RACHEL ZOE & NICOLE RICHIE Chic In Black For 2013 Style Awards

The 2013 Style Awards

Yesterday the 2013 Style Awards were held in New York City. Rachel Zoe attended, as did one of her former celebrity clients (before she became a fashion designer herself), Nicole Richie. LOVE Rachel’s gown. I *think* I can detect a slight baby bump there, mostly because she’s SO slim. Rachel recently confirmed that she’s expected baby #2.

Nicole was super chic in her beaded, midriff-baring top, cropped trousers and heels. She knows how to take a look that’s normally casual and dress it up with fabric and accessories! I’m a fan of both of these looks. How about you?



NICOLE RICHIE Starting Off The Day With A Ticket

Exclusive... Nicole Richie Starts Her Morning With A Parking Ticket

Oops! Nicole Richie’s day didn’t get off to a good start yesterday. When she returned to her parked car, a ticket was waiting for her. Nicole seemed to take it in stride, however. I’m sure she’ll think nothing of the check she has to mail off- LOL.

Only Nicole could make a shirt tied around her waist look chic. And I’m loving those ankle boots. It’s too bad her show, ‘Fashion Star,’ got cancelled after its second season. I enjoyed the show but have to admit, I never remembered to watch it once they moved it to Fridays. Well, Nicole can spend more time designing for her lines.



NICOLE RICHIE Playing With Prints In Saint Tropez

Nicole Richie Getting Off A Yacht In Saint-Tropez

Nicole Richie looks like she’s enjoying her vacation in Saint Tropez. I just wish we had a better picture of her pants/skirt. Check out the print! Love It. It looks like Nicole is wearing pants and a wrap skirt, maybe?

Nicole has a great sense of style. She found her “niche” when she went into fashion. I’m keeping my eye out for a better picture of this outfit. From what you can see, are you a fan?



NICOLE RICHIE Short Shorts In St. Tropez

Nicole Richie Arrives At Club 55 In Saint-Tropez

Wow, celebrities really know how to vacation, don’t they?  Don’t you wish you could take one vacation like a celebrity once in your life?  Nicole Richie has been vacationing in the South of France in St. Tropez and she certainly looks like it’s been agreeing with her.

The Fashion Star host and designer enjoyed some time away from husband Joel Madden and kids Harlow and Sparrow yesterday, and it looks like she’s up for more solo time today.  Nicole was spotted getting on a boat to head to Club 55 again today, but this time instead of a demure dress like yesterday she wore a pair of cut off short shorts and a cropped halter top.

Regardless of what she wears she always looks amazing though, don’t you think?



NICOLE RICHIE Stunning In St. Tropez

Nicole Richie Lunches At Club 55

Wowza! Nicole Richie looks amazing here, don’t you think?  The designer and television host is in St. Tropez enjoying some vacation time with her family but it looks like she managed to squeeze a little ‘me’ time in as well.

Nicole and her husband Joel Madden are enjoying their European vacation with their kids Harlow and Sparrow and have been seen spending time at the beach as a family, but Nicole managed to get a bit of girl time today as she headed for Club 55 for lunch with friends.

How amazing is that colour dress on Nicole?! I love it! And it does seem to show off her newest ‘assets’ quite nicely too, lol!




NICOLE RICHIE Beach Time With The Family


That crystal clear water looks so inviting, doesn’t it? Socialite Nicole Richie was spotted taking her family to the beach during their vacation to the South of France on Tuesday afternoon. And I just have one word for you: jealous!

Man, it would be nice to just lay out by a pool or at the beach right now. It’s just so hot in my neck of the woods! I’m sure Nicole and her hubby Joel Madden are enjoying their time off with their family right now. Talk about lucky!


Photos via FameFlynet

NICOLE RICHIE & Harlow Hit The Shops

Nicole Richie Goes Shopping With Harlow

Nicole Richie got to enjoy a mother-daughter afternoon with Harlow. The two hit the shops! Nicole and Harlow were spotted at Trico Field in Beverly Hills. Can you imagine having a fashionista like Nicole Richie as a mom to take you shopping? Harlow is one lucky girl.

Although I wonder if Nicole faces what a lot of mothers face when dressing their kids: their kids simply will NOT wear what mom wants them to wear. Boys and girls both can be that way. Smart moms know to let their kids pick out their clothes when they’re shopping (to a certain extent)- LOL. So, Nicole, if Harlow isn’t as receptive as you’d like to your fashion advice, know that a lot of moms out there feel your pain!


Photos by Premiere/FAMEFLYNET