Michelle Monaghan Expecting First Child

Anyone see Made of Honor? Well, the lovely Michelle Monaghan is expecting her first child. People Magazine is reporting that the actress is due in late fall.

Monaghan’s rep Jennifer Allen, who confirms the news, says, "They are very excited."

Anyone out there have a man as their maid of honor? I had one of each. My cousin (male) and my best friend (female) – I couldn’t decide. :)

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Clay Aiken To Have A Little Boy

Clay Aiken is going to have a boy! He must be so excited. The litte guy is due in August. Here’s to hoping he inherits a set of pipes like his daddy’s. I’m actually surprised that since his friend is due so soon the press didn’t get word of the whole story earlier, but I guess being private about a pregnancy is a whole lot easier when you’re a guy. :)


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Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller DID Get Married

Yesterday’s rumors were TRUE. Charlie Sheen did get married to Brooke Mueller at a private estate in LA amongst 60 of their closest family and friends.

"They’re well matched and incredibly happy," says a friend of the couple.

A source is claiming that Brooke is planning on getting pregnant immediately.But if you are on rumor patrol, you’ve heard she already is.

Wonder what Denise is feeling right now.

Charlie Sheen Getting Married Tonight To His Possibly Pregnant Fiance

Crazy! A wedding could be happening as soon as tonight for Charlie Sheen and fiance, Brooke Mueller if the rumors are true. And friends of the couple say that Brooke may be pregnant. The two have been working on trying to have a baby for a while now according to the source.

Guests were informed that they should wear evening attire and will be picked up by limos, but they don’t know where they are going. Even though they are trying to keep the location secret, they still had to tell Denise Richards.

"They had to tell Denise when it was, because they wanted the girls to
come, but she doesn’t know where it’ll be," says the source. "Who
knows? She may even crash the event with a camera crew."


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50 Cent’s Long Island Home Engulfed In Flames

Suspicious doesn’t even come close to explaining what this is. Suspicious isn’t enough to categorize the fire that engulfed and demolished 50 Cent’s Long Island home (which is a stone’s throw away from my in-laws).

Do you remember all the issues that the rapper was having with the mother of his child? He was trying to get her to pay $4500 rent a month and Shaniqua Tompkins was claiming that the house was specifically purchased for her. Back and forth and then POOF. Gone. 6 people are now hospitalized although their identities are unknown at this point.

One of the first firefighters to arrive on the scene told Newsday the
fire was suspicious. "I would say there is a strong — a strong, strong
– possibility that it is suspicious," Dix Hills Fire Department Chief
Larry Feld said.

Asked why he believed the fire was suspicious, Feld told Newsday: "The
rapid movement of the fire. The volume of the fire . . . It was
engulfed. The home was totally gutted."

Hopefully the two children that were living in the home were not there at the time.

Angelina Jolie Gave Birth To Her Twins

I don’t believe this… but french reporters are claiming that Angelina Jolie has given birth to her twins. The rumor is Angelina delivered in a Catholic clinic in the country’s Aix-en-Provence on Sunday.

Stand by for confirmation.

Update: SO SLOW for a confirmation this morning. A few online sources are saying NO WAY which is my gut feeling as well. People Magazine hasn’t gotten wind of it yet which would make me believe it was just a hoax. But I am still waiting on rep statement.

Update 2
— ET has confirmed the news? Saying names are Isla (pronounced eye-la) Marcheline and Amelie Jane. Don’t tell me this is true?!

A source close to the actress confirms that she has given birth to
twins in France. "Babies are great and so is mom," we’re told.

Update 3 – finally rep confirmation that it is NOT true. Via People

"Angelina has not given birth. She is fine, enjoying her home and her family in France," a rep for the actress tells PEOPLE.

Bill Murray’s Wife Files For Divorce With Abuse Accusations

Yikes. Another celebrity divorce case is about to get ugly. Bill Murray’s wife Jennifer has filed for divorce. She’s citing abuse, amongst numerous other things, as the reason.

She has accused him of "adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment."

On the report she filed she also said that once, he "hit his wife in the face and then told her she was ‘lucky he didn’t kill her.’"

The couple has 4 children and has been married for 10 years. If the accusations are true, then good for her for getting out of an abusive relationship…that is supposed to be one of the hardest things to do, even for incredibly strong women.