regis WENT THERE.

He asked Kate if she would considering getting back together with Jon. Her response was neither a yes or a no.

I can’t and won’t answer that. I keep certain things private, and that’s one.”

I do feel like Kate is still holding out hope. Just the fact that she’s still seen wearing her wedding ring around town makes it seem like she hasn’t given up on the relationship yet, right?

“I didn’t expect my life to be like this,” Gosselin said, her voice cracking.


Really makes me feel for her. I wouldn’t wish what she’s going through on my worst enemy.

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Kate Gosselin On The Today Show – No Condo, No Affair

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Part 2 ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8‘ fans! Here is Kate Gosselin talking about all the rumors that needed some clearing up. No condo, no affair with security, no moving out of their PA home.

What do you think now that you have heard both sides?