Lindsay Lohan Hits The Town After Instagram Snafu

Exclusive... Lindsay Lohan Enjoys A Night Out In LondonLindsay Lohan isn’t going to let a rather embarrassing Instagram snafu keep her down! Here she is, enjoying a night out on the town in London. So what happened with her and Instagram last week?

RELATED: Lindsay Lohan is handed some new community service rules and endures a photoshop fail.

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Lindsay Lohan Gets New Community Service Rules & Photoshop Fail

The World's First Fabulous Fund Fair In Aid Of The Naked Heart FoundationThis is part of the joy of social media: we get a sense of what a celeb is really doing in addition to the media. So the press is about Lindsay Lohan’s latest court hearing, where she was represented by her attorney, Shawn Holley, to get the court’s conditions for the additional 125 hours of community service she has to do. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s having fun with photoshop on Instagram from Paris Fashion Week. RELATED: Get the celebrity look: Lindsay Lohan.

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Get The Celebrity Look: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay copy
Lindsay Lohan was seen going to lunch at Scott’s Restaurant in London, England. Lindsay is said to still be chin-deep in legal troubles. Her sleek matching outfit for this outing surely looks appropriate for court or, we’re hoping, a business lunch. She paired black slacks with a roomy black long jacket over a modest blue button-down shirt with suspenders. Below her rolled up cuffs, she accessorized with white pumps. Whatever is said about Lindsay’s troubles, you have to admit that her sense of style is still a hit. She looks casually professional and ready to take on the world. Get details on a similar look below.

Lindsay Lohan Celebrates International Women’s Day, Shares #MajorSituation & Hangs Out With Kris Jenner

lindsay lohan (1)Clearly Lindsay Lohan isn’t worried about the new community service hours she has to do after the judge threw out about half the time she did in London. She’s enjoying herself at Paris Fashion Week with sexy selfies, celebrating International Women’s Day, and even hanging out with momager Kris Jenner. Wonder if Kris would try to get her a new reality TV show? Warning: her selfie is incredibly revealing. It may be considered NSFW.

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Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Complete Another 125 Hours Of Community Service

Exclusive... Lindsay Lohan Shopping At IntermixThe prosecutor presented his concerns about Lindsay Lohan’s community service (which reportedly included meet-and-greets with fans and performing on stage), and the judge ended up agreeing with him. Of course Lindsay avoided jail. Again. Instead she has to do another 125 hours, per the judge’s order. RELATED: Did Lindsay Lohan get community service credit for performing onstage?

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Did Lindsay Lohan Get Community Service Credit For Performing Onstage?

Elle Style Awards 2015OMG. The more we hear about Lindsay Lohan’s supposed “community service,” the more it looks like she didn’t really do anything. She’s due in court today (the prosecutor was ill last week, so the review of her community service had to be postponed), and the prosecutor reportedly plans to challenge her community service hours. RELATED: Is Lindsay Lohan headed back to jail?

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Lindsay Lohan Headed Back To Jail?

Lindsay Lohan Departing On A Flight At LAXIf the prosecutors get their way, Lindsay Lohan will be BACK in jail over her “community service.” Everyone is set to return to court on February 18 to examine exactly what Lindsay did to fulfill her community service requirement in London. RELATED: Lindsay Lohan is suing mad at Fox News.

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