Hayden Panettiere’s Dad Pleads No Contest To Battery Charge

Well, first came the arrest, then came the denial, and now here is the plea.Hayden Panettiere’s father, Alan Panettiere, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery charges in a Beverly Hills court today.

Alan received 24 months probation, $400 in fines, and he must attend 52 weeks domestic violence counseling.

Hayden’s mother still has a protective order in place against him.

All the counseling in the world is unlikely to be effective if he won’t listen, but maybe this will be a wake-up call.

Hopefully everyone will stay safe.

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Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Could Move To London

After Katie Holmes endured weeks on end of being stalked by the paparazzi in NYC, maybe she’s ready to head to a more low-key city. Tom Cruise told reporters at yesterday’s premiere of Valkyrie in the UK, that Katie would love to live in England, as a career move.

It would be a fantastic move. Katie was absolutely brilliant on Broadway and to work in the West End would be a joy. It is something to consider for both of us. I think we’d love it here, even if it is so, so cold!”

The couple also mentioned that they’d like to go visit the Beckhams in Milan.

“It was a great move for David to go to Milan. He’s been playing really well. I can’t wait to go and visit him there. We still see Victoria in the States – the kids all get on so well. It’s lovely.”

Personally I’d be upset if Katie and Tom moved to London. I’m sure that would mean less pictures for us…and you guys know how I feel about getting my daily dose of Holmes.

And besides… what about that movie deal she has going on right now that is set to film in NYC?

Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Set Up A Joint Bank Account

More than anything else in Hollywood, I think this is a sign of true love. Lindsay Lohan has apparently set up a joint bank account with Samantha Ronson where she’s deposited all her earnings from Ugly Betty, "to show Samantha how much she loves her."

Lindsay, 22, is believed to have made the gesture to reimburse
33-year-old Sam – who has been able to command huge fees for her DJ
sets since her relationship with the star was revealed – for all the
cash she has spent on the couple’s romantic getaways.

Sam’s very generous to Lindsay. She pays for
everything when they go away together and Lindsay wants to show her
gratitude by doing this.

Sam is completely disinterested in
shopping and things, whereas Lindsay loves to spend and always says she
wants to be as rich as possible. Having a joint account with Sam is a huge step for her."

EEK! I don’t even want to think about how ugly that could get if they break up. Let’s hope for both their sakes if this ever ends, it’s an amicable split!

And is anyone else sort of surprised by the news that Sam is the one who pays for everything? I guess I always assumed that since Lindsay’s more high profile, she makes more money and therefore would chip in for more things.

Jennifer Hudson Is Ready To Be Back On Stage

While I’m sure Jennifer Hudson is still in the middle of the grieving process, it’s only natural that she would miss performing and singing. It’s a part of her. I’ve left her alone for a while because I couldn’t imagine what she was going through. Now it seems that she is ready to pick up the pieces and has booked her next performance.

A source says of her upcoming appearance at the Superbowl,

So much has happened, but she’s ready. It’s a new
year, she’s excited about performing again. She knew it was time.”

As for how she made the choice to come back to the stage,

“…there wasn’t really a moment” that she decided to perform again, but,
that “fans can expect the Jennifer they’ve come to love. She just
really loves to perform; it’s who she is, it’s what she does.”

This could be good for her. I’m sure she’ll feel the love from fans while she’s singing. We’ll see her first at the Superbowl, as mentioned, then at MusiCares Person of the Year Gala, and then performing at the Grammy’s. Jennifer will be busy, but it should help take her mind off things for a little bit… if that’s at all possible.

Jennifer Aniston Is Planning To Have Her 40th Birthday Bash Early

Many people (men and women) dread hitting the big 4-0.They certainly don’t want the day to come any sooner than necessary (like, they can’t stop the calendar, so when the day comes, they accept it).Not Jennifer Aniston.

Everyone’s been asking me if I worry about being nearly 40, but no, not
really. These days I’m a lot more serene and I’m ready to embrace a new

Good for her!So although Jennifer’s birthday is on February 11, she is reportedly planning a big bash, which includes good friends Courtney Cox and Sheryl Crow, for February 7.

And it’s all because of a certain crooner. (Hint: his first name is "John" and his last name is "Mayer.")

Right after the party, Jennifer reportedly plans to jet off with John for a romantic vacation that will last through Valentine’s Day.

Not a bad way to turn 40!And if true, it puts those break-up rumors to rest.

Then again, this could all be an elaborate ploy to throw off the paparazzi so they won’t be looking for a big party on February 11 ;)

Either way, hopefully Jennifer will have a great birthday!

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Marcia Cross’ Husband Diagnosed With Cancer

Tom Mahoney, Marcia Cross’ stockbroker husband, has been diagnosed with cancer.No word yet on what kind of cancer he’s dealing with, but the couple’s rep says, so far, so good.

"He is currently under treatment and is responding very well."

UGH. This story just makes me sick. ANYTHING can happen. One minute you’re perfectly healthy and living your life, and the next minute you’re wondering whether your kids are going to grow up without a father.

I’m really hoping Tom’s cancer is one of the more treatable kinds. Best wishes to Marcia, Tom and their family as they get through this.


Rachel Griffiths Explains Gold “Toga-Like” Dress

What did you think of Brothers and Sisters’ star Rachel Griffiths’ choice of a gold "toga-like" dress for the Golden Globes?Apparently, it caused quite a "buzz."Now Rachel is ready to talk about why she chose that dress.

[I] was, like, hiding under that gold dress. I kinda wasn’t ready to
announce [my pregnancy] then, but it provoked so many questions I was like,
‘Alright, okay, let’s just not pretend anymore.’ And now I can’t suck
in anymore – it’s out.’ "

Did the dress make you wonder if Rachel was expecting?I certainly remember thinking it was an odd choice!

Now that she’s made the announcement, Rachel is willing to share more information.

‘I’m due in July. I’m in my second trimester and it’s just amazing. I’m
just relieved I don’t have to suck my stomach in anymore,’ she laughed. ‘Not that it fooled anyone the other day [at the Golden Globes].’ "

This will be Rachel’s third child.She is already mother to Banjo Patrick (5) and Adelaide Rose (3) with her husband, Andrew Taylor.

Rachel said the timing of her pregnancy works well for Brothers and Sisters; they won’t have to write her pregnancy into the show because they are almost done shooting for the season.

It’s brilliantly timed as I always do with my children, without causing the networks too much stress."

Rachel certainly looks much happier since announcing her pregnancy, judging from the pictures below.They were taken yesterday at the Australia Week 2009 Black Tie Gala.

Photos by Bauer Griffin