Kim Kardashian Pumps Gas In Miami

A very chic-looking Kim Kardashian was spotted stopping by a 7-11 store to get some gas for her Rolls Royce and grab a few slurpees for her and her best friend Jonathan Cheban while the two were out and about in Miami, Fla. on Monday afternoon.

Ok, two things here: Kim is wearing all-white and is ordering a slurpee? That’s just a disaster waiting to happen. And second, I live in South Florida as well and I can’t possibly understand how Kim is able to wear long sleeves and pants when the weather down here is still incredibly hot and humid. She has to be sweating under her clothes big time! She still looks chic though. Check out our photo gallery below and let us know what you think.


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The Kardashians Film In Miami

kim, kourney & khloe kardashian film in miami

The show goes on for the Kardashians! All three Kardashian sisters (Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe) were busy filming in Miami yesterday afternoon. Kourtney even had baby Penelope in her carriage. The Kardashians are currently filming ‘Kim & Kourtney Take Miami.’

I wonder when it will be formally announced that Khloe is hosting ‘X Factor’? Last we heard, Khloe and Mario Lopez were going to be co-hosts for the show, but no formal announcement has been made. It’ll probably be all we hear about once ‘X Factor’  gets to the live shows- LOL.



Kim Kardashian Hits The Gym

kim & khloe kardashian hit the gym

Kim Kardashian was seen leaving the gym in Miami. This girl is serious about her workouts! Khloe Kardashian can be seen in a couple of the pictures. Something tells me Khloe really doesn’t want to be photographed coming or leaving the gym.

Who can blame Khloe? I wouldn’t want anyone photographing me, either, before or after a workout! Sometimes, even reality TV personalities need a little bit of privacy.



Kim & Khloe Kardashian Return To Their Hotel

Reality television show sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian were spotted heading back to their hotel after a day of shopping while in Miami, Fla. on Thursday afternoon.

I really like the black dress that Kim has on as it looks uber cute on her. A lot of people have been saying that Kim’ style has changed since she started dating Kanye West, but quite honestly I’m liking it. She looks almost futuristic in her style, which is definitely a Kanye West signature. Take a look at our photo gallery below and tell us, what do you think of Khloe and Kim’s out and about styles?


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Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian Step Out in Miami

What a hot family! The three eldest KardashiansKim, Khloe, and Kourtney–were looking great yesterday afternoon as they stepped out together in Miami. In town to film Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, the crew has been making the most of the sunshine and fun things to do around the city during and between takes.

Yesterday, Kim donned a sexy skin-tight LBD and pointed-toe black pumps. Khloe was sassy in an animal print top and black cigarette-leg pants and big sis Kourtney, who had a baby just a few months ago, was looking tiny and cute in a white top and black straight-leg pants.

It seems no matter where these ladies go or what they’re up to, they always look gorgeous. I guess they have mom Kris Kardashian to thank for those pretty faces and great bods!


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Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Hit The Gym

kardashian sisters hit the gym

The Kardashian sisters (Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney) hit the gym in Miami this morning. I don’t think this was meant to be caught on camera. Khloe does NOT look happy to be photographed! There aren’t any camera crews (that I can see in these pics, anyway).

The Kardashians were ready for a serious workout. Kourtney looks like she is committed to shedding her baby weight ASAP. She already looks great to me. I admire their discipline to healthy activity.



Reggie Bush’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant!

It looks like Reggie Bush is going to be a dad! Kim Kardashian‘s ex (who she kept on bouncing on and off with for several years) is expecting his first child with his girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, who not surprisingly looks a WHOLE LOT like Kimmy Cakes. In fact, if it weren’t the caption on some of the pics we’ve been seeing, we’d almost think that they were the same person!

While sadly our press agency doesn’t have any pics of Lilit, you can check her out here. Reggie sure does have a type, right? The NFL star mentioned on the Paul and Young Ron Morning Show that while the couple doesn’t know the sex of their child, he’s hoping for a boy because if he has a girl, he’ll end up buying out a gun shop. LOL. Talk about protective parenting, right?

And for good old times sake, check out our photo gallery of Reggie and Kim from a few years ago. She’s looking a little different these days, isn’t she?


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