BRUCE WILLIS New Trailer For ‘Red 2′

red 2 trailer

Here’s a new trailer for Bruce Willis’ new movie, ‘Red 2.’ I saw the first ‘Red’ on Netflix and LOVED it. Talk about laugh-out-loud funny! I’ll be seeing ‘Red 2′ in the theaters. John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren also return, along with a number of great additions. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins are sure to be great.

This trailer gives you a much better sense of what the plot is about (although they left in Helen’s hilarious piece of advice from the first trailer). I Can Not WAIT to see ‘Red 2.’ Are you a fan?

Hot New Trailer: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich & Helen Mirren In ‘Red 2′

trailer for red 2

Here it is! This is the first trailer for the highly anticipated ‘Red 2.’ It is brimming with star power. Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins ALL star in ‘Red 2.’ Who says action stars have to be buff twenty and thirtysomethings?

My favorite part of this trailer was Helen’s character calling Bruce to tell him she’d just received a contract on him. When Bruce asked her what she said, her response of, “It’s important to enjoy life while you still can” is PRICELESS. Notice what’s she doing as she calls him. Are you looking forward to ‘Red 2’? I can’t wait!


Bruce Willis & Mary Louise Parker Film ‘Red 2′

bruce willis & mary louise parker film for red 2

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ star Bruce Willis is hard at work on yet another film set. Here’s Bruce shooting a scene for another sequel, ‘Red 2,’ with co-star Mary Louise Parker. Did you get a chance to see ‘Red’? I loved it! I’m glad to see there’s a sequel.

The entire cast, from Helen Mirren to John Malkovich to Morgan Freeman was fantastic. This could make a great franchise. Are you a fan?



Mary Louise Parker Visits ‘The Late Show’

mary louise parker visits the late show

After taking flight from LAX earlier this week, it looks like Mary Louise Parker was bound for the Big Apple. On Aug. 21, the Weeds actress visited The Late Show with David Letterman. The brunette beauty posed for a few pics before she made her way inside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the taping.

I don’t know about you, but I’m liking Ms. Parker’s ensemble. Her pretty printed frock is the perfect summer piece and that brown leather jacket will be a staple come fall. Are you a fan of her latest look?


Photos by HRC/WENN

Mary-Louise Parker And Her Children Arrive At LAX

It looks like it’s another busy day at LAX Airport with celebrity sightings! Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker and her children were spotted arriving at the airport to catch a flight out of Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday afternoon.

I recently read that despite playing a pot dealer on the hugely popular Showtime show, Mary Louise has admitted to never smoking pot in her life. Wow, whatever happened to researching your role, right? LOL.


Photos via FameFlynet

Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner At A Better Life Premiere

The Los Angeles Film Festival is currently going on and Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Mary Louise Parker all came out for the premiere of A Better Life.

Kristen really went all out for this red carpet event didn’t she? 😛 But even in jeans, a t-shirt and high heels, she still looks stunning.

Taylor was in his typical dress shirt and a vest. He really does love those vests!

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Celebrity Pictures: Mary Louise Parker

Any Weeds fans out there? We had a rare Mary Louise Parker sighting from yesterday! The actress was spotted walking around on the set of her show. In the photos you can see that she’s talking to herself — really she’s rehearsing her lines.

I love that such an experienced actress isn’t afraid to practice out in the open. Looks like Nancy, Mary Louise’s character, gets stuck playing softball in her high heels for this episode.

Anyone watch this show religiously?

Photos by Fame.