Charges Filed Over Katy Perry And Russell Brand’s Wedding

Well, not everyone considered Katy Perry’s and Russell Brand’s wedding a joyous event. Some people apparently thought it was too loud.

E! News reports that officials in India have filed charges over the wedding. Katy and Russell are in the clear, but managers at the Aman-i-Khas hotel (which is where the wedding was held) are facing legal charges for breaking the district’s rules regarding loud noise after 10 pm.

Officials said today that Perry and Brand, who decamped from India for a honeymoon in the Maldives this week, are off the hook for any transgressions. But the resort management now faces penalties that range from a fine to jail time.

Goodness! If it’s a fine, then I wonder if Katy and Russell will help the managers pay it? I guess you could argue that it was the hotel’s responsibility to be aware of and follow the local laws regarding noise.

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Katy Perry Releases Inspiring Video For ‘Firework’

Katy Perry’s new music video for “Firework” just released today. She tweeted a dedication for the inspirational video:

I am officially dedicating my new video to #itgetsbetter, because everyone has the spark to be a FIREWORK.

Take a look and share your thoughts.

Katy Perry-Russell Brand Wedding Is Under Investigation

I don’t think Katy Perry and Russell Brand KNOW how to do anything on a small scale. It certainly sounds like their wedding was lavish enough! Maybe a little too lavish. E! News reports that officials in India are investigating reports that the wedding festivities may have violated some local laws, including policies about noise and disturbances.

It’s not just local troublemakers stirring the pot, though, as chief minister of the State of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, visited the sanctuary shortly after the wedding to investigate the claims.

An inquiry into the debacle has been ordered by the state government and, should further questioning be required, they could possibly detain Brand, Perry, the wedding guests and organizers of the event. Should they take it all the way, the group could also be called to court.

I guess it’s a good thing Katy and Russell have already left India to go on their honeymoon in the Maldives!

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Katy Perry And Russell Brand Tie The Knot

It sounds like Katy Perry and Russell Brand had a wedding to remember! The couple tied the knot yesterday in India in an extraordinarily lavish ceremony, according to People’s description.

Brand, 35, and Perry, 25, “were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Brand on Saturday, October 23,” reps for the couple confirmed. “The very private and spiritual ceremony, attended by the couples’ closest family and friends was performed by a Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson Family. The backdrop was the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India.”

Two elephants were seen being taken to the resort where the ceremony was held.

As the animals walked into the venue, a red carpet was rolled out for them. “Mala is a bit skittish and hates crowds but she managed to behave herself,” a source told PEOPLE.

In a traditional Indian wedding procession, known as the “bharat,” the bridegroom and his male relatives and friends walk to the spot where the bride awaits. The bridegroom is often on a white horse, but an elephant is considered an even grander, more magnificent mode of transportation – the maharajas, or Indian royals, traditionally arrived at weddings on elephants.

The sound of Indian instruments – including the sitar, the santoor, the tabla and kettle drums – and the singing of traditional Rajasthani folk musicians could be heard from deep inside the Aman-i-Khas resort, along with some sacred Vedic chanting and the occasional burst of applause and cheering by the guests.

At the entrance, the trees lining the path into the venue were lit up with white and gold lights.

Goodness! That is a wedding I’m sure everyone who attended will remember :). I hope we get to see some pictures.


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Katy Perry And Russell Brand Make Sure Their Guests Are Having Fun

On one hand, SEVEN days of celebration for a wedding seems like a bit much, but that’s what Katy Perry and Russell Brand reportedly have planned. I guess if guests have to fly all the way to India for the wedding, you need to make it worth the trip! has some details about what their wedding guests have been doing, from visits to a wild life sanctuary to shopping in a bazaar.

Though the area is known for its tiger population, according to one wildlife guard, the group who went out early Thursday morning (which did not include the singer, 25, or the actor, 35) “saw baby deer, spotted deer, blue bulls, jackals, and jungle cats.” Still, the source says, “They were thrilled.”

Thursday, a small bazaar was set up inside the resort – an Indian wedding tradition – where guests could buy textiles, jewelry and Indian handicrafts, or have their fortune told – by a parrot. (He picks a card based on the Indian cosmic system.)

That evening the guests were entertained by 40 folk musicians and dancers.

“Everyone was relaxing by the pool and drinking and eating Indian snacks while we performed,” said Lalit Tiwari, who had brought the troupe into Ranthambhore from New Delhi. “Towards the end, some of them came towards the stage and started dancing during the ‘bhangra’ (an energetic dance from the rural area of Punjab).”

And that was just Thursday! On Friday, Katy and Russell joined their guests for a safari, and last night they reportedly held a mehndi ceremony: an Indian pre-wedding ritual.

It sounds like this will be a memorable occasion for everyone :). In the thumbnails are pictures of Katy’s parents enjoying camel rides on the safari.

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Russell Brand’s Security Team Gets Into Scuffle With Photographers

According to E!, Russell Brand’s security team got into a physical confrontation with photographers today – beating them and leaving them stranded without car keys in the middle of a tiger sanctuary!

they were in a Jeep following about 330 feet behind a two-vehicle motorcade shuttling members of the Brand-Perry party around Ranthambhore National Park.

At that point, per the photogs, two of the actor’s security goons jumped out and began slugging away at the shooters and their driver. The cameramen claim their car keys were subsequently swiped by the bodyguards, essentially leaving them for mincemeat in tiger country.

I’m hoping this story is an exaggeration. Poor Katy is just trying to have a nice, peaceful week to celebrate her life with her new husband and THIS happens! Ugh. I want to see a few wedding photos just like anyone else, but not like this. E! mentions that these photographers weren’t “run of the mill paparazzi”, but pros from organizations like the AP and Reuters. My question is if these were real photographers with “legit” news agencies, why are they stalking behind Katy and Russell and violating their rights to privacy on this special occasion?

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More Details About Katy Perry/Russell Brand Wedding

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s crazy wedding celebrations kicked off last night with a feast featuring dancers and snake charmers. Supposedly the guests are going to be involved in major wedding festivities for 7 days. SEVEN DAYS! Personally, I feel that’s a little too long to be celebrating a wedding. I would be wiped out at the end, but that’s just me.

Anyway, as things go on, I’m sure more and more details will start to leak so I’ll be keeping you updated! The latest is that for the actual wedding ceremony (to be hold on Saturday), Katy and Russell will each have their own throne to sit own. The couple went to try them out the other day and “burst out laughing.”

A source also says,

“They are very much keeping to Indian tradition. There will be feasting and dancing. And Katy will be painted head-to-toe in henna tattoos.”

Then after the wedding, the couple has arranged for tours of the Ranthambore National Park wildlife sanctuary. They have approximately 80 guests.

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