Tom Cruise Angers Londoners With Film Production

tom cruise filming all you need is a kill

Londoners may be ready for Tom Cruise to fly back across the pond to the United States. He reportedly angered the Brits when production for his current movie, ‘All You Need Is A Kill,’ closed down the center of the city. The movie shot scenes in Trafalgar Square and surrounding streets for over three hours. A couple of people had this to say:

Louise Allain, of Westminster, said: “I wanted to get to Mass this morning but Trafalgar Square was closed. Thanks for nothing, Tom.”

Visitor Mary Lamont added to The Sun newspaper: “I can’t believe the whole of central London has been closed just because of a film.”

Apparently for one scene Tom lands in an RAF helicopter under Nelson’s Column, a popular tourist spot. Armoured vehicles were also brought in for the scene. A city spokesperson said that, while the residents did not benefit financially from the movie production, it ” raises the profile of the city and is good for tourism.”

I have to admit, I wouldn’t be happy with that reasoning, either. London is already a well-known tourist spot! Hopefully the rest of the production can either be done during off hours (like at night) or in less crowded areas.


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

Brad Pitt Shoots ‘World War Z’

brad pitt films world war z

Is it just me, or does it seem like Brad Pitthas been filming ‘World War Z‘ for a looooong time? We have pictures of Brad shooting this movie from over a year ago. The first trailer for ‘World War Z‘ just came out, for goodness’ sake!

Well, this is a major studio movie. So I’m sure everyone is working to get it just right. Therefore, Brad is back out- on the water, this time- filming more scenes for ‘World War Z.’ They’re shooting off the south coast of England. I have to say, it looks cold and wet. I’m probably thinking “cold” from how bundled up they all are- LOL. Are you looking forward to seeing ‘World War Z’?


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

Jennifer Garner Hangs Out With Her Kids On Set

jennifer garner hangs out with her kids on set

Okay, this seals it for me. Jennifer Garner has officially earned the title of the MOST hands-on Hollywood Mom! Jennifer took a break on the set of ‘The Dallas Buyers’ Club’ to spend some time with her  two youngest kids, Samuel and Seraphina. They’re with her in New Orleans.

Here I am thinking Ben Affleck needed coffee in the evening to kick into parenting gear as a solo parent while Jennifer’s working out of town, and it turns out she has their two youngest with her! Violet could be in LA with her dad, unless her school gave her the entire week of Thanksgiving off. I know Jennifer has help (she certainly can’t leave a toddler and baby unsupervised while she’s filming!), but I’m still impressed. Now my only question is: will the Garner-Affleck clan celebrate Thanksgiving in the Big Easy or LA?


Photos by Katryna/FAMEFLYNET

Leonardo DiCaprio Kissing Someone New

leonardo dicaprio kisses his leading lady

We heard that Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton have split. So who is he kissing now? Leo’s kissing his leading lady for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Joanna Lumley. But don’t get too excited: Leo and Joanna are filming a scene for their movie.

The two were spotted shooting in Prospect Park in New York City. Looking at these pictures, it looks like a gorgeous spring day. I don’t even want to think about how chilly it was without coats! Leo has re-teamed with his favorite director, Martin Scorcese, for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ so I have high hopes for this movie. I’m sure it’ll be worth some discomfort during filming.



Taylor Swift Films A Music Video

taylor swift films music video

Taylor Swift was hard at work filming a new video last night. Taylor performed at the American Music Awards earlier in the evening. Then, rather than hit the party circuit, Taylor had to go to work on set to shoot this. She’s a hard working girl!

Taylor dyed the ends of her hair red for the video. What do you think of it? It’s definitely a different look for Taylor. Something tells me this look was just for the video, though: I bet it’ll wash out as soon as she’s done. I can’t see Taylor going for hair dyed bright red, even if it’s just the tips!



Chris Hemsworth Does Battle As Thor

chris hemsworth does battle as thor

Chris Hemsworth looks like he’s pounding the bad guy in this scene! According to the photo agency, ‘Thor: The Dark World‘ is about Thor having to fight an ancient race of Dark Elves. The Dark Elves are led by Malekith, who’s played by Christopher Eccleston. You can see Christopher in costume here, too.

Given that there are cars in the picture, I think it’s safe to say they return to Earth. I’m not sure that’s really a spoiler: did you honestly think Thor was NOT coming back to Earth? All of us who want to see him reunited with Jane (Natalie Portman’s character) will be very disappointed if that doesn’t happen!


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Chris Hemsworth Wields His Hammer

chris hemsworth as thor

Chris Hemsworth is back in character as the mighty Thor for the next movie in the franchise, ‘Thor: The Dark World‘! I have to say, Chris is looking FIERCE. I wonder if his baby girl, India, has seen him in his Thor costume? She’d probably be scared to see Daddy dressed like this.

Did you get a chance to see the first ‘Thor’? I enjoyed it. Thor’s original world looked amazing in IMAX 3D. Not all IMAX 3D movies are worth the extra money, but ‘Thor’ definitely was. I also liked the character of ‘Thor,’ so I’m looking forward to the sequel.


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET