Guy Ritchie Doesn’t Follow Madonna’s Religion

So maybe there was some truth the rumors that Guy’s lack of committment to Madonna‘s religion was causing the couple to fight.In a new interview Guy Ritchie basically hinted that he’s just not that into Kabbalah.He is currently making a documentary about faith.

Ritchie is hoping his new film will help others understand exactly what
makes the ancient mysticism of Kabbalah so appealing to people like
Madonna and Demi Moore – even though he admits he’s not altogether
clear about the movement himself.

In an interview with U.S. news show Extra, Ritchie said, "It’s a
complicated subject… I don’t really understand Kabbalah as a religion
or a belief system." But he thinks his film will be of great interest
to those who are curious about Kabbalah: "It gets people rather hot
under the collar."

Eva Mendes Doing Her Own Line Of Bedding

Eva Mendes is starting her own line of bedsheets and pillowcases!She says interior design is her true love and that this is something she’s always wanted to do.

"I’m a big interior design fan and architecture buff,
that’s one of my passions. If I wasn’t an actress, I’d be an interior
designer. I’m not smart enough to be an architect."

She adds that she’s hoping to broaden the line to other things if the first launch goes well.

"We’re starting off with bedding and we’re seeing how the public
responds to it… It’s very very affordable."

And Eva should know what makes a bed comfy, since she spends so much time in one!

"I love sleeping… If there was an Olympics for it, I’d take the gold. I’m Cuban; we love to sleep."

Hmm, I wonder if this line is "affordable," like Hollywood style affordable, or like Target style affordable. If it’s within your price range, would you spring for some Eva Mendes sheets?

Britney Spears Was Always A Wild Child

Should we really be surprised by this?Britney Spears’ mom’s book is revealing that she’s had a wild streak since a young age.Britney has been in the spotlight since she was a little girl so I don’t think it’s any shocker that she grew up a bit faster than the rest of us.

Some of the claims are:

  • Britney began drinking at age 13.
  • She lost her virginity at age 14.
  • She started doing drugs at 15.

Her mom’s book goes into details saying,

Britney famously claimed to be a virgin during the early stages of
her career, but her mother says she let her 16-year-old daughter sleep
with teen sweetheart Justin Timberlake.

And the book is said to reveal that Britney was caught on a private jet with cocaine and cannabis – at just 16.

What a crazy world Britney grew up in. No wonder she has had such a struggle in her adult life.

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Matthew McConaughey’s Friends Face Jail Time

Matthew McConaughey’s friends are going to take the heat over a paparazzi incident that happened a few months ago.Two photographers were badgering Matty and his buddies decided to do something about it.

Skylar Martin Peak, 24, and Philip John Hildebrand, 30,
both of Malibu,
were each charged with one misdemeanor count of
battery for attacking Richid Altmbareckouhammou, who was
working for a French news agency, the Los Angeles District
Attorney’s office

Officials claim the two men threw Altmbareckouhammou into
the water from where he was taking pictures on the beach. Each
faces up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Throwing someone into the water is taking defense a little far, but on the other hand I can see how people might be driven to it with photographers in their face.What do you think,is jail time justified for these men?

LeAnn Rimes Ready For A Baby Thanks To Keith Urban

Country star LeAnn Rimes and her dancer husband Dean Shermet are planning on starting a family – after new dad Keith Urban urged them to try for a baby.
The Blue singer and Sheremet recently renewed their wedding vows after six years of marriage.
And they believe it’s time they extended their family.

Rimes tells,

"We’re ready, definitely."

And the star’s country peer Urban, who welcomed daughter Sunday Rose into the world with wife Nicole Kidman earlier this year, has been regalling the pair with the wonders of parenthood.
Rimes adds,

"He’s encouraging us to start getting’ on it!"

Possible Brain Damage For Amy Winehouse

Of course, this isn’t coming from a doctor who’s actually treated Amy Winehouse.And anyone who’s ever seen the scrambled egg commercials, "This is your brain on drugs," has to have some idea of what drugs will do to your brain.

Really, the whole story is just that people are worried about what her two overdoses have done to her grey matter.

Amy Winehouse may have brain damage after suffering two major
overdoses in the past 12 months where she binged on crystal meth,
heroin and cocaine, it emerged today. The singer also smoked pot in a
36-hour marathon session in July where she suffered such bad
convulsions, they were ‘like a scene from The Exorcist’, a close friend
told The Sun.


I keep waiting for this girl to turn it around but I’m starting to doubt if that will ever happen.

James Gandolfini Marries Deborah Lin On Saturday

Looks like James Gandolfini is officially off the market. He married
his fiancée Deborah Lin in Hawaii over the weekend. This story is being reported by People through a guest at the wedding. Reps haven’t giving an official statement yet. IF I was James, I would hunt down that guest like I was Tony Soprano! How unreal! You invite your family and friends to celebrate with you in your joyous moment, and they are hiding in the bathroom calling up People for the exclusive.


"There was a nice big kiss at the end with both hands on the cheeks" as The Sopranos star and Lin officially became husband and wife, the guest tells PEOPLE. "They looked great."

James ended his marriage with first wife, Marcy Wudarsk in 2002 and announced his engagement to Deborah in 2007. His 8 year old son with Marcy was present at the ceremony and James’ best man.How sweet!