Chace Crawford Will Never Date A Co-Star

People Magazine’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive, Chace Crawford, sounds like he’s enjoying his bachelorhood. One thing the ‘Gossip Girl’ star said he has no intention of doing is dating a co-star.

“‘Gossip Girl’ creator Josh Schwartz told me to avoid at all costs dating a co-star. We get to shoot in New York and have that as our playground and do the insane things that we get to be a part of. There’s a part of me that wants to share that.

“But I’m having fun living the bachelor life right now. It’s a good time to be single.”

This actually sounds very level-headed, especially given all the pairing off that’s happening on the ‘Gossip Girl’ set (Blake Lively & Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester & Sebastian Stan).

Further evidence of Chace’s maturity? He said the reason he moved into his own place (he used to live with co-star Ed Westwick) was because he’s growing up, not because the two are no longer friends.

“Frat time’s over. I’m just turned 24, I need my own space. I don’t know why anyone wants to read about the condition of our apartment. It cracks me up. It was actually pretty immaculate.

“I’m OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]. I had a maid come twice a month. We have a few roof deck parties from time to time, but that’s all.”

A maid coming in twice a month doesn’t sound so extreme 😉 But Chace definitely sounds like he’s growing up, doesn’t he?

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Soap Star Michelle Stafford Expecting A Baby

If you’re a ‘Young and the Restless’ viewer, then you know Michelle Stafford. She’s expecting a baby! But there won’t be any problems about how to write/ignore Michelle’s pregnancy on the show; she is having a baby via surrogate.

“After a three-year journey through hell, I’m elated, ecstatic and feel ultimately lucky to be able to announce I’m expecting my own child via surrogate in December,” Stafford says in a statement.

Michelle, who is single, tried to conceive through in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, and adoption as ways to start a family. After four surgeries and three egg retrievals, Michelle decided to use a surrogate.

“I never wavered in my desire to be a mother,” she says. “But I did waiver on aspects of the process. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Michelle says she’s learned one hard thing during this process:

“This entire process has been very, very difficult to do on my own,” Stafford says, “and has made me realize the importance and reason for a partner.”

“Dating men and telling them I’m expecting in December is a little different,” she adds. “I know I just need to find someone who wants the same things as I do.”

Being a new parent and being on the dating scene sounds like quite a challenge, but Michelle seems like a very determined person! I hope everything works out as she wants.

Oh, and Michelle is expecting a daughter. Congratulations!

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Sienna Miller Is Making A Fresh Start In New York City

According to the UK version of OK! Magazine, Sienna Miller plans to move to New York City. She also reportedly hopes being in New York will help her build a fashion house.

A source said: “She is looking to buy a three-bed place.”

Sienna was born in New York City but was raised in England. However, she seems to still feel attached to the city of her birth.

She said: “I think you always have an affinity for the place you’re born…To be on Broadway was an absolute dream, since I was little. I always wanted to do theatre.”

Are you interested in a fashion line from Sienna?

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Michael Jackson Has Been Buried

Michael Jackson has been buried.
The late ‘King of Pop’ was laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park last night, in a ceremony attended by his family and a host of celebrity friends.
Among the stars who paid their last respects were Elizabeth Taylor, Macaulay Culkin and girlfriend Mila Kunis, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Gladys Knight, Rev. Al Sharpton, Corey Feldman, Kenny Ortega and Michael’s ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley.

The service was due to start at 7pm, but guests were kept waiting by Michael’s family.
Their cars did not start the journey to the service until 7.30pm, with the ceremony finally getting underway around two hours later than planned.

Full details after the cute. A lot of information was released about the ceremony. Click on the continue reading link to see the full article.

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Lisa Loeb Is Pregnant

Lisa Loeb and her husband Roey Hershkovitz are pregnant! The couple just announced they are expecting and are overjoyed about the upcoming addition.

"They’re excited to welcome their first child this winter," says Loeb’s manager Janet Billig Rich.


What’s a Lisa Loeb post without the ‘Stay’ video? :) This song will never get old.

Jay-Z And Beyonce Offended Some People When They Got Married

Jay-Z confided to Oprah Winfrey that he and Beyonce offended some people when they wed. It sounds completely unintentional, but Jay-Z said that one of the ways they kept their wedding quiet was with "late planning" and a limited guest list.

The sad part is that we offended some," he said of not inviting a lot
of friends. "But people who love you understand. Because at the end of
the day, it’s your day."

Jay-Z said they had a very small wedding at his Tribeca apartment followed by "a lavish party." Jay-Z also talked to Oprah about his past as a drug dealer and music lyrics.

You can read more here and the entire interview will be available in the October issue of O Magazine, which hits newsstands in early September.

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