MILEY CYRUS’S Tour Bus Went Up In Smoke

Miley Cyrus Bus Fire

Yikes! Miley Cyrus’s tour team had  a seriously bad night last night.

Miley’s younger sister – Noah – posted some videos to Instagram last night with the caption “tour bus down!” [Read more…]

Trace & Noah Cyrus Bring Christmas Dinner To Grandma

trace & noah cyrus bring grandma christmas dinner

Trace and Noah Cyrus were spotted bringing Christmas dinner to their grandmother. That’s so sweet! I wonder if their grandmother is in a nursing home or some other type of assisted living facility? Or she could be on her own but not capable of much travel, even by car.

Regardless, her grandchildren made sure she still got to enjoy a holiday dinner! Hopefully the rest of the family was able to stop by to visit as well. And can you see who Noah is clearly a fan of? She’s wearing a One Direction jumpsuit. Surely her big sister Miley can get her a meet-and-greet with the  group, if she hasn’t met them already.