Lindsay Lohan Will Spend Thanksgiving With Her Father: Released From Rehab For Holiday

Lindsay Lohan will not be spending Thanksgiving Day in the Betty Ford Center. The actress has been released from rehab so she can spend the holiday with her father. HER FATHER!

According to TMZ, the ‘Machete’ star is headed to Palm Springs to be with Michael Lohan and his friends. This is not an over-night stay, Lindsay Lohan has to be back in rehab tonight.

Lindsay has been ordered by a Los Angeles court to stay in rehab until January 3rd after she tested positive for cocaine during a random drug test in September.

What do you think about Lindsay Lohan rebuilding her relationship with Michael? Is this the healthiest thing for her to do? He is her father though…

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Lindsay Lohan Becoming Wary Of Dina?

Remember when Dina Lohan went on the ‘Today’ show last week? Well, according to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan didn’t want her to do the interview. When Dina did it anyway, Lindsay reportedly began to see her mother in a new light.

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ Lindsay told her mom not to go on “Today” last week.  When Dina defied her and yakked with Matt Lauer, Lindsay was “furious.”

Our sources say ever since the interview Lindsay has been wary of her mom and is beginning to understand her antics are part of the reason she has so many problems.  The flip side, sources say, is that Lindsay is beginning to realize Dina’s demonization of Michael is not a true picture — that both parents share the blame.

Lindsay, we’re told, is impressed with her dad’s seeming sincerity in reaching out.

Of course, these “sources” could very well be people close to Michael Lohan, given the problems he supposedly had with Lindsay when she was in LA on her day pass.

I just hope that somehow, Lindsay is able to find her way out of the dysfunctional mess that her family seems to be stuck in so she can get herself together!

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Lindsay Lohan Sets Limits With Michael

Lindsay Lohan may have agreed to meet with her father, Michael, while she was in rehab, but according to TMZ, when he showed up at her LA apartment (she was reportedly out on a day pass yesterday), she turned him away.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us Michael showed up — unannounced — in the lobby of Lindsay’s apartment building moments ago. When security called Lilo… she told them to send Michael packing.

We’re told Michael left without a fuss, but the damage is done — Lilo is upset Dad showed up on her doorstep.

So I’m guessing it was NOT a good move for Michael to move into an apartment in the building across the street from her LA apartment (that’s where he’s photographed in the pictures after the break below).

Meanwhile, TMZ also reports that Dina has made her feelings clear about Michael. Please click on the continue reading link below to read more.

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Lindsay Lohan May Agree To See Her Father

Well, Michael Lohan may finally get what he’s been hounding everyone over for months: a chance to see his daughter, Lindsay. The starlet reportedly has had enough, someone tells Radar Online.

“It’s gotten to the point where Lindsay told Dina, ‘Mommy, maybe I should just let him see me because then he’ll go away and he’ll stop,'” the insider said.

But don’t take this to mean Lindsay is changing her feelings towards her father. She reportedly heard about Michael attending Tila Tequila’s 29th birthday party last weekend.

“Lindsay does know about her dad going to Tila’s birthday bash. She does hear things even though she’s in rehab,” the source told “How would you feel if this was your dad? She’s humiliated.”

I don’t blame her for that! Lindsay still questions Michael’s actions.

The source added: “Her feeling is, how dare Michael say he wants to make closure when he does something like that? He preaches ‘people, places, things,’ but his actions are a total contradiction. He says he wants to mend fences, and then he goes to this girl’s birthday.

“Dina knows she needs to slowly build a truce here because it’s all got to stop. But they’ve given him so many chances.”

Radar Online says when asked about his relationship with his family and attending Tila’s party, Michael refused to comment on his family but explained he attended Tila’s party because she is a “business associate.” (What?!)

The truly sad part about all this is that Michael will probably be thrilled that he can see Lindsay with no realization that this is NOT how you reconcile with someone. When someone only agrees to see you to get you to stop badgering them (not because they actually want to see you), then you haven’t made any progress in repairing your relationship.

Do you think Lindsay should add Michael to the visitor’s list or stick to her  guns? I’m guessing she might be better off just staying focused on her treatment and try seeing him when she’s made more progress.

