Miley Cyrus And Nicki Minaj MTV VMA Feud Not Staged

nicki minaj and miley cyrusPeople close to both Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are insisting their beef is NOT a staged stunt for some attention. Miley is said to be “p*ssed” while Nicki is being described as “livid.” Oh boy.

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Are Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus Really Feuding? (Fact Or Fiction- Video NSFW)

nicki minaj and miley cyrusLast night’s MTV VMAs got interesting when Nicki Minaj took to the stage to accept her award for Best Hip Hop Music Video for ‘Anaconda.’ She started off by snubbing Taylor Swift and her ‘Bad Blood’ squad on her way up to the podium (despite performing with her last night), and in her speech she warned girls not to depend on boys for financial support and then thanked her pastor. Nicki then turned her attention to Miley Cyrus, who was quoted as criticizing Nicki’s criticism of the MTV VMAs for not being diverse enough.

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MTV VMA 2015: Arrivals And Complete Winners List!

mtv vma 2015 (1)Miley Cyrus was definitely the woman of the hour at the 2015 MTV VMAs last night! She hosted the show, and as you can see from her outfit choices alone, she was definitely memorable :). Taylor Swift was also quite a presence on the red carpet with her ‘Bad Blood’ squad, and Nicki Minaj shone in gold. We have the complete list of nominees and winners after the break as well as many more red carpet pictures in the gallery. Check it all out!

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No More ‘Bad Blood’ Between Taylor Swift And Nicki Minaj

taylor swift and nicki minaj (1)If there was any ‘Bad Blood’ between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj over their MTV VMA tweets (I know, I know, the pun is terrible, but I couldn’t help myself- LOL), it is OVER. Taylor took to twitter again to apologize, and Nicki accepted it.

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Katy Perry Weighs In on Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Twitter Debate

'Moschino' Men's Front Row Spring/Summer 2016 - 88 Pitti UomoHave you been following the twitter drama that’s been going on since the 2015 MTV VMA nominations were announced? Taylor Swift scored nine nominations this year, mostly for her video ‘Bad Blood.’ Nicki Minaj wasn’t happy with the little attention that ‘Anaconda’ received and took to twitter, and Taylor responded. Katy Perry then decided to weigh in on the argument.

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Is Nicki Minaj Throwing Shade At Tyga In ‘Feeling Myself’ Video? (Fact Or Fiction)

nicki minaj feeling myselfYou still can’t see Nicki Minaj’s and Beyonce’s new video ‘Feeling Myself’ unless you subscribe to Tidal, but that isn’t stopping people from talking about it! In one scene, there’s speculation that Nicki is throwing shade at Tyga for dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. The shade is pictured above and comes in the form of Nicki’s jersey.

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Nicki Minaj And Beyonce ‘Feeling Myself’ Video (Hot Teaser Trailer)

beyonce and nicki minaj feeling myselfNow this is a collaboration that I never saw happening: Nicki Minaj and Beyonce?! It happened, however, for the song ‘Feeling Myself,’ and now they’ve released the video! Check out the teaser after the break.

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