Bruce Willis & Mary Louise Parker Film ‘Red 2′

bruce willis & mary louise parker film for red 2

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ star Bruce Willis is hard at work on yet another film set. Here’s Bruce shooting a scene for another sequel, ‘Red 2,’ with co-star Mary Louise Parker. Did you get a chance to see ‘Red’? I loved it! I’m glad to see there’s a sequel.

The entire cast, from Helen Mirren to John Malkovich to Morgan Freeman was fantastic. This could make a great franchise. Are you a fan?



Nicole Kidman Channels Grace Kelly Of Monaco

nicole kidman becomes grace kelly

Nicole Kidman is back on the film set. She’s portraying the late Grace Kelly of Monaco in the movie ‘Grace of Monaco.’ Nicole looks like she’s in character here! It’s not just her wardrobe: Nicole’s bearing and demeanor do remind me, at least, of Grace Kelly.

‘Grace of Monaco’ is about the romance between Grace and Prince Ranier of Monaco. It’s quite a story! An American actress marrying into a royal family was quite something. Interested?



Taylor Swift Films A Music Video

taylor swift shoots a video in paris

Taylor Swift rode a bicycle around Place de Furstenberg at St Germain des Pres in France. Taylor wasn’t just taking in the sights, though. She was shooting a new music video. Taylor has an album coming out soon, so she has a lot of work to do!

Taylor’s look is quintessential Taylor. Take a look at her Hello Kitty-inspired flats (there’s a close-up in the gallery). This look, and those shoes, fit Taylor’s style perfectly. For some people this would look to “cutesy,” but it works for her. Are you a fan?



Penelope Cruz Films ‘The Counselor’

penelope cruz filming the counselor

Penelope Cruz has completed her promotional duties at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Now she’s back on set, shooting for ‘The Counselor.’ This movie has quite a cast! Brad Pitt stars in it, and Cameron Diaz is in the movie as well.

Even Penelope’s husband, Javier Bardem, has a role. I wonder if we’ll get to see Penelope and Javier on screen together? I would guess not, but then again, I wouldn’t have thought they would do a movie together at all, just to avoid bringing any kind of attention to themselves as a couple. To me it seems like it would be fun to act on-screen with your spouse!


Photos by FlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

Leonardo DiCaprio Films ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

leonardo dicaprio films the wolf of wall street

Leonardo DiCaprio looks like he was filming an intense seen here! Leo was shooting ‘The Wolf of Wall Street‘ in New York City yesterday. The title alone sounds intense, and with ‘Godfather’ director Martin Scorcese at the helm, I think we’re pretty much guaranteed it. Wall Street, fraud case, mob corruption: yeah, it’ll be a nail-biter!

Yet Leo is looking as good as ever. Pinstripes suit him! Are you looking forward to ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’?



Jennifer Aniston Shooting ‘We’re The Millers’

jennifer aniston films we're the millers

Jennifer Aniston is still hard at work shooting ‘We’re the Millers.’ I have to say, given Jennifer’s comedic talents, this sounds like a pretty funny set-up for a movie (a prostitute posing as a wife). It looks like Jennifer and co-star Jason Sudekis are shooting some scenes in an RV.

You know, I never thought about how hard it must be to film inside of a closed-in space like the front of an RV. Trying to get the camera in there doesn’t look easy. Take a look at how they’re set up in some of the pictures in the gallery: it looks like a tricky logistical situation. Are you looking forward to Jennifer’s new movie ‘We’re the Millers’?



Josh Hutcherson Still Shooting ‘Catching Fire’

josh hutcherson at work on catching fire

Josh Hutcherson is still hard at work on ‘Catching Fire.’ So far, Josh is the only star we’ve seen on the set of ‘Catching Fire.’ There hasn’t been a sighting of Jennifer Lawrence or Liam Hemsworth (actually, we know he’s still in California with fiancee Miley Cyrus). Josh must be the one who had to report to work first. Lucky him- LOL!

I doubt this is Josh’s wardrobe, either. He must be doing something in preparation to film. Regardless, I can’t WAIT for ‘Catching Fire,’ the sequel to ‘The Hunger Games,’ to hit theaters. The first ‘Hunger Games’ movie was impressive, so I have even higher hopes for the sequel.