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Michael Lohan’s Neck Slashed In Attack

Is someone going a little too far in trying to protect Lindsay Lohan from her father’s unwanted attempts at contact or is this just random? It doesn’t sound random, but it does sound scary, even if it’s Michael Lohan who was assaulted.

TMZ reports that Michael received a threatening phone call last night. Then, when he went out for cigarettes, he says he was attacked.

Sources tell us … Mike explained to police when he went to open his car door, he was jumped from behind.

We’re told the suspect, whom Michael says is in his 50s or 60s, began choking him and had some kind of sharp object which he used to slice Michael’s neck.

Michael says the knife penetrated his skin and caused substantial bleeding. According to sources, Michael says the man cut him again as he fought the guy off. The suspect eventually fled on foot.

Radar Online says police reports confirm that Michael was attacked and sustained “minor injuries to his neck.”

Minor, major- SCARY! So who could’ve done this? Here’s what TMZ reports:

As for possible motive, sources close to Michael say he’s telling friends he feels it’s someone who doesn’t want him to show up at Lindsay’s court hearing today. So basically … everyone.

Please, don’t let this guy be connected in any way to the Lohan family. That’s the LAST thing Lindsay needs to have to deal with! I wonder if Michael will be in court this morning?

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Michael Lohan Promises Not To Respond To The Media Ever Again!

It feels a little bit like a title you’d see on April Fool’s Day, doesn’t it? Michael Lohan has released a lengthy statement today that includes an apology and a vow to never respond to the media – EVER.

PopEater shared:

After serious thought and conversation last night, with someone who means alot to me. I am making this statement and fully intend on living by it.

With all due respect to those who have both gotten on my nerves for reporting things that weren’t true, ( as well as things that were),I want to make a public statement that I will not be commenting on ANYTHING relating to my daughter Lindsay, or ANYTHING my ex wife Dina, or any “sources” related to her, might say.

After all the things said and the incidents which have transpired, I realize that no matter how wrong or right I may have been, at the end of the day, I was wrong for offending my ex wife and my children. Because of the spotlight and scrutiny we have been under, as well as my own “pride”, which has caused pain to my mother, (deceased father), brother, sisters and their sibling, I realize how my statements and actions have had a ripple effect on all of them. If it was me alone, it would be one thing, but I’m not. The things I have said and done, have cased hurt , pain and embarrassment for all of them.

That being said, I make this statement in humble supplication. And NO MATTER what accusations, lies or conjecture are disseminated to the public,about me, for the sake of the ones I love and with hope of creating peace, I WILL NOT respond , in ANY way, to what is said or done, to me.

MY family”s health and well being matters too much.

For the sake of those I offended, I apologize and ask their forgiveness. But even if they can’t find it in their heart to forgive, like I forgive them. I KNOW that God will have the last word and defend me in His own way.

So please refrain from from calling or contacting me.

Wow. Just a few days ago he was threatening to relapse so he could enter Betty Ford to get near Lindsay and now this? Do you think he’ll stick to this self-imposed silence?

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Michael Lohan Is On The Hunt For Doctors Who Treated Lindsay Lohan 4 Years Ago

I honestly cannot tell if anything this man does is well-intentioned, or if it’s all for publicity. But Michael Lohan is now involved in a search for the doctors who treated Lindsay Lohan after her 2006 drug overdose. Supposedly, the doctor who revived Lindsay that night found a pile of cocaine and several prescription drugs, and flushed it all down the toilet.

Radar Online reports that Michael is now looking for that doctor, as well as the doctors that prescribed the variety of prescription pills to his daughter.

“They better watch out because we’re gunning for them and we’re going to get them.”

“This is only the beginning.”

“We’re working with the authorities both in New York and here, Federal and State, both areas and we’ll find out who these doctors are.”

Michael says that by finding these doctors, he’s helping everyone.

“I’m doing this not only for my daughter but it’s other people.”

“They can’t be doing this, they can’t be writing prescriptions out like this — it’s ridiculous. They have to be held accountable and I’m going make sure the ball gets rolling.”

He is right. There’s clearly a problem in Hollywood with celebrities getting their hands on prescription drugs they probably shouldn’t be taking. But I’m not so sure that seeking out the doctors from four years ago is going to make two much of a difference in the matter.

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