Katy Perry And Her Parents “Agree To Disagree” About Her Sexy Image

The ‘Teenage Dream’ star’s parents Keith and Mary Hudson are Evangelical Christian pastors and while the singer – famed for her provocative image and straightforward lyrics “ is close to them, they don’t see eye-to-eye on daughter Katy Perry’s career choice. I can see that!

Katy explained to US TV talk show host David Letterman: “There’s a dynamic between children and their parents that sometimes you can agree to disagree, and we definitely do that.”

The host also showed the 25-year-old star a picture of her nearly naked on the cover of a magazine, and asked her: “What does God think of that?”
Katy joked: “That’s side boob.”

So do Katy’s parents understand that this is all just a part of Hollywood?

Katy replied: “Uh, I don’t know if it’s the ‘understanding’ that they do. I think there’s some grunts and moans and a couple of ‘Oy veys.’”

Yeah, I can see where this could cause some tension, but it sounds like Katy and her parents are still able to have a good relationship, so that’s nice to hear.

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Katy Perry Does The David Letterman Show

Hellooooooo gorgeous! Katy Perry is such a character that I sometimes forget — she is HOT! Look at her rocking this tiny little Herve Leger bandage dress before paying a visit to the David Letterman Show. She’s killing it in that orangy color. If I had a body like that, I would save up my money, buy one of those bandage dresses and wear it around the house just because I COULD!

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Afternoon Links With Katy Perry

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Katy Perry Doesn’t Want Babies Just Yet

Katy Perry is in no rush to have babies after she marries Russell Brand. And it’s only natural — after all, the singer is only 26 years old! At the moment Katy says she’s too career focused.

I see myself as a professional right now and hopefully when I decide it’s time for children, I’ll be able to devote myself to that.

And Katy says of Russell,

His eye for detail was so impeccable, he made me realize he was listening and understanding me completely and wanted to jump into my world.

I have always been open to someone who would really challenge me emotionally, spiritually and mentally and he really covers those bases.

And we both have a sense of humour we play practical jokes on each other. We make each other laugh and that’s what keeps us connected in one way.

The pressure never stops does it? When you’re dating, everyone is asking when you’re getting married. When you’re married everyone is asking when you’ll have kids. And once you have one kid, all they want to know is when you’re having a second! Does this happen to you too?

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Katy Perry Has An Alice In Wonderland Themed Bridal Shower

I can only imagine how cool this bridal shower must have been! Katy Perry threw a bridal shower with an Alice and Wonderland theme this past weekend. Only 11 of her best friends were invited, including her stylists, a DJ pal, and Katy’s grandmother. All guests were asked to leave their cell phones at the door, in an effort to keep everything under wraps.

Can you imagine inviting your 11 best friends to a bridal shower and STILL having to ask them to check their cell phones in an effort for privacy? Guess that is just part of what goes along with being a celebrity — taking every effort to make sure no one can sell you out. But still. How awful.

Report: Katy Perry And Russell Brand In Daily Relationship Therapy Sessions

Come on now! Every single day? That’s a bit… excessive. Don’t you think? Rumor has it that Russell Brand and Katy Perry call in for a therapy session every day.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that the couple conference in a therapist an hour a day to get through their troubles.

They’ve been spending more time apart than ever before. Russell’s doing 14-hour days on the Arthur set in New York, while Katy’s been in Europe and Australia working all sorts of hours.

Combine this with the time differences and, as you can imagine, it’s been tough.

Relationship counseling was Katy’s idea because she was adamant they should make their relationship rock solid. As a result they both clear an hour in their schedules every day to have a conference call with a therapist, talking things over and making their bond as watertight as possible.

I DOUBT this is true. But let’s assume it is – is this too much work to put into a relationship?
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Katy Perry And Russell Brand Won’t Talk About Their Marriage

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have promised each other than once they tie the knot, they won’t speak about their relationship.

In an interview on 2Day FM’s “Kyle and Jackie O Show” she shared:

People have all these ideas about my relationship and my wedding and there is so much speculation. I’m not a traditional type of person in general but after we get married we’ve decided we’re not going to talk about the relationship.

Katy and Russell have been fiercely protecting the date and place of the pending wedding. She shared how we’ll all know when the ceremony has finally happened:

This whole process is exciting but once you’re married it’s supposed to be for life so when you hear us stop talking about it we’ll be married.

She dished about her expectations of her bachelorette party, which is being thrown by Rihanna:

I know it’s going to be my one last hurrah and I’m probably going I’m going to end up s**tfaced in an alley wearing a penis hat. It’ll be horrible so brace yourselves people!

I don’t think I’ll be waiting for THOSE pictures to hit the ‘net. LOL!

I do think it’s good when celebrity couples don’t give too much detail about their private lives. Little glimpses here and there are much more fun.

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