NeNe Leakes And Kim Zolciak Reality TV Reunion Scrapped

nene leakes and kim zolciak (1)Remember the news that NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak had agreed to co-star in a new reality TV show for Bravo? Well, the show’s been axed due to scheduling issues.

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Kim Zolciak Threatens To Stop Sharing Photos Over Mean Comments

kim zolciak biermann

Don’t Be Tardy reality star Kim Zolciak is sick and tired of mean people sitting behind their computers, spewing hate at others – including her six kids.  The celebrity mom took to Instagram this week to vent about rude comments and even considered not sharing more photos of herself or her kids in the future!  [Read more…]

NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolciak To Team Up For New Show!

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak Show Their Love After Dinner!OMG. I never thought this day would come. ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ “frenemies” (who seemed to be more enemies and friends the last time they were both on ‘RHOA’) NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are teaming up for a new Bravo show! It’s going to be called ‘NeNe and Kim: The Road to Riches.’

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Kim Zolciak Grounds Daughter Over Snapchat Butt Pic

kim zolciak instagram 2I think Kim Zolciak’s teenage daughter, Brielle, is learning her mother is not quite as clueless as she thinks. Kim and Brielle were talking, and Brielle took a picture of Kim from behind. She posted it on Snapchat with a pretty rude message. Since INO is family-friendly, I posted the full pic after the break. RELATED: Kim Zolciak has a 10-carat present.

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Kim Zolciak 10-Carat Christmas Present

kim zolciak instagramMore holiday bling! Kim Zolciak shared a pic of her Christmas present. Talk about blingtastic! RELATED: Kim Zolciak flaunts her tiny waist.

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Kim Zolciak Flaunts Her Tiny Waist (#Aintnowaistcincherhere)

kim zolciak instagramOMG. I have to ask: is this picture photo shopped? I’m sure if I could ask Kim Zolciak directly, she would say “No” – LOL. She posted this sexy selfie on her Instagram. RELATED: Kim Zolciak gets real about plastic surgery with before and after pics.

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Kim Zolciak Gets Real About Plastic Surgery With Before & After Pics

kim zolciak facebook pre and post plastic surgery‘Don’t Be Tardy’ cast member Kim Zolciak had a message to send: don’t assume plastic surgery will take care of everything! On her show we saw her get a hernia fixed as well as a tummy tuck. Kim kept it real, though, with this Facebook pic. RELATED: Kim Zolciak fires back at her haters.

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