Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Focused On ‘The Client List’

jennifer love hewitt films the client list

Television’s big night is the Emmy Awards, which are in the fall, so while movie actors are getting glammed up for the red carpet, television actors are hard at work. Here’s Jennifer Love Hewitt hard at work on her Lifetime show, ‘The Client List.’ Jennifer looks very focused, doesn’t she? This lady is a hard worker!

Lucky for TV stars, movie actors don’t get all the fun during the winter awards season. Television is included at the Golden Globes, as well as the SAG awards. They just don’t get any love from the Academy. So they can join in the fun. I wonder if Jennifer will be attending either the Golden Globes or SAG? I hope so; she often looks great on the red carpet!



Evan Rachel Wood Doesn’t Need A Stuntwoman!

evan rachel woods shoots 10 things i hate about life

Evan Rachel Wood spent the day at a faux amusement park yesterday! She’s still shooting her movie ‘10 Things I Hate About Life.’ Apparently this scene required Evan to climb out of a carousel buggy while up in the air. I wonder if the buggy malfunctioned in the movie or Evan’s character had truly had enough and wanted out STAT.

The more I think about the movie ’10 Things I Hate About Life,’ the more intrigued I become. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for the trailer. These days I’m starting to get to the point where adolescent existential angst isn’t all that interesting, but if it’s funny, I might be game. Are you interested even a little bit?


Photos by Vasquez/FAMEFLYNET

Is Zac Efron Officially Dating?

zac efron & imogen poots film are we officially dating

Okay, I don’t know anything about Zac Efron’s dating life. If he is dating someone, he’s doing an amazing job of keeping it off the radar. What I do know is that here Zac is shooting scenes for his movie, ‘Are We Officially Dating.’ It looks like Zac and Imogen Poots he’s with had to hustle to get somewhere!

In between takes, Zac looks like he was doing his best to stay warm with coffee. It’s chilly in NYC by LA standards but downright balmy compared to the regular January temps! Just goes to show you, it’s all relative. This type of weather in the summer would have all of us pulling out jackets. Right now, we’ll happily take it!



Evan Rachel Wood Has 10 Things She Hates About Life

evan rachel wood filming 10 things i hate about life

Well, it may be more accurate to say Evan Rachel Wood’s character has 10 things she hates about life. Here’s the newlywed back at work. The title of her new movie is ‘10 Things I Hate About Life.’ Evan’s co-star (the guy she’s filming with) wasn’t identified. Evan bundled up in between takes.

There’s no description about the plot of the movie on IMDb. I’m guessing we can all sense the general tone, however. It sounds like an existential, angsty, late adolescence type of movie- LOL. Evan’s a great actress, so I’m sure she can carry the movie!


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Nicole Kidman Is Regal For ‘Grace Of Monaco’

nicole kidman films grace of monaco

Nicole Kidman is clearly in character as Grace Kelly for the biopic ‘Grace of Monaco.’ Grace Kelly, for those of you who don’t know, was an American actress who married Prince Ranier III of Monaco. This made Grace Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco (a.k.a. Princess Grace). She was an actress who literally became royalty!

Her story is fascinating. Nicole is portraying her for the movie ‘Grace of Monaco.’ I, for one, cannot WAIT to see it! The story is great, and Nicole is an amazing actress. Here they’re filming a scene at the Cartier store in Paris. Are you interested in the movie ‘Grace of Monaco’?



Jennifer Love Hewitt Is A Working Girl Again For ‘The Client List’

jennifer love hewitt on set of the client list

The holiday vacation is OVER for Jennifer Love Hewitt! Here she is back on the set of her Lifetime TV show, ‘The Client List.’ Hey, a girl’s gotta earn a living, right? That’s the problem with having Christmas and New Year’s fall early in the week. It’s hard to justify a full two weeks off. Jennifer looks happy to be back on set, however.

I wonder how Christmas with her boyfriend’s family in DC went? It couldn’t have been easy for Jennifer. This was her first Christmas since her mother’s death. The first holidays without a loved one are always hard. I can’t imagine having to deal with that AND be with a new boyfriend’s family at the same time. Well, Jennifer didn’t get time to dwell on her loss in that situation, that’s for sure.



Zac Efron Laughs It Up On Set

zac efron films are we officially dating

Here’s one of our favorite Hot Guys of the DayZac Efron, hard at work on the set of his new movie, ‘Are We Officially Dating.’ I don’t know if Zac is filming when he’s laughing so hard or relaxing with his co-stars. Either way, he’s convinced me he’s having a good time- LOL. Here’s a (very brief) description of the movie, courtesy of IMDb:

Three Manhattan bachelors make a pact to have as much fun as possible while remaining single.

Hmmm… I’m guessing Zac’s character, at least, is in the middle of having a good time when- BHAM- he falls in love. That’s how it goes, doesn’t it? You find love when you aren’t looking for it. Does the movie sound interesting to you? Zac seems to really make an effort to find high-quality movies to do, so I’m willing to give this one a chance.


Photos by Ivan Nikolov/WENN