Madonna WILL Be Granted Custody Of Mercy James

And so Madonna‘s Malawi adoption saga continues…

This time, the news is in her favor. The judge in charge of the case has told Madonna that she will be granted custody of Mercy James, also known as Chifundo.Although the official hearing isn’t until Friday.

“This is all very
confidential, and Judge Chombo must still make her ruling – but that ruling
will be in favour of Madonna.

“Madonna is a very good mother and ambassador for
Malawi. She has improved the lives of thousands of orphans.”

In the adoption papers Madonna had written,

“To deny Chifundo
the opportunity to be adopted by me could expose her to hardship and emotional
trauma which is otherwise avoidable.”

And one of her friends says that Madonna knew the media firestorm she would set off when she decided to adopt from Malawi again.

“She told me she thought it was very important that
David had a sister from the same background as him and she had unconditional
love to give another child.

“She knew exactly what she was walking into. She sent
me an email just before she left for Malawi and signed it off, ‘Let the
storm commence!’



Rep Confirmation On Madonna’s Adoption

Clearly there wasn’t much doubt as to whether this story is true or not. I mean, we’ve seen Madonna herself in Malawi. However, now we finally have confirmation in the form of an email sent out by her rep.

In her e-mail, Madonna confirmed she is trying to adopt a girl named Chifundo “Mercy” James who is about 4 years old.

Madonna also confirms that the alleged meeting with David Banda’s father really did take place.

“Madonna is committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with David’s Malawian roots.”


Keep reading to hear what David’s father had to say about the reunion with his biological son.

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Madonna In Malawi To Adopt Mercy James

Madonna arrived in Africa yesterday to go forth with proceedings to adopt Mercy James, from the same orphanage where she adopted David Banda. Mercy is 14 months old and tomorrow the courts will review Madonna’s request.

But, controversy follows Madonna wherever she goes.

Malawi’s regulations stipulate that prospective parents undergo an
18-to-24-month assessment period in the country, a rule bent when
Madonna was allowed to take David to London.”

People are wondering if her adoption of Mercy will be as easy this time around.


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Madonna Dumps Jesus Luz

Well, so much for that! Looks like these two are definitely NOT adopting together. Madonna has broken up with Jesus Luz.

The couple had supposedly moved in together last week, but either that was completely false…or it just didn’t go very well, LOL!

Madonna has even been twittering lately, that she’s ""glad to be single."

I have to say, she has me hooked. Who is she going to date next?!? Her choices so far have been…interesting. :) If you could hook Madonna up with a fellow celeb, who would it be?

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Madonna Files Malawi Adoption Papers

Madonna won’t be deterred. Even though Malawi adoption officials have said that her dating life may hurt her chances of getting another child in their country, she’s going ahead to try and adopt a little girl. The papers have been filed!

An official in the welfare department of the impoverished African country
confirmed that the singer is preparing to travel there to complete the

If this is true and everything goes through, congrats to Madonna!!!

And I wonder if in the end, Jesus Luz really does have anything to do with the adoption.

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Madonna And Jesus Luz Adopting Together?

Madonna has been rumored to be shacking up with a first with a married man, and then someone half her age. And Malawi adoption officials are NOT pleased about it. In fact, her dating life could be hurting her chances to adopt again from the country.

"Our official policy is that we do not encourage our children to be sent into broken homes. [Madonna’s] relationships may negatively affect the adoption of Mercy. The news she is linked to another woman’s husband and a young man less than half her age makes us question her morals."

However, another official said the law isn’t applied retroactively. So that would mean they shouldn’t be able to consider the whole thing with A-Rod. Plus, there’s no actual proof that those two were actually dating. Sure, we heard the rumors day in and day out…but sometimes, rumors are just that.

Do you think that it’s fair that Madonna’s dating life is coming into play in the adoption process?

And in even bigger news, Jesus Luz wants jump in on the process with Madonna, even though these two have only been dating for around 3 months.

"He adores kids but he accepts they could not have children of their
own, and is talking about the possibility of adopting with Madonna."

Crazy, what do you think about that?!? Are Madonna and Jesus really that serious already?

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Jesus Luz Denies Brazilian Hook Up – Remains Loyal To Madonna

Madonna’s boyfriend, Jesus Luz says he didn’t cheat on her – because his mother was
watching him. There was a rumor that Jesus had hooked up with lingerie model Luciana Costa while partying in Brazil. Turns out it just isn’t true.

"I danced with her, but I danced with everyone at
the party. My mother was at my side at the party and never would I become
intimate with a woman if my mother was nearby – even if I was interested in
that person.

“I have nothing with Luciana. The next day I met her on the beach and
greeted her normally.”

The 22-year-old model also refused to comment on his romance with Madonna –
who at 50 is 14 years older than his mother.

"Even if it is true that I am with her, I would never reveal these
details. I was never one to comment on my personal life and that won’t
change now. This is a characteristic of my personality.”

This one seems like he is going to be quiet. Guess we aren’t going to get much out of Jesus. Although… he did do this interview. Perhaps there is hope. :)