Olivier Martinez A Battery Suspect After LAX Altercation

Halle Berry & Family Touch Down At LAXWhat a way to kick off the new year. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez arrived at LAX with Nahla and Maceo last night, back from their Paris vacation. Of course the paparazzi were there to greet them. Apparently, Olivier thought a paparazzo got too close and knocked him down with an empty car seat. RELATED: Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez visit Disneyland Paris.

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GABRIEL AUBRY Shopping At The Sherman Oaks Mall

Gabriel Aubry shopping in Sherman Oaks

Speaking of baby daddies, here’s Gabriel Aubry! Halle Berry‘s ex was spotted doing a little shopping while at a local mall in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Sunday afternoon.

While I know that Gabriel is a very dedicated father (his daughter Nahla always seems SO happy each time she’s with him), we haven’t seen the two together in a very long time. It looks like Gabriel has managed to keep the paparazzi spotlight away from his daughter, which is a great thing if you ask me and just goes to show that yes, it is possible to live in L.A. without the paparazzi on your tail all the time when you’re with your kids. Now that is what you call GOOD parenting!


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He might not be able to live in Paris again as his baby mama is stuck in L.A., but it looks like Olivier Martinez is doing what he can to visit as often as possible. The French actor was spotted making an appearance at the second edition of the Champs Elysees Film Festival in Paris, France on Friday afternoon. He is slated to be the President of the festival, which will take place in mid-June.

From what we’re hearing, both Olivier and Halle Berry are expecting a baby boy. Hmm… I bet daddy is going to definitely teach his son how to box, considering how good he’s at it!


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HALLE BERRY Back To Reality

Halle Berry And Family Head Back To Los Angeles

Don’t you hate it when vacations have to come to an end?  I swear, the worst part about going on vacation is that ride to the airport when it’s all over – it’s so depressing!  And that’s exactly how Halle Berry looks today as she, fiance Olivier Martinez and daughter Nahla looked as they arrived at the Maui airport today to head home.

Hawaii was a popular vacation spot for the stars this Easter weekend with Heidi Klum and her family also spending some time in the sun.  Halle, Olivier and Nahla looked like they had a fantastic family vacation together.  It’s no wonder they all look a little sad to be leaving!



HALLE BERRY Can’t Move To France Until Her Daughter Turns 18


It looks like Halle Berry won’t be saying bonjour and eating French bread on a daily basis anytime soon, as it has been revealed that the actress cannot move to France until her daughter Nahla turns 18.

The Oscar-winning actress recently said: “It probably won’t be until my daughter is 18 and off to college. When Nahla turns 18, she’ll be legally able to make her own decisions about where she wants to be and I think that then, when she’s off on her own, we’ll move there. It’s where I want to end my days, that’s for sure.”

As for motherhood, Halle says: “It’s something I’m learning about every day. I’m not perfect by any means – there’s no such thing as a perfect mother and I’m not striving to be one. I just strive to be the best I can be on any day in any given situation.”

While Halle loves France, she won’t be learning to speak French until she lives there as fiance Olivier Martinez thinks it will be too much for her to take on at the moment. In an interview with HELLO! magazine, she said: ‘I was told very lovingly by him not to work on it too hard now but to wait until we get to live there. Because for me, at my age and with all that I already have on my plate, trying to learn French is probably one of the hardest things I could possibly do. He thinks I’ll have an easier time when we’re living there and immersed in the culture – if we ever get to go that is.’

Hmm… I can’t help but wonder though, is Halle even going to still be with Olivier that long? We all know how long Hollywood relationships last these days!


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OLIVIER MARTINEZ Dropping Off Nahla At School


Well here’s a sight that we’re not used to seeing. It’s Halle Berry‘s fiance Olivier Martinez on a school run, taking Nahla Aubry to her pre-school in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday morning.

I don’t know why Olivier is making that sour face, but Nahla looks so cute tugging along with him. She’s lucky to have both Olivier and her father Gabriel Aubry in her life as they both obviously love her so much, even though they can’t stand the sight of each other. Maybe one day they’ll be able to work past their differences.


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HALLE BERRY School Drop-Off With Nahla


I don’t know how she does it, but Halle Berry has no problem going from glam goddess on the red carpet to everyday mom the next day… just like that! The Hollywood actress was spotted taking her daughter Nahla to her pre-school in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday morning after having spent the previous night at the premiere party for her latest film, “The Call.”

Nahla looks so sweet in these pics, doesn’t she? For a pre-schooler she definitely has great style! Check out our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!


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