Tom Arnold & Malin Akerman Tom Slams Malin’s Ex-Husband In Interview

malin akerman & tom arnold (1)Tom Arnold and Malin Akerman co-star in the Yahoo series ‘Sin City Saints.’ Tom’s happily married to Ashley Groussman with son Jax, but he’s bonded with Malin, who also has a son, Sebastian. From what Tom told Howard Stern in this interview, he sympathizes with his co-star’s situation as a single parent. RELATED: Malin Akerman’s husband files for divorce.

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Malin Akerman Is Thankful After Difficult Year

malin akerman instagramI’ve been wondering how Malin Akerman was doing. She’s been keeping a very low profile, and I don’t blame her. In 2013 she welcomed her son Sebastian. Then her husband filed for divorce right before Thanksgiving 2013, just a little over a year ago. Her show, ‘Trophy Wives,’ got canceled. 2014 was NOT an easy year for Malin. RELATED: Malin Akerman’s husband files for divorce.

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MALIN AKERMAN Strolling With Her Little Sweetie

malin akerman (1)

Malin Akerman took her little guy out for some fresh air. They went on a stroll with Malin’s stepmother through Los Feliz yesterday. I’m guessing the holidays were bittersweet this year. On one hand, it was Malin’s first Christmas with her baby boy, Sebastian. Yet her husband, Roberto Zincone, filed for divorce last month, right before Thanksgiving.

Something must have been VERY wrong for them to split up so soon after Sebastian’s birth (he was born last spring). Malin and Roberto had been married for six years, so you would’ve thought their relationship was stable enough to withstand the changes a child can bring. Well, no one knows what really goes on between a couple behind closed doors. Hopefully they’re able to co-parent their son peacefully. And I’m guessing next year’s holidays will be much more merry for Malin.


MALIN AKERMAN Husband Files For Divorce

Malin Akerman Stocks Up On Groceries

I’m guessing Malin Akerman’s holidays aren’t going to be the most cheerful she’s ever had. She should be enjoying her first holidays with her first child. Hopefully Malin will enjoy that, but she’s also going through what must be a rough split. Malin’s husband, Roberto Zincone, filed for divorce last week, the day before Thanksgiving. A source told Us Weekly:

“It’s as amicable as can be, and they want to do what’s best for their son. Honestly, Malin is not even ready to discuss it. It’s a very sad time for her.”

I guess Malin isn’t ready to discuss it! Roberto reportedly is requesting joint legal custody of their son, Sebastian, although Malin will retain primary physical custody, and he wants alimony, according to People. The couple have been married for six years, since 2007. Having a baby can be a rough adjustment on a couple; it’s too bad they didn’t try to weather it out for a little longer, see if their rough patch could be smoothed out. Well, if it isn’t working, then it isn’t working. I’m glad to hear they’re keeping things amicable.

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Heidi Klum is getting her family ready for Christmas: they got their tree! In other news from the past week, everyone is still shocked about ‘Fast and Furious’ star Paul Walker’s death. Katie Couric talked to Glamour about leaving ABC News to become the face of Yahoo! News. Seth Rogen continued to get mileage out of spoofing Kanye West’s video, ‘Bound 2.’ Jennifer Love Hewitt welcomed a baby girl, and news got out that she secretly wed baby daddy Brian Hallisay, too! And the week got off with a bang with the 2013 American Music Awards. Check all of this out and more below!

‘Fast and Furious’ star Paul Walker died in a car crash.

Katie Couric talked to about her new position as “the face of Yahoo News.”

Seth Rogen continues to spoof ‘Bound 2′ with his version of ‘Bound 4.’

Jennifer Love Hewitt welcomed a baby girl after secretly tying the knot! 

Malin Akerman splits from her husband just months after welcoming their first child.

Lauren Conrad is the Cosmo cover girl for January!

The 2013 American Music Awards had some interesting red carpet looks, and some singers had a nice Thanksgiving with new statuettes.


MALIN AKERMAN Turkey Day Shopping Trip


Newly single actress Malin Akerman did some Thanksgiving shopping at Gelson’s in Los Feliz, CA yesterday. It is being reported that after six years of marriage, Akerman has split from husband Roberto Zincone just 7 months after giving birth to their baby boy.

Whatever is going on with the actress, we just hope she and her family get through this with as little emotional pain as possible, and that everyone managed to enjoy their Thanksgiving.


MALIN AKERMAN Splits From Hubby Just Months After Birth Of First Baby

malin akerman & robert zicone (10)

OMG! Something really must not have been going well between Malin Akerman and husband Robert Zincone. Malin and Robert welcomed their first child together, a son named Sebastian, last April. People claims to have confirmed the fact that Malin and Robert have split (and they’re usually pretty good about confirming stuff before reporting it). Perhaps having a baby proved to be too stressful; it’s not an easy adjustment! Here’s something Malin told People last June:

“[Motherhood is] amazing, the biggest love you have ever felt in your life. I go to my husband, ‘I still love you, just this little one a little more.’ “

Maybe that bothered her husband a little more than she realized? It just seems surprising to actually split right now with a newborn. Well, who knows what happened behind closed doors? If things don’t work out, then they don’t work out. Hopefully Malin and Robert will be able to co-parent Sebastian together.