Russell Brand Says He Still Loves Katy Perry “As A Human Being”

I get the distinct impression that things got rather nasty behind the scenes of Katy Perry’s and Russell Brand’s divorce, yet Russell seems to be doing his best to be positive about it. He told Ellen DeGeneres:

“I still love [Katy] as a human being. But, sometimes when you’re in a relationship I suppose it doesn’t work out, does it? But that doesn’t mean I regret it or anything.

“I was very happy to be married with her. She’s such a beautiful human being and I just have only love and positivity for her.You can’t absolutely make everything the way you want it to be in life. Sometimes thing are just different and then you to just move with that and try and remain in contact with what is beautiful about yourself and each other with any situation.”

It must be so awkward to have to talk about something so personal in a public forum. One of the downsides of being a celebrity.


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Katy Perry Sells NYC Pad

Katy Perry is definitely making her home on the west coast: she recently sold the New York City penthouse that she bought in September 2010- just one month before she married Russell Brand.

It is believed Katy got close to the $2.75 million asking price, which is what she paid for the property, so she may not have even taken a loss (or only a slight one, like Jennifer Aniston). The TriBeCa penthouse is said to be 1,500 square feet and includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cherry wood staircase, steel kitchen and a south-facing terrace with “impressive views” of the city. I can see why someone would buy that!

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Katy Perry Reportedly Has A New Man In Her Life

Russell Brand who?! These days, Katy Perry has a new man in her life, and by the looks of these pics from Coachella this past weekend, it seems that he’s swept the “California Gurl” off her feet!

According to Life & Style, Katy is reportedly romancing Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. The pair were spotted getting cozy at the celeb-filled music festival over the weekend, and as the mag reports, the “Part of Me” singer is already calling Robert her “boyfriend.”

“Backstage at the Artist Lounge at Coachella last weekend, Katy kept saying her boyfriend was the guitar player for Florence + the Machine,” said a source to Life & Style. “She and a bunch of friends were supposed to go see Dr. Dre together, but Katy said she was waiting to watch her boyfriend perform.”

Even though Katy and model Baptiste Giabiconi were supposedly together, it looks like she’s found love elsewhere! What do you think of Katy’s new guy?


Katy Perry Goes Glam

OoOoO la la, just look at Katy Perry! On April 18, the “Part of Me” songstress rocked the red carpet in a floor-length frock at the 29th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood.

Dressed to impress in a somewhat-sheer number, Katy didn’t just show off her pretty purple locks, but she showed a bit of skin too!

I think Katy looks totally glam and gorgeous, how ’bout you?!

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Fact Or Fiction: Katy Perry Wants A Second Chance With Russell Brand

I’m not sure about this one, but I’ll tell you the story, and you can tell me what you think. Katy Perry reportedly wants to give her relationship with Russell Brand another try. A source claims:

 “Katy’s been trying to get him back! She’s a lost soul right now.”

However, the two are said to be having a hard time even staying on friendly terms right now. Another problem: Russell is dating Nikolett Barabas. A recent trip to India has Katy re-thinking things, especially since she was already missing Russell. Yet Russell seems to already be over the split, even though their divorce isn’t scheduled to be finalized until this summer.

“I’m doing well. You don’t need to brush it off if you don’t get it on you in the first place. I don’t have to let anything go. I don’t hold on to anything negative. It’s the same as zero-ness. It’s not about letting it go. You can’t let go of something you don’t hold, you know. It’s meaningless, [and] much of our world is predicated on meaninglessness. And I don’t do that anymore.”

So what do you think about this story?

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Love It Or Hate It: Katy Perry Goes Purple

Katy Perry decided to switch things up with her hair again: here she is with purple locks. Before she was blue (check her out here in case your memory needs refreshing). Personally, I kinda prefer the purple. It’s my favorite color, and the darker color is a tiny bit closer to a natural color than pink.

Maybe Katy was giving us a hint of what was to come with her hair at the Kids’ Choice Awards? What do you think: do you like Katy’s new hair color?

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Katy Perry Bundled Up Before Heading Out To Coachella

Katy Perry bundled up before boarding her tour bus to head to Coachella. What bad luck! California’s known for it’s sunny weather, yet apparently there was some rain during their annual music festival.

Katy looks like she was still game to go, though. She waited while friends reportedly loaded the tour bus with snacks before boarding herself so they could head out.

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