MTV VMA Outrageous White Carpet Outfits!

Tonight was the MTV VMA’s and the stars didn’t disappoint on the white carpet! Outrageous style was a staple at this year’s MTV VMA’s, from the always fashion forward Lady Gaga, to Katy Perry with the image of her fiance, Russell Brand on her nails, to Kesha wearing a garbage bag dress! Ciara is also rocking an interesting look on the white carpet!

But nothing could compare to Cher pulling out all the stops and wearing her ‘Turn Back Time’ outfit and totally pulling it off! That was a shocker of the night!

These ladies certainly didn’t go for the typical little black dress –  what do you think of the outrageous white carpet style?

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Katy Perry Needs 8 Hours Of Sleep!

Katy Perry isn’t a diva –  unless she doesn’t get enough sleep! Wow, can I relate to that! Music’s current ‘it’ girl, who had one of the songs of the summer with
California Gurls’told The Sun newspaper that;

‘I can do bitchy. Give me six hours of sleep instead of eight and I’ll show you the bitch in me.

The ‘Teenage Dream’ singer thinks her fans like her a little edgy though.

‘I’ve always been outspoken and I’m not easily influenced. My views are unsolicited, unfiltered and that’s why people never know what they’re going to get – there’s some spice because it’s spontaneous.

Katy, who’s engaged to British actor and funny man Russell Brand , insists that they’re just like any other couple and that it’s not that hard to go out together.

‘My boyfriend and I go bike-riding all the time. We go to the movies and don’t have to rent the theatre out.

‘There’s a certain magnet that you turn on and off –  it’s called hat and sunglasses, and not wearing glittery outfits.

It’s nice to hear a famous celebrity not complain about being famous! Although I tend to think that even without the blue hair and sequin bra Katy Perry and Russell Brand might still draw attention when bike riding!

What do you think? Do you think it’s easy for a star as big as Katy Perry to go incognito if she wants to?

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Katy Perry Says English Women Are “The Dirtiest Girls”

I think it’s more about Russell Brand being a dirty boy and he brings out that side of his partners – but I could be wrong.

Katy Perry thinks English women are “the dirtiest girls”. While she does admit that publicly most are concerned about not embarrassing themselves… when it comes to bedroom behavior all bets are off.

“I love British culture and how it holds onto its manners. People still give a s**t about social status. And it seems like they really don’t want to be embarrassed.

(But) English girls are sometimes the dirtiest girls. I only know that because my boyfriend had a few interactions.

Katy also opened up about getting citizenship for the country.

“I’m not too sure if I have to take a test as I’ve not had time to look into it. But England is like my second home.

“The country’s already kind of adopted me so maybe I don’t have to go through all the paperwork?”

Wouldn’t that be nice and easy?

Celebs Out And About: Katy Perry, Chace Crawford, And Keanu Reeves

Katy Perry was seen leaving Claridges in London today. The singer did some shopping and spent a little time with fans, too.

Chace Crawford was spotted on the set of ‘Gossip Girl’ in NYC this afternoon. They shoot a lot of the show’s scenes outside, don’t they?

And last, but certainly not least…Keanu Reeves! We don’t see him too often – and that’s just the way he likes it. Here he is hanging out on a loading dock in NYC yesterday afternoon.

Photos by INF

Morning Links With Katy Perry

Katy Perry always keeps it fun with her wardrobe. Here she is heading into Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show.

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Alicia Keys shows off her baby bump in NYC!
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Celebs Out And About: Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, And Elizabeth Hurley

Katy Perry is “Happy” as she runs around London tonight. If the rumors of her job offer are true, she has plenty of reasons to proclaim her happiness. ;)

Kelly Osbourne
does some shopping before heading to the Viper Room to watch the Pussycat Dolls perform. I wonder who she’ll be cheering on in this season’s “Dancing with the Stars”?

Elizabeth Hurley
looks fabulous in an ocean blue dress as she leaves an appearance on “Cox, Cookies, And Cake” in London.

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Report: Katy Perry Offered $340,000 A WEEK To Host ‘The X Factor’

Um – yes please!!!

Katy Perry has been offered $340,000-a-week to judge the US version of “The X Factor. Simon Cowell is absolutely in love with her and is determined to have her part of the show which launches next year. A source said:

Simon wants to get the judging names signed, sealed and announced within six weeks. He wants at least one massive American star, someone who is known globally, plus one Brit and at least one authoritative male.

Katy was thrilled, especially by the package which is said to be a $340,000-a-show deal.

Did you read that – A SHOW!!!

Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger is also believed to be in the running. Katy and Nicole? Might be fun.