Melissa Joan Hart Is Struggling With Being Away From Her Kids

Melissa Joan Hart says that filming her showMelissa & Joey” on the West coast when her family is back home on the East coast is a struggle. The mother of two sons, Mason, 4, and Braydon, 2, shared:

“It’s kind of stressful. I just had the last six weeks off and I got to be home [in Connecticut]. Now I’m going to go back to the West coast for the next five months [to film Melissa & Joey]. My kids are in school so they have to be here — it is really hard.”

She says that she doesn’t like to go more than a week without seeing her boys:

We’re just taking it a month at a time. I see them every other week. It’s difficult but at least I can also focus on work and then go home and be a mom.”

I don’t know how she does it. I can’t imagine being away from my kids – no matter what the age – for that length of time. I’m sure the children of actors get used to the hectic schedules, but it’s got to be very hard.

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Brad Pitt And Tina Fey At Megamind Premiere

Are you planning to see ‘Megamind’ this weekend? It was #1 last night at the box office, and it’ll probably secure that position after the Saturday matinees.

Here’s Brad Pitt (looks like he kept Maddox and Pax off the red carpet) along with one of his co-stars, Tina Fey. I wonder why Will Ferrell wasn’t there? Well, Melissa Joan Hart was among the celebs who took her kids to see it (you can see them in the thumbnails below).

Well, take a look at the first five minutes of ‘Megamind’ on page 2 and tell me if it looks any good.

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Joey Lawrence Proves Scripts Can Be Hard On The Eyes And Hugs Are Dangerous

Joey Lawrence had a little run-in with a script yesterday and ripped his cornea! Ouch! Reportedly it happened as someone was hugging Melissa Joan Hart on the set of their new show and she accidentally caught him in the eye with her script.

Joey tweeted:

Hey my tweet peeps. Sorry for being AWOL. I got hit in the eye yesterday mrng by accident in the set and it ripped my cornea. Trying to heal

Thank you for all your well wishes my tweeters! I’m in some pain right now but trying to heal quickly.

Melissa took to her Twitter to assure fans that he was okay:

Thanks to all of you for your concern about @joeylawrence. He had a run in with a script but no worries, he’s a quick healer!

My eyes are watering just thinking about it.

Have you checked out their new ABC show, “Melissa & Joey”?

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Melissa Joan Hart Shares Her Son’s First Words

On one hand, this story is funny, yet it’s mortifying for parents! Melissa Joan Hart, who has two sons, Mason (4) and Brady (2), shared Mason’s first words with E! Online’s Marc Malkin.

“I swear Mason’s was ‘Oh s–t!’,” Melissa Joan Hart told us of her 4-year-old son at Disney-Pixar’s World of Cars Online launch event. “I was like, ˜Oh no! What did you just say?!’ “

It’s like the Murphy’s Law saying: children seldom misquote you. They repeat every word you shouldn’t have said :)

I swear, kids hear EVERY WORD you say, don’t they? LOL

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Check Out That New Hair Color!

Wow, Morena Baccarin isn’t so frightening with the blonde hair. Any ‘V’ fans?? The actress played the alien queen on the short lived drama and she used to scare me to DEATH. Now, with this lighter look, she’s almost unrecognizable. Not so sure I like the change.

The actress joined Melissa Rycroft, Autumn Reeser, Sofia Vergara, Jaime King, and Melissa Joan Hart at the Disney ABC Family 2010 Summer TCA Tour held at The Beverly Hilton over the weekend.

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Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence To Star In New TV Show

According to TV Guide, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are teaming up for a new sitcom for ABC Family. The show will be titled “Melissa & Joey”.

Melissa will play a politician who hires a manny (Joey) to help care for her niece & nephew when her sister winds up in jail.

ABC developed the sitcom for them after they pulled in huge ratings for their movie “My Fake Fiance”. The show is set to start later this year.

What do you think about the show description? Do you think it’s something you’d check out?

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Celebrities Attend The Fraggle Rock Clothing Collaboration

Gilles Marini, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Carmen Electra, Melissa Joan Hart, Samantha Harris, Ziggy Marley, Stephanie Pratt, Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt had some fun last night at the Dr. Romanelli Fraggle Rock Clothing Collaboration. The event was a toy drive to benefit the L.A. Mission at Kitson.

Each celeb got to pose with one of the characters from Fraggle Rock – a show I absolutely loved growing up!

Sorry – I just had to.

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